What's the big deal about Young Living

Kids Who Make a Difference

Are you teaching your kids that they can make a difference in the world?

Here is a girl who has made a positive impact on a very grateful family! She and her mother (who I went to high school with in the 1900's!) drove 2 hours to deliver these supplies!

This go-getter told me that she also organized a 5K run and raised the funds for a kidney transplant for a local school girl!

Don't you know her family must be so proud of this young lady?! Thank you, Raegan and Kim!

(If you are reading this in an email feed, click through to the blog to view this inspiring video!)

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  1. I’m feeling a little sorry for the chicken you were giving the stink-eye to. 😉

    I’m going to have to watch the video again just to hear your sweet Regan say, “Kindergarten” again. So sweet!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Oh my word! My 3yo was carrying a chicken around BY THE HEAD! I’m telling you It’s like a circus around here!

      • You know why I like you? Because you make me snort out loud, at my computer, in a room by myself.

        Poor chicken. 😉

        We have dinner at my sister’s house once a week — a whole big family thing with cousins and aunts. We’ll save stories that we want to tell at “family night.” People will actually say, “Oh, wait. I’ve got a story I’ve been saving all week for family night.”

        They’re the good ones. You made a family night story this week.

        You made people at my sister’s house laugh out loud. It was the whole disclaimer on your Swag Bucks post, in case you were wondering. Funny stuff.

  2. Was the chicken incident just before the 1 minute mark? Connie, your house is hilarious!

  3. What a wonderful inspiration, not just for kids but for all of us!

  4. When I’m not crackin’ up about the chicken and the stink eye, I’m in tears. SO impressed and SO touched, not just by Raegan’s generosity, but by your thankfulness. Love!

  5. I love that you just let life happen while you’re recording.

    What a sweet story!

  6. What a blessing!!!

  7. This is so awesome. I am a kid that believes in kids making a difference! Me and all my siblings do it daily through nutrition. When I take my supplements, it supplies nutrition to child in need. Like Toms Shoes does. We have an awesome product coming out in April ( maybe you’ve heard about it) that is the worlds first multiple-nutritional that is gonna help children in need even more! I am so excited! My family and I also do a lot of work in Eastern KY. You should see my 4 year old brother when we go there. Talk about a kid making a difference. He is a hard worker and a bright light to those people!
    You ought to do posts about some other kids making a difference. it is very inspiring.