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4 Moms Review Chapters 28 – 47 in Large Family Logistics

This week The 4 Moms are reviewing the final chapters in Large Family Logistics
. (Our thoughts on the appendices will be next week.)

Ch. 28 & 29 are on routines. Having routines gives everyone in the family a sense of what they should be doing. Each person has a responsibility during mealtime routines, and therefore helps promote the general welfare of the family.

Chapters 30 & 31 are on the teaching of Bible and phonics. A little instruction, given regularly each day, goes a long way in instilling knowledge into our children.

Chapters 32 - 34 are on quiet time, read aloud time, and afternoon chore time. Again, the author points out that routine and predictability make for a secure home environment.

Chapters 35 & 36 are on bathroom and bedroom management. 2 keys were listed to keeping these areas tidy: Daily cleaning and purging "stuff". I like what Kim says in the bathroom chapter about teaching kids this simple rule: "Every time you are in the bathroom, do something to clean it." She also gives a list of daily duties to be done to keep the bathroom clean.

Chapters 37 & 38 tell us about "children's hour" and family worship. These chapters are on how to make the most of our time together as a family.

Chapter 39 is on home crafts. Kim tells us how to organize a craft room and lists a few activities for toddlers to do during craft time.

Chapter 40 is my favorite chapter! It is on homeschooling and Kim really encouraged me in this chapter that I have been doing my children a service by teaching them to be self-motivated learners!

Chapters 41 & 46 are on health and wellness in general and during pregnancy. Kim gives some tips on feeling more energetic.

Chapter 42 is on toy management, in which Kim explains why she locks away toys and leaves out only a few at a time.

Chapters 43 & 44 are on having a "feast night" and doing meal planning. One tip I liked was to buy industrial or restaurant grade kitchen supplies. Large families cook large meals every day and need large pans!

Chapter 45 is on "project day", when normal routines must be put on hold in order to complete a special project, like painting or remodeling. I appreciate how Kim reminds us that children can help with most projects.

Chapter 47 is on the buddy system, which I have blogged about before. Kim gives a list of responsibilities for little buddies and big buddies.

SHEW! This book is chock FULL of helpful tips and advice for large families!

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    1. Hi Connie,
      I am just starting to implement the buddy system with our kids. Do you have any practical advice on getting the littles (especially the 2 year old) to cooperate with the older buddy?