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Do you ever browse through the pictures on your camera card and come upon some photos that you have NO idea how they got there or who took them?

That happens around here about once a week.

That's why when I found this photo of one of the kids INSIDE the dryer, I was all, "Huh. Well, I'll be. The kids have been playing in the dryer again."

I did find it very clever that they had the creativity and the group planning skills to turn the camera upside down to get the look of the dryer spinning around. (You'll notice the girl's hair in this photo gives away the fact that she wasn't really upside down.)

And after I thought that, I announced, "No more kids in the dryer! I'm serious this time!" (Do normal parents make such statements?)

I often find blurry close ups of fingernails and toes and eyeballs on my camera card. And clouds. LOTS of clouds. One time I found a photo of a dung beetle pushing a piece of, well.. you know, across the street with his hind legs.

Oh, alright! I admit to taking that one myself, but it's not every day you come across something like that! I had to document it!

Huh. Well, I'll be. Maybe they get it from me.

What is the strangest thing you have ever found on your camera card?

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  1. Ohlookaduck says:

    My camera broke. So sad, and for no apparent reason. The last thing on it was a video taken by my youngest son–jumping off the mailbox and crashing onto the pavement below. Busted!

  2. Funny post especially since my 7 year old has just figured out (on his own) how to use my phone camera. I never know what I am going to find on it:). This new habit of his is driving my hubs crazy (he is worried my son will break the phone and I am order to keep it under lock down) Kids they keep life interesting, don’t they.

  3. Melanie York says:

    This is totally unrelated to this particular post, but I couldnt find a way to comment on your real time updates with the layoff. I just wanted to let you see this story on Wal-Mart and their 3 month special to lower gas prices by 10 cents each time you use a WalMart gift card to purchase fuel at a Murphys or Wal-Mart store. I don’t comment a lot but I do follow your blog and never miss a 4 Moms link up post. Your blog has been a great blessing in my life, and has made me begin to work toward being home with my kids. Thank you, you are in our prayers. God bless!


  4. Cute picture! They are very creative!


  5. I love how the 4 families with lots of kids are linking together…it’s a blast to all pull together. I just found all this fun today…and i haven’t quit smiling since!
    I’m the third of 12 and I love love love BIG families!
    We have 40 grandkids…and I think we will reach 90 when all the young ones are done having kiddos!

  6. I find all kinds of strange pictures, but the weirdest discovery was a close up shot of a piece of cheese, with a face carved in it.

  7. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1103520831416&set=a.1103504631011.17050.1328583087&type=1

    Not sure if the link will work, but my Boy Scout boys took their camping styrofoam pad and rubbed it on their sisters’s hair… homemade Vandergraaf machine…? I didn’t ‘find’ the picture, the kids were excited to share with me, but decidedly strange :) and fun.

  8. I have found many, but my two personal favourites were as follows:

    Not one, but about 6 3-second video clips on my phone of my toddler son’s feet as he walked around the house carrying my phone and intermittently pressing the record button.

    And a picture on my camera of my brother’s friend picking his nose. May I add, taken by said brother, NOT by kids!

  9. we get lots of tongues on our memory card. go figure…

  10. My 3 year old son has his own little camera and takes random photos of things. Some photos turn out amazing. Some are blow ups of my behind. Not so artsy…

  11. Mary Mac says:

    not too terribly funny but when my twins were 4, one of them took a disposible camera outside and took several pictures of our dogs in their kennel from different angles. And then he took some pics of himself as well. We didn’t know until we picked up the prints. The funny thing about that is his (much) older brother has always been in the habit of picking up cameras and taking a picture of himself too. That would be any camera he sees at anyones home. Kind of goofy I know and probably not too original but we get a kick out of them all!

  12. I always find pictures of my 9 and 11yo making crazy faces on my phone. It helps that the camera is often pointed straight up their noses.