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Hearts For Hearts Girls

Disclosure: The Hearts For Hearts Girls doll I received, information, and coupon have been provided by Playmates Toys through MyBlogSpark.

I have been given the opportunity to review one of these dolls from a brand new collection called "Hearts For Hearts Girls".

Each doll is from a different part of the world and is striving to contribute to her family and her community.

I received the blond doll in the front, "Lilian" from Belarus. She has been sent to live with her grandmother until her parents can find work, and Lilian determines that she will help children living in an orphanage near her grandmother's home.

She is 14" high and came beautifully packaged, with a friendship bracelet and a story booklet about her life.

(Shhh... don't tell my Adrienne. She's getting it for her birthday next month!)

I love that these dolls stress the importance of serving others, even in difficult circumstances. This just happens to be what we are trying to teach our children about serving right now also, so  I couldn't be more adoring of these girls!

And I love that World Vision has partnered with Hearts For Hearts Girls to donate a portion of the sales  "to programs that support girls in that doll’s country. Whether it’s malaria nets in Africa, schoolbooks in Asia, or food supplies in the United States, these programs help girls to thrive and succeed."

These dolls are being made available to retailers this fall, but if you would like to order one before then, you can visit Playmates Toys and enter the coupon code “DUXNT4S1” to receive $3.00 towards the purchase of a Hearts for Hearts Girl doll today!

I did not receive a giveaway for this promotion, but since I love so much what these dolls are about, I am going to choose one of you to receive a doll of your choice ON ME!

Leave a comment on this post telling me which doll you would most like, and I will choose a winner later this week.


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  1. I would love Lilian as she is blonde like my daughters.

  2. I love Rahel.She would go to live with my best friend twins’.They are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia now.

  3. I’d love to have Lilian for my girls. We studied Russia last year and DD loved it, Belarus is the closet to it from all the dolls; I think she’d be thrilled.

  4. My daughters would love this, and since we are in the middle of international adoption, these would be perfect!

  5. I think my daughter would like Consuelo.

  6. I would love to give Consuelo to my daughter (she’s 5) . Her great-grandfather was mexican and I would like for her to learn more about her heritage. I think she would love to think of Consuelo as her cousin. :)

  7. Our daughter would love Consuelo from Mexico. We have 2 (going on 3…maybe 4, now as of last Friday morning) adopted special needs children, and Consuelo looks like both of the girls. :)

  8. They are so beautiful! If I won, I would like Consuelo from Mexico!

  9. These are such pretty dolls! Any little girl would LOVE any of them! If this is open to international readers please enter me (I understand if not – adding postage on top is not fun at times).
    Have a wonderful day

  10. Mary Smiley says:

    I would love Consuelos. We live in Las Vegas, NV and our church frequently sends the youth in our church to Mexico for mission trips to help the local churches build or repair their existing building. My girls are young now, but I plan on incorporating a lot on Mexico in our homeschooling curriculum.

  11. My Stephanie (she’s 5) would love Dell because it kind of looks like her.

    What an awesome concept for a doll! Love it!

  12. I would LOVE Nahji from India as we are trying to adopt a little girl from India right now, and she would LOVE this!

  13. We would love any of these dolls. I know that sounds so silly,but we would love any! I used to live in Mexico and had a friend named Consuelo. I now teach English as a Second language and have a few Mexican students. It is so important that my children respect and admire people from other countries. In fact, my daughter’s theme was children around the world when she had her nursery and her love for other countries has just grown and grown. The violence in Mexico and the drug lords running so many parts of the country where I worked has made me so sad. Consuelo could help my daughter remember to pray for Mexico, in a tangible way. Thanks for considering us. My ties to Mexico are very close and this would be so extremely special.

  14. I would choose Consuelo for my oldest daughter. Her birthday is Sept 6th and she talks of being a missionary at an orphanage in either Mexico or Africa. She would love having one!

  15. Kay Saunier says:

    My grandaughters would like either Lillian or Dell, since they have blonde and brown hair like the dolls, but would enjoy Nahji or Rahel as well, since they look like some of their friends. Any of the dolls would be wonderful!

  16. My girls would LOVE these. I love this idea! My oldest daughter would LOVE Dell, they look alike – blue eyes, freckles and all. :)

  17. They are gorgeous! My girls would love any of them and what a great way to teach about giving. Rahel would be our first choice since we write letters and send packages to our friend Rachel in Africa.

