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Company’s Coming!

I have been reading Jaynee's blog for over 4 years. (That's 28 in blog years!)

When I was in labor for 15 hours with our 7th baby, I felt incredible peace and strength. After I got home from the hospital, I found out that Jaynee had been praying for me!

I have often thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to actually meet Jaynee one day and hug her neck and talk her ear off?"

Well, guess what???

The 14 Lockwoods are coming to stay at Smockity Central for a few days!

We are about to throw down on all kinds of fun around here!

I can't give you the dates of their visit just yet, because if the paparazzi found out about this, they would be all over us like white on rice. Don't worry, though. I'll post plenty of pictures of the wall to wall kids and I'll fill you in on what Jaynee tells me it is like to travel with 12 kids in a van from Mexico.

Is there anything you would like me to ask Jaynee? Laundry tips? Bedtime routines? Leave your questions in the comments and I'll bombard her with them!

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  1. I would like to know if you accept outside child help and if so what kind.

  2. Tracye G says:

    How does she find time to recharge her OWN batteries? How does she find time to keep her relationship with her husband solid? What does a typical day look like?

  3. How exciting for you!!!!!

    As a mother with 9 children myself, I would like to hear advice on how to streamline and simplify the household in order to help it all run better.

    Thank you! :-)


  4. Favorite recipes! Breakfast routines. Morning routines in general.

  5. How exciting!!! I’ve followed her blog for a few years too, she’s such an encouragement! I’m just slightly envious that you get to meet her….. :O)

    (apparently the 2nd Laura of your readers with 9 kiddos)

  6. Have fun! I love company. Can’t wait to see all the pictures.

  7. What does her grocery bill look like, and what does she do to keep it down? We are only a family of 5 and we struggle to keep that part of our budget in check even though we bake our own everything, and buy in bulk! Also, what does her kitchen look like? I’m envisioning a 6ft skillet for scrambled eggs.

  8. Erika Bowers says:

    I am so thrilled that this family gets to visit you. I love her blog and her transparency. It is such a blessing that you will be able to fellowship with them.

  9. I love reading Jaynee’s blog. She is such a wonderful woman. I would like to know how she keeps all of her children smiling so much of the time. Is it in the genes or what?

  10. No questions, but just to say… Have a wonderful time together
    Anne x

  11. recipes, encouraging sibling relationships, feeling overwhelmed, how does she find time to write

  12. YAY, I’ve been following the blog almost as long as you have. Can’t wait to see combined pictures 😀

  13. Heather says:

    Oh, what a wonderful opportunity!!!! For BOTH of you! I admire Jaynee very much.

    I’d love to know how she keeps HER HOUSE SO CLEAN! :o)


  14. Connie!!! You are so sweet and brave to take us all in! :) I’m so thankful the Lord has allowed us to be friends and I CAN’T WAIT to see you!

  15. When’s it gonna be my turn to come over and play?

  16. I love the Lockwoods! I wish I could meet them too, they’ve been a huge blessing to us! I’d like to know how easy or difficult it was for her and Pastor Daniel to learn a new language. I speak Spanish and English fluently because I learned them as a child, but I can’t imagine as a grown-up trying to learn to speak a new language. I’m sure they’ve got some great stories!

    I bet you’re so excited! God bless you and your family, and the Lockwoods too!

  17. I am curious about yours and her’s laundry in general. What kind of washer and dryer you use and how you keep laundry in check. I am shopping around for a new washer and dryer for a family of 6. I have an old school washer and dryer that BARELY works and it is time to TOSS IT TO THE CURB and want something that works for my family plus if we decide it is time to add more to our flock so I want to know from the pro’s what to use not from the stores?

  18. I’m so excited for you both!!!! What fun!

  19. I’d love to know what curricula she uses, how she keeps up with everyone during school time, and how she travels with everyone. :)

  20. I love the Lockwood Family! What fun! How about – When are you coming up to Minnesota?