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We are seeing signs...

that we will be enjoying at least 30 of these juicy babies sometime soon.

Praise God! We are finally seeing some produce in our "back 40 garden"!

By the way, when I posted the pictures comparing garden produce last week, I didn't mean to give the impression that those were pictures of the same vegetable. I knew that one was a cucumber and one was a zucchini, and I expected you would know, too. I was just trying to show the difference between how puny one was and how enormous the other was.

Don't worry. I wasn't trying to sneak anything past you!

What about you? How is your garden doing? Please share your link below and remember to follow the linky rules:

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  1. Isn’t it exciting to see!! Your garden is looking great! Today I implemented the rabbit fertilizer on a few of my plants, I’m excited to see if they respond as nicely as yours did!

  2. That’s awesome! If watermelon is as much of a favorite food in your house as it is in mine, those 30 won’t last long! :)

  3. That’s fun! All of our watermelons came up as volunteers in our tomato patch. We moved the tomatoes and now the watermelons have taken over 2 other beds! We have one oblong one and the rest are the small round ones. Hopefully some will be ready soon. Does anyone have a good way of knowing when they are ready other than waiting for the vine to die?


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