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How to Lose Baby Weight

This week The 4 Moms of 35 kids are discussing how to lose baby weight. If you just noticed that last number, that means we have had plenty of practice with this particular topic.

Be sure to check out the rest of my team to see how they manage to do it!

As for me, each time I have a baby I gain somewhere close to 50 pounds, and on a 5'1" frame, that is not pretty. In fact, it is downright portly. Imagine a potato with feet and you've got a pretty good picture.

That weight does NOT just fall right off for me after I give birth like it does for those hateful, skinny pregnant ladies, even though I have nursed all my babies.

I have heard that nursing is the magic bullet for some when it comes to losing baby weight, but not for me. The nursing seems to make it more difficult for me because I am always so hungry. Because of this, I have to make a concentrated effort to not eat as much as I would like to.

One time of day it is a little easier for me to remember this is between dinner and bedtime. If I am hungry after dinner, I try my best not to eat anything at all. I tell myself that I will be asleep in a little while and I'll never know that I am hungry, but my body will be hard at work burning up those 50 pounds of fat stores.

This is not to say that I starve myself. I don't.

I pay careful attention to how my baby reacts when I nurse, and if there is repeatedly a pattern of  fussing after very short nursing periods, I know that my milk supply is low and I need to bump up the calorie intake.

I never lose the last 10 pounds or so until I finish nursing the baby at around the one year mark (which will be tomorrow for our littlest bundle).  After I am through nursing, I can excercise more and reduce my calories without worrying about my milk supply, and after a few weeks, I usually lose the rest of my baby weight.

What are your experiences with losing baby weight?

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  1. Um. Just keep packing it all on top of the other?

    LOL. After 9 pregnancies (2 ending in miscarriages and 1 stillbirth), I am now about 30 pounds heavier than I was the first time I got pregnant. I do lose a lot from nursing alone; but my biggest gain of 40 pounds was with the first pregnancy, and there was no nursing period to help with weight loss (she was stillborn). So… I am pretty much still carrying around that 40 pounds from almost 10 years ago!

    My littlest is 8 months now, and I am starting to focus on weight loss. I, too, try to keep tabs on my milk supply as evidenced by a fussy baby; and I up the calories when needed. I am especially now trying to move more and get some exercise now that my energy is up a bit. With all the back-to-back pregnancies, I’ve dealt with low hemoglobin, which pretty much equals low energy. We aren’t planning on getting pregnant again, so hopefully my body can fully recover from the past decade of constant preg/nursing.

  2. I’ve only had four children, so I’m not an expert like you, but for me it seems like focusing on my water intake kills two birds with one stone. When I’m nursing I try to drink 4 quarts of water/day (which seems insane). BUT, when I do that consistently my weight starts sliding down, and my milk supply goes up.

    Maybe it’s not scientific. But I gained 65 pounds with my first two pregnancies, and forty with my last two. I’ve been able to slide down to that last 10 pounds (which I don’t lose ’till after weaning either) within’ 6 months with both of my last two. Yay! – and I don’t have to limit my chocolate!!!!

  3. Here’s my theory on those “10 lbs” – the baby feeders weigh those 10 lbs.! Why else would so many people (including myself) “lose” 10 lbs. so quickly after weaning? And for me, it wasn’t 10 lbs. that made my clothes looser anywhere but *there*. I still have 10-15 lbs. to lose and my baby weaned at 11 mo. and now she’s 14. I need to get crackin’ on getting it off before Baby #2 starts growing. (I gained 50-ish lbs, too. I’m so glad I’m not alone in that dept.! I was sure that “I’m the only one who goes over the suggested 30 lbs. of weight gain, boo-hoo-hoo.”)

  4. I have 10 children. With the first 5, the weight just came off! (Oh, to be young again!) The last five…Not so much. I have begun several pregnancies overweight, but amazingly, the 30 lbs of baby weight has been very easy to lose (my babies have weighed 10 lbs to nearly 12 lbs each at birth, so that helps!). It’s the original weight I’m still battling. One. Pound. At. A. Time.

  5. For some reason the weight just fell right off after I had my last baby, and now its all coming back on! I think it is to do with lack of exercise, and maybe just a little of sitting around on the couch nursing and eating cakes and chocolate, hmmm!

    I’ll just hold out for eh one year mark then!

  6. What does it always seem like the last 10 pounds are the hardest? For me, it was really hard to not have it happen right away. My body shape was different, and I felt like I would be that size forever. Then, around 6 months everything seemed to go back to place (not perfect!) but more like before. I think it just takes time for your body/hips to adjust back to not being pregnant. Once my hips went down, I could wear my old jeans!! :)

  7. I am still working on loosing with weight. I have struggled so hard. Before I got pregnant with my last 2 I had lost 60lbs. That must have been my magic. My last 2 are 10 months apart. So I never lost the weight from #3 before I got pregnant with #4. And it almost seams like I am so busy with 4 kids that I don’t take the time to do any weight loss for me now.
    I know I should. I want. I need to. I just don’t know how to…I struggle so much with finding the time without neglecting my family and their needs. That fine balance…

  8. Right there with ya! I gained 52 pounds with my now-three year old, 35 with my one year old and am on track to gain about that or slightly more with this one (am at 24 weeks now and was on track weight-wise until 22 weeks, then, not so much!). I don’t lose much after the baby is born beyond the water and the actual weight of the baby until I wean or am close to weaning, and then the weight starts coming off, but with a lot of hard hard work.

