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How the Faith of Our Children Affects OUR Faith

Have you ever wondered what it means to have the faith of a child?

Mark 10:15 tells us "Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all."

That is a serious admonition for anyone hoping to be part of the kingdom of God! I want to enter in! But how do we receive the kingdom like a child?

I notice whenever I tuck my little girls into bed each night, they do not ask me if we will have enough food to eat for breakfast or how we will fill up the van with gas so we can make it to church or whether we will have anything to wear.

They simply trust that in the morning breakfast will appear before them and somehow we will be transported to church in suitable clothing.

They do not fret over the details. They know my love for them will cause me to do what is necessary to care for them.

That faith, the innocent faith of a child, inspires me to put my trust in my heavenly Father's loving care. I don't need to "help" Him out by worrying about what will happen tomorrow. I need to rest easy in the belief that His love for me will bring about what is best.

I am so thankful I get to tuck my children into their beds at night! Not only do I read to them and pray with them and remind them of God's care, I learn from them how to put my trust in that care.

How has the faith of your children affected your faith?

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  1. Mom’s Toolbox link did not work. I’m really interested in the read, could you help me find the post? My only daughter is desperate for a sister and we have been telling her that she must ask God for one but also ask God to change her heart to be ok with no more siblings or a brother should that be His will for our family.

  2. I’m looking at Mom’s Toolbox’s title “Praying for a baby sister” and before even clicking on it, I just want to share that my daughter, at the age of 5, after having 2 brothers, prayed for a baby sister for Christmas. Right before Christmas, I found out I was pregnant. That summer, I had a baby girl!

    I love how God answered the prayer of my daughter so she can see first hand His work in her life. And we keep that present in her mind, by reminding her every now and then. God is good!

  3. Lisa Leslie says:

    If I knew what I know know when my kids were born I would make sure that they understood how much God loved them that He died for them and that all they have to do is trust Him and what He did on the cross as total payment for their sins. When you understand the love that God had for us to die for sinners like us, it’s just life changing. I had to wait almost 40 years to hear it and it changed me. When your child understands grace (adults too) your child has a foundation that will stand strong throughout their life. I know it has changed me, my husband and my kids as teenagers and now as young adults. Teach your kids about God’s grace!

  4. Just read Mom’s Toolbox’s title “Praying for a baby sister” – so so sweet! And I really love this post too. Whenever I hear or read the statement “having the faith of a child” I always think of my girls and how they believe without question. They trust. I love how you point out the trust they have for the simple details of life and how much we as grown ups struggle to trust God with the details of life. He is our Father. Our response should be no different than that of a child. Thanks for the beautiful reminder. :)


  5. We had sold our home and spent 2 years in a travel trailer, praying for a new home. I was beginning to get desperate, with 6 of us in such a small place. We prayed all the time for a home, and were looking, because God told me to prepare for my home. I began buying things to decorate my kitchen. My sweet children , 3 of them, went to church camp, on Tuesday night they were taught to talk to God and to tall God their hearts desires. My sweet daughter, 8 years old, layer on the alter crying out for a home for her family, she told her counselor when I come back next year I will share my testimony. She had no idea that Monday we looked at our dream home and Wed we got the keys. God wanted to show her how big He loves and provides. She has faith to move mountains.

  6. Ohlookaduck says:

    Children are awesome how they teach us about God! My husband and I would get the queasy trembles when my daughter would pray, thinking, “Oh, Lord, how are you going to pull *this* one off?!” Here’s one example of many: She left her bicycle up at the water tower one time in our very rural area and it was gone when she went back for it. She put up a piece of paper with our phone number saying she was missing her bike and came home and prayed that “an honest person would have taken her bike”. Yikes! Next day we got a call from a guy from the water department who had taken her bike thinking it was a stolen bike dumped there and he wanted to try and find the owner. Bingo! And honest person took her bike!
    God is so gentle and good with our faith. My daughter is now 29 and a very strong Christian woman.

  7. I can see utter trust in my baby. She depends on me for everything. I wish I were more like that with the Lord!

  8. My kids have taught me about my example and prayer. When I purposefully focus on having a consistent prayer time with them during our mornings … they begin to volunteer to pray at other times, too!! It’s like when they see the example it gives them boldness and purpose in praying too!

    Even this morning as we tried to remember everyone we wanted to pray for, my kids suggested writing the requests on notecards so they could see who they were going to pray for. Anyway, it was a sweet time listening to my children lift up these requests on their hearts! I think we’ll keep the cards!!


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