  18. Lily Dittebrand says:

    I would love Consuelo for my 7 yr old daughter with Down’s Syndrome. My family is from Hispanic descent.

  19. I know anyone of my 5 daughters would love any of the dolls. But if I were to choose one I think it would be Nahji from India.

  20. How wonderful that this company will be able to help so many girls around the world! My 5yr old would like to have Dell but they are all beautiful.

  21. Natalie Fullmer says:

    Great Giveaway with a great cause! This is the first time I’ve heard of it and love what they stand for. My 6 year old would love Lillian as she looks like my daughter!

  22. Sara Rickerson says:

    I would love to get Rahel! She reminds me of Lydie, our Compassion International child in Burkina Faso, Africa. This doll would help my 8 year old daughter to remember to pray for Lydie.

  23. Yvonne Cristman says:

    I would love Nahji from India. My niece is adopted from Nepal and my daughter from Russia. We would love to give this to my niece as a reminder of her homeland.

  24. I would love Lilian from Belarus to give to my daughter! Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  25. I would love Nahji from India. My dad is from India. He passed away before my daughter was born. She would love this doll as a reminder of the home and people of her grandfather. Thank you!

  26. I would love to win Lilian from Belarus! What a wonderful gift! Thank you for the chance :)

  27. My daughter’s best friend just left this year to go wtih her family as missionaries to Mexico. She would LOVE Consuelo to remind her of her friend and to pray for the people of Mexico.

  28. I love all of these dolls, they are beautiful! My favorite is probably the one from Laos, though:)

  29. My 8 year old daughter loves dolls and is also celebrating a birthday next month. She would adore receiving one of these. All of them are so beautiful and unique but I think she might like Lilian from Belarus or Dell from USA best. Thanks for letting me know about this wonderful product!

  30. We would love to have Rahel from Ethiopia. They are all just adorable though!

  31. Consuelo from Mexica for my girls. We live in Southern TX and would love an opportunity to teach my girls more about the Mexican heritage….it would be great to take the doll along to visit the Alamo :)

  32. I love these dolls and their story! What a wonderful way to teach our children about other children around the world! Thank you for this link! I know my girls would love any of the dolls. I like Consuelo…….it is so hard to choose they are all so beautiful!

  33. Naomi Schepperley says:

    I’m sure my daughter would love any of the dolls. This is a such a neat concept! I guess I would pick Nahja from India. Thank you!

  34. I love them all, but I especially like Rahel from Ethiopia. We have 2 adopted daughters who are biracial and one of them’s hair is kinky like Rahel. I tell her all the time how much I love it and we try to do fun things with it, but it’s short and is taking a long time to grow. I think it would be fun for her to have a doll that looks like her :). (She does have a black baby doll, but her hair is plastic so, you know… not quite the same :).)

  35. I would love Tipi from Loas for my little girl. We would love to study an Asian country!

  36. My daughter would LOVE the Dell from USA doll!

  37. Nahji from India is the doll I’m drawn to! I’ve always loved the country of India! Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Wat a wonderful new line! my 4 girls would love all of these dolls!

  39. I would pick Consuelo because she looks just like my niece. I know that she would love her. My sister-in-law is from Mexico so no wonder why the doll looks just like my little niece 😉 So cute.

  40. I would love to be able to give my niece Rahel. It looks just like her. It’s so difficult to find dolls with beautiful curls like hers. She is always wishing she has straight hair like all her barbies and dolls have.

  41. Beth Farnsworth says:

    my daughter would LOVE Dell from USA. It’s so nice to see dolls that aren’t paper thin…and aren’t dressed inappropriately! Thank you for showing us an alternative!

  42. Wow, we were at the American Girl Doll store in Dallas recently and these dolls have nothing on them! I think Tipi is adorable and I would love to be able to teach my daughters about helping others. It’s so nice to see dolls that are modestly dressed in age-appropriate clothing, and who have a story of service to go with them. :)

  43. Katherine says:

    These dolls are lovely! I would love to have one for my daughter! Thanks for being willing to give one away! Either Tipi or Dell would be so fun for her! I will be marking this company for later!

  44. My daughters would love Consuelo from Mexico. What a great idea for dolls!

  45. I was skeptical until I saw that World Vision was involved. Now I’m impressed…and Tipi would be wonderful to have at our house!

