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Firefly Activities For Kids

Is there anything that says "summer" more than catching fireflies in a pickle jar?

We have an abundance of them where we live because fireflies like warm, humid areas with plenty of trees. Here are some ways you can have some firefly fun of your own:

  • Get an empty, clean pickle jar and poke holes in the lid.
  • Put a little grass and a few drops of water in the jar.
  •  Wait until dusk and hunt for fireflies in a damp area with plenty of trees.
  • Carefully catch the fireflies and put them in the jar.
  • After you've had your firefly fun, be sure to release them so they can make more fireflies!

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  1. Sadly, there are no fireflies in California. The first time I saw a firefly I was 19. In El Salvador. Wanna know something? I was kind of surprised they were real!

  2. We have no fireflies in Florida either. :( But my kids have a blast trying to catch them when we visit grandparents in Maryland!

  3. Fireflies are so much fun. My kids love to see them in Kentucky when we visit family. I don’t see them here in Poland.

  4. Is there anything that says “summer” more than catching fireflies in a pickle jar?

    Nope. 😉

  5. Oh, the video is so sweet! I loved hearing your daughter say flireflies… So sweet. We don’t have Fireflies in Oregon either. Bet it’s fun!

  6. I have missed fireflies here in Utah. We are moving South again and this is one thing I am looking forward to again.

  7. Kimberly says:

    THIS IS AWESOME! We don’t have fireflies in California. I so want to see these in person. Thank you for sharing this miracle.

  8. How sweet is that!!! I remember catching fireflies when I was little…they’re so magical.

  9. We have loads of fireflies (or lightnin’ bugs as we call them in the South) here in Georgia. Watched them playing all over the backyard last night. One of the great pleasures of summer.

  10. Love the video! So soothing and nostalgic. :)
    And my boys looked over my shoulder and saw the links. Looks like I better get busy. 😉

  11. My first experience with real fire flies was when I was 13 years old. Until then I thought they only existed on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney Land. I was thrilled to move to an area where they are, so my children had the joy of playing with them. They give light shows every night in front of our windows so we make sure to turn all the lights out & enjoy their show.


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