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Back Up Your Computer Files!

If you are a fan of Smockity Frocks on Facebook, you may know that it looks like my laptop bit the dust. Bought the farm. Is in laptop heaven.

I have it being looked at right now to see if any of my pictures and videos can be recovered.

Mr. Computer Smarty Pants is hopeful that I will soon see over 2 and a half years of pictures of my children.

I, however, am near panicked and am kicking myself for never having backed up the files.


Why did I never back those up???

There are pictures of everything from birthday celebrations to the birth of our sweet Peyton last year.

As well as the cookbook I have been working on which was almost ready for publishing.

Back up your computer files, friends.

How often do you back up your files?

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  1. Oh my goodness! As a fellow ‘Computer Smarty Pants’, back up, Back Up, BACK UP! >_<

    I hope he can get them off for you. Usually there is a good chance the files can be saved, depending on the issue. Make sure you have a good repair man, I know too many people who get ripped off by guys who don't know what they're doing.

    Let us know if you manage to save them.

    On the bright side, a lot of photos are on the blog, so you can redownload them, it's kind of like online backing up

  2. UGH It makes my heart sick to think of all those photos gone! Thanks for the reminder…I haven’t backed up in a few months.

  3. My mom is the Computer Smarty Pants in our family and a while back she recommended the investment in a program called Carbonite (www.carbonite.com). It’s an annual subscription and once it’s done a complete back up it will back up files that change as you work as long as you’re connected to the internet. It’s totally secure (they use it for their business in the financial industry). I’ve been able to find coupon codes every time I’ve renewed…

  4. Thanks so much for reminding us to back up with this post! Are there anyone free online storage options out there?

  5. When I download pictures, I also download them at Walmart.com. The extra time gives me a piece of mind that my pics won’t be lost forever. They will store your pictures as long as you order at least one picture once a year. That way I will never lose a picture. When I place an order for pictures I purchase the CD with my pics on it so I have them handy when I need them.

  6. ok this is too funny. well, not funny for you but the SAME Thing happened to me this week!! the pathetic thing is that i do back up on an external hard drive…i just forget to do it!!! several folks have recommended carbonite to me too!

  7. The same thing happened to me about a month ago. I was very literally mourning my losses when my wonderful hubby figured out how to salvage them. A few weeks and $639 (that we didn’t have to spare) later, I have all my files and a new – better – laptop. Keep your chin up! God will provide ALL your needs, including newborn baby pictures! =)

  8. Like Sara, we use Carbonite. I love not having to think about backing up the files; it is done automatically for me.

    I hope you are able to access your information off the laptop!

  9. We are Mac people. We got a Time Machine and I am SO GLAD WE DID! It does all of the backing up automatically for all of the machines and powers the internet for us. We were going to need an external hard drive AND a new internet router so it seemed like the best choice. I <3 Macs.

  10. I am so sorry. I actually got sick to my stomach while reading this. This is the problem with going all digital. SO SO sorry…I hope you get it all back …Ask around maybe somebody can get it back.

  11. I TOTALLY feel your pain. We lost 3 years of photos and info. Worse yet, is our external hard drive crashed too. :-( We are saving up to send it in as no one could retrieve our photos. I pray you will not have that same problem!

  12. Marlene Goldschmidt says:

    I use dropbox which is a free on line storage “cloud.” I put some of my important stuff in there and I also use flash drives to store stuff. Sorry you are having this issue.

  13. We also use Carbonite. Several months ago my desktop started acting funny and shutting down intermittently due to “a serious error”. Eeeek! My hubby enrolled us in the Carbonite service and it took TWELVE days to backup everything we had…now it does it automatically each night. Cheap insurance and a great deal of peace of mind. Highly recommended.

  14. I use Mozy.com for backing up each and every day. Additionally, I keep all my data on an external drive. I highly recommend putting data on an external drive because if your main computer kicks the bucket, then you just plug in your external drive to another one and have all your data. I back up that external drive, as well, because since it’s an electronic device it is prone to failure.