  46. We actually found these last winter- a small collection at Toys R Us. Love, love, love these dolls! We’d adore Lilian!

  47. Love Tipi…

  48. What a fantastic collection!!! I love love love Rahel from Ethiopia. My 2 little girls would be in love with her too. We love Africa and would love to read Rahel’s story!

  49. I would want Consuelo from Mexico because we have a lot of immigrants in our area from Mexico and I want to teach my children about why they are here.

  50. Leslie M.P. says:

    What a great giveaway! My daughter would love Consuelo from Mexico. Thank you!

  51. We love Consuelo from Mexico. All of them are beautiful!

  52. april ausdenmoore says:

    I would love to have lilian for my daughter. We have enjoyed looking at these beautiful dolls.

  53. Christina says:

    This would be wonderful fir my sweet girl, only wish they had Hearts of Hearts Boys for my 2 boys :). A girl can wish!! Thanks for the give away, and we loved the video recently of your girls teaching about service. Never too young!

  54. I would pick Nahji, the sweet Indian doll. That would be my oldest daughter’s choice, too, and the doll would be her Christmas present. These dolls are all adorable.
    Sheila, Mama to 3 daughters, 3 sons, and #7 due next month…

  55. So hard to pick just one! Good thing I have 3 daughters who love dolls. :) I think the one that calls to me is Rahel…we’d love to learn more about Ethiopia (our church helps support a missionary there).

  56. I have 4 girls, and they would love either Dell or Lilian-they look the most like my girls. Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. I would LOVE Rahel. We are adopting from Ghana, and although Rahel is Ethiopian, I think she would be the perfect gift to take to our little girl when we travel to pick her & her brother up to come home forever!

  58. I love these dolls. They are gorgeous and more importantly they teach a valuable lesson. I would be proud to win any one of these dolls. The brunette doll in the back with the hat on looks especially sweet. Hope to win her!

  59. I love these! Definitely on the Christmas list! I think our little girl would love Tipi as she looks most like her. She would also like Dell and all the rest, I’m sure. Thank you so much for sharing these with us!

  60. My granddaughters , their mom, and I are involved in Girl Scouts. We are trying to do small things to improve the world around us. I think Dell from the US would be a good way to help them understand that there are children in this country who need help. A doll with a book about her would also encourage the youngest reading.

  61. My oldest daughter would love Dell! Thanks for having this giveaway!

  62. I have 3 girls and they would love any one of the dolls, however my oldest dd is NAMED Lillian, and she also has long straight blonde hair with too! I also love the message from these dolls, that is why we have Life of Faith dolls, instead of American Girl dolls Life of Faith dolls are discontinued but they had all vinyl bodies, and books about girls living their faith my girls read and reread those books!

  63. I have 3 girls and they would love any one of the dolls, however my oldest dd is NAMED Lillian, and she also has long straight blonde hair with too! So I guess that Lilian would have to me our favorite. I also love the message from these dolls, that is why we have Life of Faith dolls, instead of American Girl dolls Life of Faith dolls are discontinued but they had all vinyl bodies, and books about girls living their faith my girls read and reread those books!

  64. I would love Dell, she looks quite a bit like my daughter. It would be perfect to win this as my daughter’s birthday is next month. She would adore this doll!

  65. These dolls are gorgeous! I would choose Rahel.

  66. Ashley K. says:

    Hey Connie! Just wanted to throw my two cents in & say thanks so much for posting about these awesome dolls! I’m so glad to know about them – we love World Vision, as well, & it’s always so encouraging to see folks seeking to add a greater, deeper meaning to the everyday life of a child. In this consumer-driven world, they need all the help they can get to remember that it’s not all about them! Also, it’s so encouraging to see how so many of your followers have hearts for adoption & missions. Hope one of them wins that doll!

  67. I would choose Rahel, from Ethiopia. My family just had the pleasure of reconnecting with a missionary who touched my life on his college mission trip, when he visited my high school. He and his family currently serve in Botswana, Africa, and they have a 6 year old adopted daughter that immediately connected with my 5 & 7 year old daughters. They are in the US on furlough, and my kids have been absorbing everything they possibly can about Africa since meeting their new friend, and can’t wait for them to come stay with us before they return home to Africa!

  68. These dolls are amazing! I think my daughter would like Tipi the best of all the dolls. Thank you so much for posting a link to these great dolls.