    I’m reading Bethenny Frankel’s book about weight management right now and have found it quite helpful, whatever you think about her personally (I didn’t know anything about her before I read the book). I’ve tried a lot of different weight loss programs and always lost a little, gained a bit, and then gave up, and Frankel’s approach is different and I could see it possibly working for me. We’ll see!

  9. Kimmomof8 says:

    I am a mom of 8. Out of that group, 6 are grown, and suppose to be living on their own. Some are like boom-a-rangs and come back, with their group. The other 2 are teens. After the first 6, the last born just before my 30th birthday, I only weighed 123 lbs when released from hospital. I was always skinny, could eat what I wanted and never got heavy. I only gained anywhere from 23 to 32 with any of the 8 pregnancies. After we moved when baby 6 was 2 months old, from town to country, I didn’t walk anywhere anymore, cause I HAD to drive to everywhere. I put on 10 lbs a year, than had 2 more babies, lost down to what I did pre-pregnancy weigh. But, still put on 10 lb a year. It’s not pretty. Hard to lose with family around needing you all the time, and you drive everyone everywhere. Well, my oldest will soon be moving out (she’s 34), and taking her 3 children. My 16yr old has her license now, and her and the 14 yr old do not have to have me here 24 7 any more. NOW I have to do something with over 100 lbs to lose…and I WILL. Do not let yourself get to the age I am (53) with this much weight. MAKE the hubby’s help at home so you can do something for yourself. Not everyone will get this way, I never ever thought I would, and I did. Love your grandkids, but don’t take over the care, cause you will need to care for yourself for a change.

  10. You’re supposed to lose the baby weight? Really?


    I’m just kidding, of course. I actually weigh less now than I did before I conceived Ariary, who is 13 weeks old today, but I weigh more than I did when I got pregnant with my first child, Lira. I keep thinking that this is a season and maybe one day I will have time to exercise and get back to my wedding weight.

  11. I have struggled with my weight my whole life (I was about 50 lbs overweight when I started having children) and pregnancy has only made it worse. I was almost 28 when I had my first child who is now just over 3 and since then I have had two more, our most recent baby is now 8 months. As it stands right now, I still have about 20 lbs of baby weight to lose and I’m not sure I’m going to make it before baby #4 is on the way. We’ll just have to see. I kept hoping that there was some kind of hormone imbalance that was causing my inability to lose weight but so far, I still can’t get rid of it. My biggest fear is that I won’t be able to take care of my little ones as I should if I can’t get rid of some of this weight. Until I can find something better, I’ll just have to keep drinking water and trying to keep my food intake to where I can still make milk but no more. 😀

  12. I just bought the book “Love in a Diet” by Wendi Jeub. I really like the book, she is very realistic and it is a simple book to understand. I think they have it on sale on their website for $5 right now. Wendi has just had child number 16 and is slimmer and healthier now than she was at #5 child.

  13. Heather Mason says:

    Happy birthday Peyton! Good heavens- a year old already!

  14. You have amazing will-power! At six months post-partum, I officially weigh what I did FULL TERM with her! Yiiiii! The only other time I had such a voracious appetite was when I was pumping milk for the twins. But this time, it’s just one. And yet I feel like I’m starving as I watch the numbers climbing. You’re my inspiration. Seriously. I’m going to try the “no eating between dinner and bedtime” thing. I can at least try that. 😉

    And though I sometimes feel like she could be our last, the thought of getting pregnant at this weight is horrifying.

    I like the person’s tip about drinking 4 qts of water. Good idea. I’ll add that one too.

  15. P.S. Happy Birthday Baby Peyton!

  16. I’ve gained AT LEAST 40 pounds with each of my kids, with my first I gained 65 (and I’m 5’5″ and had started out at 95 lbs!). With the first 5 the weight came right off (except for that last 5-10, which came off as soon as I was done nursing). With my sixth it just did not come off as fast, and then just three weeks after that last nursing session I found out we were expecting #7! I hope I can manage to lose it faster this time, but I’m afraid I’m just getting older and the weight just will not be coming off as easily. :(

  17. Yeah, I wish I had a magical pill, but 8 pregnancies added up to about 35 extra pounds for me. I gained the largest amount of weight with my first pregnancy, about 50 lbs., and didn’t lose it all. I didn’t gain as much with the other pregnancies, about 25 lbs., but only lost down to my #1 post-pregnancy weight. Some of it is medical; I have hypothyroidism. Some of it is lifestyle; I can’t work out an hour every day like I did in my 20s…can’t imagine what else I’m doing. I do good to get 30 minutes in three or four times a week. That’s just not enough past 40. I’ve accepted some extra weight but am determined to pick up the pace to lose what I can. I started taking everyone on a 20 minute walk twice a week. Then, I do at least one 30 minute walk a week with an older child who can keep up. The exercise helps me feel better, even if I never lose another pound.

  18. following over from raising olives—

    LOVE your post. i very much so relate…i’m finishing up nursing my third son now. had them all back to back and have had the same experience you have.

    thank you for not being one of those dreadful people! ha ha

  19. Connie, you and I do the exact same thing!!!! My baby is three weeks away from his first birthday, and I have between five and ten pounds to go. Funny how that works. :)

  20. Ugh. I tend to gain too much during my pregnancies too, probably because I find that frequent snacking helps with the vomiting and 9 month old nausea a little.

    I have always been able to lose the weight after, but I sure wish my belly was tighter!

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