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Collecting Eggs

We have been collecting 15-20 eggs from our laying hens each day!

Every day, multiple times a day, the kids rush to the hen house to see what awaits them.

We have a basket for collecting the eggs.

I love to watch the joy and surprise on my children's faces each day as they search for and find the treasures.

"Do you have anything for me today?"

"Mind if I take a closer look?"

"This one is perfect! Just like all the others."

There is always much delight when one of the little ones runs inside proclaiming, "I found another egg!"

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  1. How fun!

  2. You made me want a chicken coop!

  3. We intend on building a chicken coup and a duck run as soon as finances allow. I didn’t grow up with fresh eggs and the thrill of the hunt, but I want my children to have the experience.
    Your daughters dress..store bought or handmade? I am in love with it!!

  4. I am SO jealous. My hens are STILL not laying. I think they are on protest. Maybe your hens can send my hens a letter of encouragement on how to lay eggs and go off strike…I am also loving the run it is just lovely…

  5. Beautiful pictures, Connie! How fun.

  6. Connie- I have read most of your posts on the chicken project & I was wondering how large your shed & outdoor area are. I couldn’t tell by the pictures how large an area they had to free range. We live on a farm & have just started selling our eggs; been eatin’ em’ for a while 😉 but we only have so many in the coop to lay & the rest are free ranging with no hope of ever discovering their gifts (we have quite a bit of property they are able to access). I have really enjoyed watching your family enjoy their new friends, the pictures are wonderful! Our oldest ( 20 months) just started collecting the eggs each day with Daddy!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      The hen house is a shed (Morgan building). I’ll try to get a shot to show how big it is. We let them free range all over our 1.85 acres and they always go in at night. Most of them lay in the hen house, but occasionally we find one in the yard. It’s like an Easter egg hunt!

  7. You have great pictures! My boys love collecting eggs too. For that matter, so do I! Some of our hens will even stand up for us gather any eggs they are sitting on. They can be so sweet that way. I think it is because we have handled them since they were one day old.
    Autumn – We also live on a large farm but our hens mostly stay near our yard. I think they feel protected there. We have a fairly heavily wooded area on the perimeter of the yard. To stop them from laying their eggs out in the trees and brush we locked them in the hen house for a couple of days. I think they got the idea! Then we let them out again. We dont keep them in all day now unless we are having stormy weather or if there is something else unusual going on. Good luck with yours!

    • Thanks so much for sharing! Our henhouse/coop is close by our house, but were are renovating our barn right now & soon they will all be down that way. Our chickens don’t stay near the house though: they like to follow the cows around and steal bugs & other “goodies” the cows leave behind…literally, behind lol :)

      • We are actually leaving this farm, I’m pretty sad about that, and moving back to the city tomorrow. My husband has built a coop for the hens. So we are bringing all 12 with us! I am so happy to be able to bring them along. I just love them and so does the whole family.

  8. How fun and exciting, not to mention the benefits and skills of learning about chickens and how to help care for them! Great fun for your little ones!

  9. I aspire to have a chicken coop. I just visited my sister last week and was so impressed by her three chickens. I forgot what it was like to have fresh eggs!

    And 15-20 eggs daily is AWESOME! How many chickens do you still have?

  10. My kids are the same way when we visit my parents home, Fresh eggs, and the kids HAVE to go check for eggs at least 2x a day.


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