  69. Barbara S. says:

    Wow beautiful. I would love the the Consuelo doll from Mexico for my daughter. She is half Mexican.

  70. Dell would be perfect for my daughter-looks just like her! What a great giveaway!

  71. I love the doll Nahji from India. I just think the whole set is beautiful! Its so nice to see girls that aren’t Barbie clones:)

  72. Amy Sizemore says:

    Nahji from India! We love India!

  73. i’d pick Dell from USA becuz she looks like my daughter!

  74. My daughters pray daily for Ethiopia as my sister was a missionary there (she currently serves in Uganda), so Rahel would be our first choice.

  75. Nahji from India. My 19 year old daughter feels called to missions there. This doll would be great for her two little sisters (ages 4&6) to remember her when they find out that she will be leaving home for training. Thanks for the very nice giveaway.

  76. Cindy Jones says:

    I love all of them but if I had to chose just one I would go with Tipi. My daughters would love these.

  77. I would LOVE the doll from Mexico or that general area as I have a cousin who is a medical Dr. living in Honduras as well as the compassion child we support is in Mexico- so we have studied/will be studying this country a lot and it would be great to add a doll for my daughter from the same area! And if I win, I will still have to buy another one for my other daughter 😉 Thank you for sharing about these, its such a great idea and awesome that they are helping by donating proceeds to these countries.

  78. I would choose Rahel. I have 4 little girls under the age of 5. Three of them are biological. The 3rd is our 3 year old adopted African American little girl. She would appreciate the doll as she is alone in this family with her brown skin and black curly hair and would just love a doll that looks so much like her. (By the way: We hope to adopt again in the future so she will have another sibling with a similar color :)

  79. I would love Rahel from Ethiopia. Our sweet friends, the Blairs, just adopted a very special girl from Ethiopia..and it would be so neat to give her this doll.

  80. I would LOVE to win Nahji for my daughter because our Compassion International Child is in India and we are trying to educate our children about what her life is like and I think it would be a great way for my daughter to feel closer to her, we write her letters on a weekly basis and pray for her daily. I’ve been crossing my fingers to find a giveaway or get the chance to review one myself so this was an awesome blessing!! Thank you sooo much!
    Crystal at domesticbutnotmartha dot com

  81. I love Lillian and Dell and I know my daughters would adore them.

  82. My little Bug says she just has to “adopt” Nahji from India. She is a very good “mommy” to all her babies and dollies . . . I’m sure she would give her a wonderful home.

  83. What a neat concept for dolls. I think my favorite is Consuelo. We are studying Spanish in our homeschool.

  84. Love these!
    Definitely Rahel from Ethiopia! We have our own sweet “doll” finally coming home from Ethiopia this month!!! Our lovely 10 year old and her 3 brothers will join our five homegrown kiddos.

  85. Love them! I’d love to have Dell for my little girl (though it will be awhile until she can play with her-she’s just 2 months old!), I think they teach a wonderful lesson! I hope we win, if not, this will be on her Christmas and birthday wish lists :)

  86. So appreciate World Vision – my mom worked with them for years. We have five girls, but they all have plenty of dolls – for now. Just wondering if you know where they are made?

  87. My little girl and I like the doll from Mexico, India and Laos. They are all beautiful.

  88. Wow! What a great idea! Our family is multi-racial and we are always looking for toys that represent the beauty of many cultures! I would love Consuelo or Rahel for my nieces!

  89. We would love Consuelo from Mexico. My 8 year old has learned a lot about other countries and I would love for my 5 year old to learn too. Thanks, Jen

  90. They are all beautiful but I like Consuelo and Rahel the best.

    hope you have a wonderful day!


  91. I like the Lillian doll! So precious!

  92. I would love the cute “Lillian” doll for my Lillie. She is into barbies and I can’t stand them. I am hoping these might take the place of those dreadful dolls! I want them all, but since my daughter is blonde haired and blue eyed, I think Lillian would fit well.

  93. Heather Wawa says:

    Such beautiful dolls!!! I love the service emphasis too. Nahji is the one that captured my heart and I think she’d easily capture the hearts of my 5 daughters, as well.

  94. So hard to choose, they are all so beautiful. Have to go with Dell if I need to make a choice, she is perfect for one of my grand daughters.

