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Interview With 2 Aspiring Authors: Webisode 2

Welcome to Small Talk With Smockity Frocks!

This week I am interviewing 2 young authors who are collaborating on a book they hope will someday be published.

Please, do excuse the pandemonium in the background and the haggard look front and center. It just so happens that I

  • am the only adult on the premises since my husband was suddenly called out of town for a job
  • am operating on very little sleep because of spending all night repeatedly changing baby bedding and giving an impromptu bath at 3 a.m. for a violent recurring episode of that which we shall not speak
  • and I took 9 kids into town and back no less than 4 times.

So, basically an ordinary day. Welcome to the wild side.

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  1. Oh, I miss you Joely! And Connie, I’m not-so-secretly very glad Adrienne informed you the rabbit did NOT need a new home!

  2. Oh connie, you look exhausted lol! One eye on the girls speaking, one eye on the crazies behind the camera :) You’ve made me feel a lot better about the chaos at my house right now, thanks for not being afraid to show how things really are, instead of an ideal view when the kids are napping or whatever.

    The girls could publish their book through lulu or something as an ebook, I’d buy it! 😀

  3. If this is how you look when you are haggard and sleep deprived, then darling, I would love to see you all made up! You are beautiful and you look great!

    The porch sounds like my house ALL the time. And I totally know what it is like to run the house alone. My husband is foreign service and travels to various countries for up to 2 months at a time. It can pull you down. Just keep focused on Christ and His goodness.

    Oh, I want to mention, I admire you for your response for the knocked over camera. I wouldn’t have handled it as well.

  4. april ausdenmoore says:

    HI connie,
    I don’t think I ever commented before. My daughter likes to write stories with her friends too. I think it is great. Thanks for doing the webisode. I enjoy seeing you with your children. I would love to meet you some day.
    Thanks again,

  5. That was great! So much fun and a bit of chaos thrown in!

  6. That’s awesome that you guys are fueling their passion at a young age. Kudos to you…and them!!!


  7. I loved it! You are one amazing lady! Just a few minutes of video shows how much love you have for the Lord. You are soft spoken and kind and your response to your children is amazing! I strive every day to be that mom, full of compassion and encouragement for my children’s passion. And all that chaos (normal at my house) was nice to know that I’m not the only one! :)

  8. stephenie says:

    What Rachel said!!! :)
    You are precious:)

  9. Lindsey says:

    Hey! Don’t worry, you don’t look pale and haggard! Just a little tired and under the circumstances I would have looked a lot worse! (I think. :D) And you handled it great!

  10. I loved it, so now I don’t feel so bad getting frazzled with mine. I really enjoyed that you made time to stop, a very valuable lesson for me to learn.

    So glad your husband has a job, but I know how hard it is at home without them. Be blessed

  11. That was so fun! I loved the ” real life” of it! Makes me and my household feel more normal!

  12. Thanks for little glimpse into your lively days. We had one for the record books today. My darling daughter chopped bangs for herself and my baby mastered the belly crawl and ate dog food…twice. (There are 4 little ones here, so you can bet there was plenty more excitment filling in the gaps!) I appreciate how transparent you are on your blog, especially on days like today. I thank the Lord for your example. I’m so glad we can glorify God even on the wild days.

  13. That was so fun to watch! I’m impressed by your home and your calm demeanor. What great budding artists you have there!

    (and I can vouch for Joy, she’s amazing! I’m pretty sure she invented the internet and Al Gore stole the idea from her…)

  14. Was that a breeze blowing your hair? How did you arrange for a breeze???

  15. Oh my word, I nearly choked on my lunch! “Did ya hear that ‘HEN’?!” You are crackin’ me up over here. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the Smockity house. :)

  16. I’m sorry – I LAUGHED! I had to giggle at about 3:14. I pray you’ll get a good night’s rest tonight.

  17. You look beautiful. Exhaustion and many trips to town becomes you. :)

    And for those who thought that was chaos? Nope. That’s normal. :) Just everyday life. :) You handle it well, Connie!

  18. Loving all of these! I think each one is uniquely precious! Keep doing them please! We don’t mind the “extra” touches! :)

  19. Thank you so much … I laughed until I snorted and thankfully I was alone so nobody made fun of me :). Now back to my own chaos!

  20. Oh, this is SOOO my life. :) Thanks for sharing and making me feel “normal”, but then again, what really is normal I ask? :) I hope the books turn out well for the girls. What a great idea. Love your videos Connie! God bless you guys.


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