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Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make {plus FREE Father’s Day Card}

Are you looking for Father's Day gifts kids can make? Here are a few I have found for you:

Now, don't miss out on a FREE customizable Father's Day card from Tiny Prints, delivered free! You can design your own card, and even add photos for FREE! It will be mailed to the recipient without any charge. Use the code FREEFD at checkout. Offer ends June 13th.  

(I make $5 for each one that is ordered! It's a win/win!)

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  1. Done! You do have to have your credit card handy for paying the postage but that is all. thanks! :)

  2. You make $5 for us ordering the tiny prints cards? Just want to clarify, so I can make sure I use your link if that is the case…. every little bit helps.

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Andrea, YES! I make $5 for everyone who uses my link to send a card! Thank you!

  3. Some great ideas, thanks again!!!

  4. Ordered one for grandpa. Perfect, thanks!

  5. This was a fantastic idea! The kids and I ordered a card for Dad to show up as a surprise at his office this week. Our family wishes you well through these hard times. Take care!

  6. Must have expired on the 12th cause it will not let me order.