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Small Talk With Smockity Frocks: Webisode 3

This week I chatted with my friend, Melissa, about homeschooling, foster care, and running marathons.

If you are reading this in an email feed, be sure to click through to view the video so you will know what motivates me to run!

And please leave a comment for Melissa if you have any encouragement for her as she starts a brand new homeschool journey.

*Insert usual disclaimer here about being sorry about barking dogs, rowdy kids, etc.

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  1. I love your webisodes! They are very informational. I have a 2 year old we want to homeschool, and kind of started doing somethings this year, but i am nervous about when we really start, so it was good to hear someone else who is just starting out. I also love how there is noise going on around you, and you just look at someone and smile. I think I would prrobably be sticking my head out of camera view every few seconds to get onto someone;) Thank you for the webisode!

  2. I like your webisodes, and my little boys do too. My 19 month old really liked the barking dog and my three year old kept wanting to replay the video. Thanks for sharing your life with others.

  3. I am also a mother of 3, homeschooling my 5 (& 3!) year old(s), and a foster parent! It is definitely a crazy adventure, and it keeps me relying on Christ. I’ve found that parenting, and especially foster parent is very sanctifying!

  4. Hi there! I’d love to send an encouraging note to Melissa. We are a homeschooling family, starting our second year, with 5 biological children aged 6 and under, and we also have 2 foster daughters ages 3 and 2. (That’s 7, total, last time I counted!!) We certainly go against the grain in today’s culture, but let me tell you, it is so worth it and rewarding! Many blessings to you and your family as you continue to do God’s work.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing with us! We loved the background noise & the fact that it was so real :) My 20 month old loved the barking dogs & wanted to talk to the baby on your lap. She signed & said “thank you” when the video was over! We are also planning on homeschooling our children, but since our oldest is only 20 months, we are mostly researching right now. Love your site & always enjoy reading & listening all about your family!

  6. Just wanted you to know I’m enjoying your webisodes! I love the idea of opening our home to foster care. I’ve always been concerned about opening our home so much to the state, though. Any thoughts on that, Melissa? Are you allowed to home school and teach the foster kids about the Lord? I’m sure it varies from state to state. Just something that’s always given me pause. Thoughts?

    • It took us a long time to open up to the idea of fostering because we were afraid of how it might affect our kids, but we finally realized that the whole we-have-to-protect-our-kids thing is just a tactic used by satan to immobilize Christians. As I heard a guest speaker at our church say recently, if we want to become more missional and less inward focused, we need to choose faith over fear. And as someone recently pointed out to me, if God calls you to it, He will pull you through it. In Texas, I can home school my own children, but not my foster children until they are adopted. However, I can enroll them in a local private Christian school if I am willing to pay for it. Many homeschool foster parents that I have met only take foster children between ages 0 and 5 to avoid the school issue. Our foster licensing agency that we have chosen is a Christian agency, and they know that we have a Christ focused home and that we will be sharing our faith. You can do it! Remember: choose people over traditions, faith over fear, and discernment over planning…God will bless you.

  7. Thanks for sharing! My husband is a ultra-marathon runner and has the same Garmin Forerunner watch that Melissa is wearing in the video! Anyhow, we are also looking forward to homeschooling our kids and would like to try foster care too (once he gets a steady job). It’s good to see others doing the same!

  8. I love your blog! I find it so inspiring as a new mom that hopes to someday have a large family. This webisode was very interesting and touched on a lot of topics I’ve thought about. :)

  9. We aren’t a homeschooling family but most of my friends homeschool their kids. You will do just fine with support!

  10. Smockity and I have the same running motivator! I love the webisodes! Keep ’em coming!

  11. I have a 5, 4, 2 yo and 7 month old. This is our first official homeschool year. We did a “practice year” last year, made some good routines, got an idea of what to expect… I’m excited for this first year. I know it won’t be perfect, but it will be an adventure! Keep seeking the Lord and desiring to honor Him in these things and you’re set! The rest will follow! (at least that’s what I’m going with. ha) God bless you!

    Oh, and thanks for the webisode, Mrs. Smockity!!

  12. Heather Mason says:

    Homeschooling is worth it! Starting up our 12th year here!

    ~Heather, mother of 9

  13. Great webisode! Home schooling is such a blessing. We have been at it for fifteen years now. It is not always easy, but it is well worth the effort.

  14. I just wanted to say I love your webisodes. It’s great to hear others perspectives on the things that are our everyday. I don’t mind the rowdy kids or barking dogs at all, it feels like I’m chatting with my friends, and we have to talk over lots of kids and sometimes dogs too. :) We’re praying for your family. Hang in there.


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