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Not My Best Moment

Hey, remember that time when you were a little kid and your daddy was doing some work on the house and there was a neat little hole cut in the drywall in the bathroom, and you thought brightly, "Why, that hole looks about the size of my head!"?

(photo source)

And so in an effort to see what was on the other side of the hole you shoved and grunted and twisted until you finally got your head into the hole with no thought of how you might get your head out of the hole?

And then you realized you couldn't get it out and panicked and screamed and wailed when you had visions of spending the rest of your life in the hole, with your parents feeding you from the other side?

And both your mama and daddy had to work together for what seemed like an eternity to get your noggin out of the hole, all while you were bawlin' and squawlin' with snot running down that ditch under your nose because there was no way you could wipe it?

Oh, wait. That was me.

So, do you have a story of time that wasn't your brightest moment? DO share!

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  1. I actually do. It’s a good one. A head slapper. I’ll save time by linking to it.


    It’s about half-way down that post. It involved a cable spool, a hill, and a real lack of knowledge about physics. :)

  2. LOL. And tbat picture is awesome, too. :) Have any of your kids done something like that yet? With a wall or fence or stair posts? Just wondering :)

  3. Well, there was the time my mom was on the phone and I decided to pretend I was a cow. Our living room carpet had green carpet so I decided that would be my pasture. After a while I had to go potty, but cow’s don’t go potty in the bathroom they go on the ground. So I did….on the living room “pasture.” But then it occured to my bright little mind that cows don’t “go” in just one spot–so I did it again and again and…………my mom was more than a little annoyed. :)

  4. Oh no, that was me, just ask my parents!

  5. The time my mom was teaching me how to make a roux (butter and flour) on the stove and it smelled so good I decided to taste it while it was cooking.

    Yes dunked my finger into a 300 degrees hot oil mixture. Oil sticks at that temperature.

    One of these worst burns I ever got.

    Not my finest moment.

  6. Hmmm…well…when I was five we lived on Okinawa near a sugar cane field with a slaughterhouse on the other side. There was a narrow pathway (about 2 feet) separating them. I had been told repeatedly not to go on this pathway…but, did I listen. Nope. Both my parents had gone to work and I had an Okinawan woman babysitting me. I remember going on the pathway to get some sugarcane and because I wanted to see the animals (pigs). There was an area that was filled with who knows what…the waste from the animals and likely their excrement. I slipped,fell in that nasty stuff and managed to hang on while screaming for help. The babysitter pulled me out…I was covered from the chest down in the nastiest, smelliest stuff. I remember the babysitter hosing me down while chewing me out in Japanese. I understood enough to know she didn’t want me to tell because she would’ve lost her job.I never told because I knew how much trouble I would’ve been in.

  7. I want to know how they got that horse out!

  8. Well, there was the time when I had first learned to drive and was pulling the car into the garage. I was 16. I slooooowly pulled the car in and prepared to hit the brake. Instead, I hit the gas, hard! I hit the wall between the garage and the laundry room. My mother came running, screamed, “My HOUSE!” then ran to her bedroom and shut the door. The wall was BENT.