  95. “Lillian” because she looks just like my blue-eyed, blonde wonder. :) And her story reminds me of mine. My father and I lived apart for 2.5 years so he could come to America and build a better life for my mother and me. Of course, now, it was all worth it…but as a mother, I cannot imagine how heart wrenching it must been to not see my child for that long…My dad is my hero for fighting for me and my mom.

  96. Nahji from India

  97. I like Consuela from Mexico! I really like this idea since it is more about serving others than the American Girls dolls that my DD keeps asking for. :) Thanks so much-you always have such great info on your site!

  98. I think I’d pick Nahji from India. My girls like any of them really. We might have to take a vote if we win. :)

  99. these dolls are great! I would choose Lilian cuz she looks the most like my little girl who also has a Birthday next month:)

  100. Rahel from Ethiopia. Looks like my beautiful daughter, adopted domestically. So hard to find a girl with beautiful curls like hers!

  101. My daughter Emily would love any of the girls. She tells her dad and I that she wants to be a missionary. So, learning about a girl from another part of the world would be awesome! Thank you!


  102. My granddaughter would fall in love with Rahel. We’d love to be able to hear her story.

  103. Hi Connie, These are super cute dolls with such a great message. what a nice gift to be able to give, to your kids and the missionary aspect. We love Consuela.

  104. Lisa Beth W. says:

    I’d love to have Consuelo from Mexico in our home for our five girls. Our church has sent a missionary and his family to Tepic, Mexico, so Mexico is close to our hearts.

  105. oooh! consuelo, please! so darling!

  106. Kristina Best says:

    I love the Nahji doll.

  107. I’d love to have Dell from USA for my little girl. What a great message these dolls give. Thanks so much for this offer.

  108. How wonderful of you to give one of these dolls away. You are going to make some little girl very happy. Wow, it is hard to pick one favorite, but proboaly Tipi from Laos. I would save this for my daughter’s birthday in October.

  109. I think they’re all beautiful and my daughter would love any of them but if I have to choose I’ll go with Tipi.

  110. Rebecca L. says:

    I think I like Lilian, since she a blonde, as are all of us here.

  111. Heather Wawa says:

    I saw these dolls at Target TODAY! They are even sweeter in real life and my daughters were gaga over them!

  112. Consuelo would find a place in the hearts of our daughters. Consuelo is a name given in Mexico to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Each of my daughters bear Her name in some fashion. Consuelo would fit right in as a reminder of the Mother of Our Savior.

  113. We would love Consuelo!

    I started mija on Faith and Friends dolls, but they are no longer in business. These look like they might be a great substitute!

  114. My daughter and I love Tipi. We spent six months in south east Asia a couple of years ago and she reminds of us our time there! Thanks!

  115. We liked Tipi, from Laos. I was charmed by all of the girls, but think that if I were donating to a particular country, of those available through the dolls, I would choose Laos. What a beautiful idea, to encourage girls to give to others. Kudos to Playmates. :)

  116. Oh, how sweet! I would love Dell, she looks just like my little one. Thanks very much for the opportunity!

  117. Nahji is the one I would choose! We have a friend from India who sent my daughter a traditional India dress, and she is looks like my daughter. Beautiful! Thanks for posting – I was trying to learn more about them!

  118. These are all gorgeous! I think I’d pick Rahel from Ethiopia.

  119. my daughter would love Lilian. how wonderful to have dolls with an uplifting story behind them!

  120. Leah in Alask says:

    Rahel from Ethiopia is SO beautiful, and she looks like my little girly. :) I think she would fit in well here at our house. :)

  121. My daughter would LOVE any of them. In all honesty I would like Rahel, or Tipi

  122. Nahji from India because she is beautiful.

  123. I would love any what an awesome message. But my first choice would be Dell, because I want to see my children remember their are those at home that need to be served. And it reminds me of the beautiful day I was given my precious daughter, when she was 2. May we never forget.

  124. love rahel! what great dolls!

  125. leighaustin18@yahoo.com says:

    I would love the doll with the hat for my grandaughter! Thanks so much!

  126. My grandaughters would like Dell they look like twins. But would enjoy any of them.

  127. Rebecca J. says:

    I like Nahji from India! :)

  128. I’d say Lillian! She is adorable!

  129. Jennifer waters says:

    I like dell. USA. she has freckles like my daughters.

  130. Lilian because I also have my own Lillian and thankfully have never had to make the kind of choice to send her away so I could find work.