    Most people don’t realize that some photo hosting sites and sites where you order your photos often have expiration dates. You can only keep albums there for a certain length of time, then they remove them. Usually, they will send you a reminder email to archive them off, but not always.

    Hope you recover everything.

  15. Does anyone know of a free online backup??? I would love to backup some of my homeschool, and finance files, but I am terrible about losing hardware.

  16. I use Carbonite too, because I’m really bad at doing regular backups.

  17. Dropbox has free backup up to a certain point. The more people you refer – the more storage you get. I think up to 5 GB. It syncs with your computer… totally great.

    Evernote is free as well. They have a monthly allowance. I don’t know what it is b’c I haven’t ever hit that amount.

    I backup alllllll of my photos on Zenfolio.com. Love it. They have great apps for you to transfer your pictures simply.

    I’m sure there are a few more places out there to store documents, etc. Search online for free storage and I’m sure some stuff will show up.

  18. I had my laptop crash a few years ago before I had kids. Thankfully they were able to recover everything and I immediately got an external drive and moved everything over. That computer ended up dying completely but I was glad I got a chance to retrieve everything first.

    Now I back up about once a month or whenever I need to delete photos from my memory card. I transfer photos from my camera into my laptop and then when my memory card gets full I copy photos/videos into the external drive and delete the photos from my camera. I never delete anything from my camera until I have it in my laptop AND the external drive. This way if one of them crashes I still have it on the memory card. I suppose buying new memory cards every time one filled up would be the easiest but I don’t bother.

  19. I lost a book that I wrote that way several years ago….Oh wait…That didn’t make you feel any better did it? Sorry, friend.

  20. stephenie says:

    I use Dropbox.com too, it’s so great! Free and then if you need more space you can buy more. And there is a phone app too! I love it!

  21. I automatically back up all changed files every night through my wireless network onto my older computer. When I buy a new computer every 5- 6 years, the old computer becomes the backup system. I use free software to do it such as “Second Copy”.
    I also store DVDs full of family photos annually or so in a safe deposit box. (in case of fire)
    But then, I’m a retired geek who is used to thinking in these terms. :)

  22. I am so sorry. That is my worst nightmare. We also use Carbonite to keep our computer files safe. It is WELL WORTH the subscription cost to not have to worry about anything.

  23. Karen Pruneau says:

    We had everything on an external hard drive. It fell :( no more pitures. I have a laptop now and have saved the pictures and some important files on memory sticks.

  24. Ugh! I’m so sorry. I hope you get everything back. I have certainly lost files for a variety of reasons. In October, my laptop (among other things) was stolen from our van while we were on vacation. MOST ANNOYING! Car insurance covered most of the things and home insurance covered the rest. PHEW! But, still, those files are gone! :( I recovered a few pictures from my blog, Facebook, online photo sites, etc.

  25. So sorry! Just in case you didn’t know, I sadly recently found out that you should also back up your web site folders… Did you know you can lose an entire blog in one moment when a little kid manages to hit one key while you step away from your Cpanel momentarily???? Back. Up. The. Files. Oh, it doesn’t help if you can’t remedy the situation at the Hosting company before their system automatically replaces your old good file with the new, empty file. =O(

  26. I use dropbox.com to sync between my laptop, desktop and work computers. We had a computer go down a couple of years ago (were able to salvage files after putting a new hard drive in it). I went out and bought an external hard drive and back EVERYTHING up at least once a week if not more frequently.

  27. I didn’t read everyone’s comment so please forgive me if I’m repeating any one. We don’t “back up” much as far as having copies on any specific web site but we do use Flash Drives for everything possible. Yes, they add up after a while … but with them labeled properly & organized, it works for us. We also have disks of photos and important information off the computer. Doing things this way has allowed me to keep my computer memory as freed as possible (with the exception of programs I have boot disks for).

  28. My husband said to remove the hard drive and put it in another computer to see if it works. Feel free to email me if you want, I could ask him questions for you! Hope you can save the files!


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