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Job Update and Layoff Series News

If you have been following my live layoff update page or Facebook fan page, you know my husband took an oilfield job.

Here is the scoop about the job:

  • For now it is part-time.
  • He will keep the roofing job part-time also.
  • It has potential to be full-time.
  • He will be traveling a lot.
  • It will require lots of waiting to hear when and where the next assignment is.
  • A long time friend from the golf business had heard through my Facebook updates and this blog (Hi, Mitch!) that he needed work and contacted me about it.
  • Hopefully we won't have to move since the company is planning to expand to our area.

As for this weekly layoff series, the response has been so overwhelmingly positive, that I plan to continue with the following topics:

  • How to plan for unforeseen financial crisis
  • Adjusting to part-time work
  • Tips on looking for a job
  • How to pay your bills during a layoff

I am also taking guest posts for the series, so if you have experience living through a layoff and would like to submit a guest post to encourage others, please contact me.

What else would you like to read about on this series?

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  1. Happy mark has a new job. Sad he has to travel but who knows what God has in store for him! “Do ALL things to the glory of God!” Safe travels Mr. Smockity!

  2. So happy to hear he has even part time employment. Every little bit is a blessing. I will pray he gets a job full time and that God’s will be done in the process.

  3. Gwenyth says:

    Would love to read about how you’ve communicated with your children at their various ages/stages about the layoff and resulting lifestyle changes. How much/how little are you telling… and how are they responding… verbally or otherwise. If you’ve already written about this, I missed it, in which case just ignore my request. 😉

  4. I’m glad he found a job! My husband was laid off in December of 2009, and is one of the many that would be considered “under employed”. I am going to submit a guest post to you a little later, but I just wanted to let you know how much I have loved reading through your family’s journey. I especially loved the post your husband did. That really, really opened my eyes. Thank him for me to, your blog has been such a blessing!

  5. The sad part of your experience is this: no matter how much advice is dispensed out there, people don’t learn any lessons till it actually happens to themselves. Sad commentary.

    My husband first lost his job during the recession of the dot com (2001). It took him 2.5 years to find another job. He worked odd jobs to pull us through. And yes, God does provide. But just the necessities. It’s a learning lesson. That is how God teaches us. Through withholding money. Sometimes, it’s the only way He can get our attention.
    We downsized in 2001 (one day before foreclosure proceedings) and bought our current house for cash and eliminated all debt. We also never invested in Wall Street ever again.

    Now, during the Greatest Recession of all time, my husband again lost his job. This time for a year. We are surviving quite well because we live mortgage, credit card and debt free. No loans of any kind. When your husband does get another job, odds are very good that it’ll be at 50% LESS than what he used to make. Our total bills, under our new living conditions are only $2600 a month! And that covers a vacation beach home (also paid for in cash). When God is satisfied with your new lessons learned, He rewards you ten fold. But it’s been a brutal 11 years. Don’t be fooled. You guys have a long way to go.
    My husband is again working at a job, but at 50% less. Since he was always self-employed, he never qualified for unemployment checks. But we had sufficient savings to get us through.
    We only live with what we need, at the barest of necessities, and you know what? It’s perfectly fine. I feel so blessed and thank God each and every day for the brutal lessons learned.

    Good luck!

  6. so glad that your hubby has found work. I remember when my dad was laid off when i was a kid…it was just him raising my twin brother and i alone, and it was a few years before he had steady work..how are your kids dealing with all of this?

  7. Praise God!

  8. I’m so glad your husband has an opportunity that’s a little more reliable than commission only! And thank God for the roofing gig to help you manage!

    I would be very interested in doing a guest post about surviving a layoff. My husband and I have had several bouts of the recession bug throughout our ten years together. Last year, hoping that a better education would help him find work, we gambled our meager savings and spent a year abroad while he earned an International MBA. We returned to the States last September, and he’s been looking for work ever since. We’ve definitely learned a lot! And I’d love a chance to share some of that knowledge with which God has blessed us.

  9. I think whatever you go through is important for all of us to read and prepare. You just never know.

    Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us!

  10. Jennifer says:

    I just found your blog, and wish I had found it sooner. My husband is not laid off, but has been injured on the job, and due to being put on light duty, we have lost $1700 a month in income. We have been doing the same things you have been doing. Honestly, I hate that my husband is hurt and that we are having a rough time, BUT the lessons we are learning are invaluable. We have been too wasteful for too long. We have not been watching what we spend, and been very foolish with our finances.

    I hope your husband gets a full time job asap!

  11. Stephanie says:

    I have been praying for your family. We, too, have been learning how to handle a lay off. Just a couple of weeks after reading about your layoff, my husband came home with similar news. I think both of us were surprised about how quickly we went from employed to unemployed. We were an one income family like so many others, and I definitely struggled with the lack of security. That being said, I am grateful about the turn of events. We have been able to see with clarity the difference between God’s perfect will and his permissive will in dealing with some of our past financial and employment decisions. We both praise the Lord that His love, grace, and mercy remain unchanged. The biggest blessing of all is that during all of the uncertainty He has brought back to our fist love and calling. In a couple of weeks we will be starting seminary. What an opportunity!

  12. I’ve been lurking for several months now. I live in San Angelo. 2 months ago, my husband voluntarily left his job here for work in the oilfields. He’s gone several days at a time, leaving me home with the 5 (and due any day now #6) kids to keep going. My hubby went with a CDL permit and was hired…out here in W. Texas it seems they are desperate for folks that can pass drug tests 😉 Not sure about your hubby’s job or income prior to losing his job, but the oil money is very very very good. Several times what he was making here in town. We’ve committed to a year of hard work and separation to make at least 4-5 times what he was making here. It’s the crazy hours that makes up the overtime pay…as long as he’s not home, he’d rather be working long hours. I’ll be praying for your husband as he enters the oil industry. Oh, and if hasn’t discovered already…what a mission field it is!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Thankful for your good news.. Sorry he has to travel.. I will be praying for extra grace for both of you. And I really hope you don’t have to move again! :) Moving is not the most fun way to spend your time…

  14. I don’t know how I missed this series, I had a baby in Feb and cut way back on my computer time. So glad Mr. Smockity is working again. The day my dh got laid off 3 yrs ago, I had just walked out of a store having spent $600, and he got a speeding ticket on the way home.
    I did not return my purchases, even though it was a serious thought. We were very lucky he got a 6 month severence package and found a job with a little raise within 2 weeks. We have friends laid off at the same time with the same company still unemployed.
    It did shake us up and wake us up to some of our spending issues, and reinforced paying tuition in full, at least school would not be affected right away. But if we can’t pay in full then we can’t afford it. Simple but hard to live by sometimes.

  15. My husband is now fully-employed in the same profession he was laid off from (youth ministry). His new job began almost exactly a year after his old job ended. We spent a year living with my parents, doing odd jobs, and paying off our student loans. We sold my car and some other things along the way. In the end, we moved from Maryland to California (last month) for the new job. I’m glad to hear that your husband has more work too! I would love to write a guest post for you if you are still interested in accepting submissions! It’s been a tough year, but we definitely learned a lot. :)


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