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Free Reading Games For Kids

Since it is SUPER hot here in Texas, my kids are spending a lot of time out of the hot sun. They have been busy reading, drawing, playing on the Wii, and playing computer games.

That's why I think they will love these FREE reading games. I have 3 girls who are just the age to enjoy these.

If you have beginning or early readers, give it a try!

*I receive compensation per each sign up.

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  1. What age group would this be best for? I have a 7 ( almost 8 ) yr , 5 ( almost 6 ) yr, 4 yr, and a 1 yr.

  2. I just signed up my 7 year old…maybe with your earnings you can treat yourself at Sonic Happy Hour 😉 BTW, this is my first comment, been a lurker since the 4 moms series started…and I live in San Angelo.

  3. Hi from Cibolo (north of San Antonio)!

    Just signed up my 3 YO grandson. Fun games!

  4. Oh golly, Connie. I just told the kids no more computer for the rest of summer break. And now you go and spring this on me. Okay, I’m gonna check it out, I am. Maybe for the 4 yr old boy and the 6 yr old girl once school starts back? Gee thanks!! No, really!!

  5. Just signed up. Think the 4 yo will enjoy it!

  6. There’s a free reading program online called Starfall. My daughter loves it and my son did too when he was learning to read. We love the ABC’s section for the younger kiddos. Find it at starfall.com – Enjoy!