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Watermelons and Okra Abound!

We are going to have a bounty of watermelons and okra here pretty soon.

We were hoping for squash and corn also, but it looks like we won't be harvesting those this year.

Do you see that big guy in the lower right corner?

We are guessing we have at least 40 of those!

How is your garden doing? Please share your link below and remember to follow the linky rules:

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  1. Wow! You have some awesome watermelon growing. I am glad to hear you are getting something from your garden. It makes it worth the work.

  2. i don’t remember where you live, but you still have lots of time to plant some short season crops. summer squash is only 50 days or so. also, radishes, lettuce and other greens are a short crop. if it’s too hot where you live now, you can wait and plant in a bit, or use shade cloth. beans are only 52-56 days. for your size family, i would plant 2lbs. of both yellow and green beans. you’ll get several harvests, and if you freeze the abundance, you’ll be eating your own beans all winter!

  3. Your garden is beautiful! Was just going to let ya know….I can’t grab your button….it will only let me click on it, and it links to your facebook page.


  4. I’m about to harvest okra too! A nice neighbor man who has grown veggies for years gave me some of his seed this spring and they came up wonderfully. And I didn’t know that okra flowers were so pretty! We will also have watermelon if the squash bugs stay away this year but only because some of the seed from the rotting fruit last year came up to surprise me. My corn looks awesome; waiting to see if the earworms get it again.

  5. We have grape and cherry tomatoes and squash. Not a single big tomato, watermelon or okra. Too bad we aren’t closer…we could trade some food.

  6. My mom loves to do gardening too. She has grown eggplants and tomatoes in our yard and she also planted flowers too! :)

    I love to eat watermelons but I don’t like okra.
    Thanks much for the post!


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