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Ten Tips For Free Summer Fun

We are very interested in free summer fun this year, since we are in the midst of surviving our very first layoff.

Here are ten ways you can have free summer fun, too!

1. Have a picnic.

You've gotta eat anyway. Something about taking your food outside and eating it on a blanket makes it a little more special. Don't you think?

2. Play in the sprinkler.

We set up a make-shift Slip-N-Slide with a sprinkler and two vinyl table cloths. The giggling was absolutely infectious!

3. Plan a scavenger hunt.

Photo credit: Five J's

My awesome friend Joy, from Five J's, wrote up that fun hunt in a jiffy. (Click the "scavenger hunt" link to download the printable pdf!) Here, you can see two of our girls looking for a piece of bark with a mark from an animal on it.

4. Go to the library.

Most libraries have lots of summer activities in the form of reading clubs, craft times, movie days, and more. No need to slack off on the reading just because school is out, right?  Plus, you can can cool off from the summer heat in the air conditioning!

5. Have a stay at home summer camp.

6. Go to the park.

Our town has some awesome parks and even a sandy beach with picnic cabanas. Admittance is free!

7. Have a Wii or game tournament.

Speed Scrabble is fun, and my kids are absolutely addicted to Farkle and Snorta.

8. Paint rocks.

Photo credit: Five J's

During Camp Conniewannahavefun, we successfully kept 7 girls busy and happy for at least an hour when we announced that they were to find smooth, round stones suitable for painting faces on. Each girl carefully chose her stones, and named her creation when she was finished.

9. VBS

Our church is holding VBS next week, and my kids can't wait to attend. Every summer I see signs for multiple VBS's. Another great way to stay out of the heat while still exercising the mind and having a blast!

10. Community Fairs

Check your newspaper for free events. We recently attended a health and safety fair, put on by the hospital, where we enjoyed free hot dogs, face painting, and bounce houses.

Can you think of any other ideas for free summer fun?

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  1. Love free and it is always so much more meaningful too! In addition to the tips above we also use the extra time in the summer to: bike ride, play in the river, do science experiments, the kids and I do crafts with what we have on hand making cards, barretts even end of the year autograph books for school. Its such an open time to try new ideas, new recipes and bond with each other! Have fun this summer!! 6jellybeans@blogspot.com

  2. Running through the sprinkler is classic, and I can’t wait to try the scavenger hunt idea.


  3. Flashlight tag after dark is always fun in the summer too. Check out Family Fun’s website, they always have TONS of activities to do in the summertime that are cheap and fun to do.

  4. Download this FREE Summer of Fun calendar from Unit Studies Amanda Bennett – it is full of free fun activities to do with your kiddos!

  5. Here’s the link to the Free Summer of Fun Calendar:

  6. Mary Mac says:

    my sons preschool teacher used to send home a three month calendar at the end of the school year. Each day had something different and fun. Like hat day, no shoes day, chase a butterfly day, water balloon day, eat breakfast outside day and so on. It might sound too simple for some but when you are three or four years old it really doesn’t take much to entertain them! :) He always had fun with it.

  7. Shannon says:

    Hi Connie. Check out KIDSBOWLFREE.COM. It is nationwide, your kids will get 2 free games of bowling PER DAY all summer. Also Wherenberg Theaters offers free kids movies all summer on Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you don’t have Wherenberg, check your local theater. These plus the sprinkler are favorites in our house.

  8. How about kite flying?
    I’ve posted some more ideas on my blog recently.

  9. Thanks for the great ideas! We have already done several of these, and have plans to do several more! We live in AL, so the sprinkler gets a good workout! :)

  10. What great ideas for free activities. Activities are a lot more fun when they are free!!!

  11. Rave Motion Pictures has free movies all summer, too. On Tuesday and Wednesday every week. You have to check with your local theater to see if they are participating and the schedule.

    I just want to say how much I wish I could give you a big hug and thank you for all these great posts about saving money. My husband recently changed jobs and Free is the way we have to go right now. So, Thanks!

  12. Ok, so I finally got around to completing this list with my 8 year old son. I have it on my blog: http://outsidetheboxmom.com/2011/06/12/100-days-of-summer-survival-guide/


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