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4 Moms Discuss “Large Family Logistics”

This week The 4 Moms, plus author Kim Brenneman, are discussing part one (chapters 1-17) of Kim's book, "Large Family Logistics, The Art and Science of Managing the Large Family". (Available at Amazon now for $16.32!)

First of all I want to say that I LOVE how big and chunky and substantial this book is! There are 2 parts, 318 pages, 45 chapters, AND appendices - which include "a detailed strategy of how to bail out of a big mess"!

This book is full to the brim of wisdom and tips from a mom of many who has been through the day to day nitty gritty of running a large family.

Kim begins part one with a chapter on the wise woman of Proverbs 31, which tells us what it looks like to manage a family well. If you are familiar with the Proverbs 31 lady, then you know she is a lot to live up to, but Kim breaks each verse down into bite size chunks and encourages us to strive to her standards.

Chapter 2 is on goals, in which we are shown how to start with the end result we wish to achieve and work backwards, writing out our plan for getting there.

Chapters 3-5address having systems in place, from dish washing to laundry, to improve the efficiency in our homes. Attitude and self discipline are critical in keeping our systems running smoothly.

Chapters 6-7are about time management,and Kim writes about those little interruptions throughout the day that can derail our best laid plans. I LOVE what she said aobut how "a plan serves you. You do not serve the plan." She encourages mothers not to wrestle with God about what he has in store for our day. "An interrupted day is God's plan for the life of a mother."

Chapter 8 is on how the Psalms can me our spiritual multi-vitamin, giving us a cure for ailments of the heart and mind.

Chapters 9-11 are on teaching children the value of hard work, obedience, and chores done well. I found it interesting that Kim and her husband were both raised on farms, as well as raising their own children on a farm. She makes a point of saying it was and is a privilege to be brought up doing hard work because it builds character.

Chapter 12 is about rejecting "me-centerdness" which can make a mother of a large family resentful of the sacrifices required of her.

Chapters 13-14 are on the care of babies and small children. Kim even gives advice on breastfeeding and increasing milk supply.

Chapters 15 is on how to get the family involved in our plans for managing the home.

Chapter 16 is titled "Your Own Personal Spa" and has detailed instructions for "how to clean a bathroom super fast"! By the time you are done, you will have no need for the gym because Kim gives you a 30 minute workout cleaning the bathroom!

Chapter 17 is "Dress for Success" and is full of advice on advice on closet organization as well as how to avoid being frumpy while looking nice. I appreciated her words on modesty and especially the tip that looking "hot" is only for our husbands.

Believe it or not, we are not even half-way through the book! I'm telling you this book is filled with tons of practical tips for taking control of our homes!

If you have read part one of this book, join us and tell everyone what you thought! 

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  1. I LOVE this book. I can’t get enough, and I love the size of it. It has changed my whole way of thinking!

  2. Just out of interest, how large is a large family?

  3. I have not bought this book yet because frankly I have been wondering what is in there that could be new to me. I really like this post because it includes just the preview I needed to motivate me to buy it! (It’s hard to part with $20 if you aren’t sure it’s worth it.)

  4. I have been slowly working through this book since the beginning of the year, and it has been so helpful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and for the link-up!

    God Bless!

  5. We have three little ones thus far, our oldest will turn three in October, and I got this before the baby was born. It truly is helpful whether you have a large family or not! Intentional parenting and organization are useful for any size of family! Love this book!

  6. I love this series!