  131. The Dell doll is so cute and looks very much like my little girl. I love that she knits and think maybe I could entice my daughter to learn how too. Thanks.

  132. Stephanie says:

    Ooooh…I like all of them and I love the mission! If I had to pick, I like Nahji from India. :)

  133. My 6 yr old daughter would love any of these dolls. Thank you for the opportinty to win one of these. I LOVE that proceeds are going to help other children as well!

  134. I would love Lilian. Both my girls are blue eyed blondes. I love that they show them helping others. Thank you for the opportunity!

  135. I would love to win a dark haired, dark skinned doll for my Mexican/Native American hertiage daughter….what a blessing!

  136. They are all very cute, but if I had to choose just one for my daughters I would choose Rahel from Ethiopia because we have a heart for Africa at our house! God bless you for this giveaway. Keep your chin up- we’ve been through a long layoff and it is not easy, but God will provide!

  137. Christina Winton says:

    I would love to get any of them but I do love Dell she looks kinda like one of my twins Annabelle and the hat just tops it off camo to match her daddy 😉 the twins just so happen to be having their 9th birthday in September! Athena loves Consuelo she says she is very pretty. So either of them would be wonderful! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  138. My girls would like any of them but I would say Tipi or Dell

  139. zalyndia powell says:

    lillian would love to live with my girl! Love these dolls.

  140. My daughter would love the blond one because it looks like her..but then again she would love the dark skinned one to remind her to pray for Somalia!

  141. Tipi is beautiful … she looks like my daughter, who was born in China.
    But I think Nahji is my personal favorite. Her coloring is so unusual for a western doll, which, as the mom of multicultural siblings, i always find refreshing and encouraging. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  142. I really couldn’t choose a favorite. I’m sure my girls would love any of them. It would give them a chance to learn about a new culture they might not normally look into. What neat dolls!

  143. Deborah West says:

    Rahel from Ethiopia!!!

  144. Oh, they’re all so pretty! How can I choose? I think I’ll say Tipi, since we have many Laotian immigrants living in our area. Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  145. What a lovely give away and dolls. I think my daughter would love ay of the but I’d have to pick Dell or Tipi. So beautiful!!

  146. Would love to win Dell for my little Peanut. She has those same blue eyes. Gotta love them.

  147. Definitely Nahji. She is from an area of the world that my children have learned a lot about and it intrigues them. Recently, friends of our adopted from India, and their daughter has an amazing story that is being woven. Also, one of our regular babysitters summered on missions in India. He is still teaching the kids about his time there and the different ways God used him.

  148. I would love to win Rahel for my niece!! She was adopted from Ethiopia and she needs a doll with hair as curly as hers, someone she can identify with.

  149. consuela typing one handed and nursing lol

  150. Would love Dell for my adopted daughter. The doll looks like her =)

  151. My two girls would enjoy any of the dolls. The one that is most liked by my girls is Dell because of her spunk. Her camouflage hat speaks so much about her and my girls would find more imaginative and creative ways to make her come to life.

  152. Jacqui Hodgkins says:

    I would be happy to have any of these.I just saw them at BJs and fell in love. What a great way for girls to learn about other cultures and serving. I just love these dolls and hope they stay around for a long time!

  153. I think my daughter would like Nahji. :)

  154. I love them all!! I don’t know how to choose just one :) If I had to pick it would be the doll from Ethiopia.

  155. stephenie says:

    My 4 year old likes Tipi :)

  156. I would love Tipi… what a beautiful way for our children to learn compassion and giving through play!

  157. I would love to win the Ethiopia doll for my cousin. She does mission work in Africa and haitti and has adopted three kids and in the process of adopting another from haitti. She is am amazing woman and loves these dolls!

  158. I love Nahji from India. My daughters would love to move her into our home :)

  159. Michelle Bonneau says:

    I really love dell and her story we are trying to teach our daughter about compassion and the trails facing many family’s in the us right now I think this would be perfect aid in the lesson.

  160. I hope it’s not too late to enter! My dd4 would love Rahel from Ethiopia. What a fantastic way to learn about other cultures.
    gingeroo616 at aol.com

  161. These dolls are such a great idea! I’d like to win Dell for my daughter.

  162. My daughter would love to have Lillian (?), the doll with the blond hair.

  163. Our girls would love any doll, they are all so unique and great! If we did have to pick one though, it would be Consuelo because she looks so much like my oldest daughter’s best friend.