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Have you heard of "tweens"? I had to fill my husband in on this term when he whispered to me covertly this morning, as if he was about to learn something scandalous, "What's a 'tween'?!"

A "tween" is a human being between the ages of 8 and 12. They are termed "tweens" because they are between a small child and a teen.

Well, I say they are human, but sometimes they act like aliens. Or maybe that's just in our family.

Let's just say that with 7 daughters in the house, we go through a lot of drama.

And toiletries. Lotsssss of toiletries.

The trick to dealing with tweens, or any human for that matter, is to not let onto to them that you think they are acting like aliens. Just play it like there is nothing at all unusual about crying when your "bangs look all wack".

Listen to their anxieties. Calm their fears. Assure them that you went through something similar and you survived!

One of my tweens may have fretted recently about sometimes forgetting to put on deodorant, since it is a new routine for her, and I may have shared with her that sometimes crazy grown adult women with eight children and a passion for Vanilla Dr. Peppers from Sonic forget to put on deodorant themselves and experience The Near Stinksaster of Aught Nine.

Or so I've heard.

How do you keep the lines of communication open with your tweens and teens?

Check out this video where Rosiland Wiseman author of Queen Bees and Wannabees shares her expertise about the tricky tween years. (If you are reading this in your feed, be sure to click over to my blog to see the video.)

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  1. Thanks for the ebook! Just in time, too! I got a new e-reader for my birthday. BY the way. I know I don’t usually comment but I do love your blog!

  2. Sweat, such and important topic to have with your tween. When my son was small he sweated alot playing, running around and during sports. Not a big deal because he was wet but did not stink. Around 11 or 12 the stink started and we sat down with him and talked about deordorant and wipes and Neosporin. Deodorant was for everyday use. He kept it at home and his school locker. He also kept wipes in his locker since showers were not available in middle school. For the times that deodorant doesn’t seem to work even with a shower and deodorant application, there is Neosporin. The smell comes from bacteria in the arm pit, so apply Neosporin (triple antibacterial) kills the bacteria and you are back to normal. Worked everytime, for him, his dad and myself. Neosporin is not for everyday use.

  3. Oh my, this makes me laugh. I know I was once that age, but I am scared of having children that age. Thankfully, I still have some time, but I always tell my husband I’ll send the children that age to him! :)

  4. Wow! I didn’t realize that “tween”age starts at 8. Yikes!!!! Never would’ve thought of Neosporin to clear up nasty stink germs. My 8-year-old is currently using a natural deodorant by Tom’s, he also uses Arm and Hammer. The little puppy smell gets old REAL quick.

  5. I have a teen, a tween, and a rowdy 7 year old. H-E-L-P M-E! How do you manage eight? LOL!

    By the way, black olives are best eaten from fingertips. Always!

  6. As a parent of one tween there is surely a distinction between a child and teen. This is an ackward age in that they are really seeking more independence on one hand yet can’t handle the independence on the other.