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How to Get a Job After Being Laid Off

I have no idea because it isn't happening for us yet.

A friend recently commented that it isn't really a matter of going out to get a job, it is a matter of someone offering a job.  I don't know if you've noticed, but you can't just walk into Walmart and start stocking shelves. There first has to be an agreement that, yes, you may work here.

And so far that agreement hasn't been made.

So we wait.

In the meantime, here are the things Mr. Smockity has done to increase his odds of being offered a job:

  • Applied at a nuclear power plant in our area
  • Applied at an energy plant in our area
  • Applied at Tractor Supply
  • Applied at Home Depot
  • Applied at a local parts manufacturer
  • Contacted the newspaper delivery office
  • Spread the word at church that he is willing to do any work
  • Gotten his commercial drivers permit
  • Practiced driving a commercial truck

We are figuring the commercial driver's license will make him more marketable if a job opens up that requires that.

He does have a degree in education, but teachers in our state are being laid off, due to cutbacks, so that leaves little hope there.

And so we wait.

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  1. Oh, I do keep praying for you…
    I think getting the driver license is probably one of the best things he could have done….not that I’m an expert, but it’s what my hubby would do first kick-off…

  2. Sounds like he is doing everything within his power. Now it’s time to just turn it over and pray and hear from the Lord. My Bible study this morning took me to Isaiah, where he said the word of the Lord will not return void. I’m believing the Lord for something big as well.

  3. Your family continues to be in my prayers.

  4. Love ya. Praying.

  5. I am sorry your husband is having a hard time finding a job. My husband used to deliver packages. Like ups or fed exam but more of a private company for staples. He did drive truck but not one that he needed a licence. But get did make good money. Now he works for verisimilitude wireless and loves it. He starter out as a salesman and moved up from there. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Thanks for your blog.

  6. I listen to Dave Ramsey on the internet/radio often. He recommends those looking for a job to read this book, 48 Days to the Work You Love, by Dan Miller.

    I just wondered if your husband has read this book, yet? Praying for your family.

  7. Patricia says:

    It must be incredibly difficult to find work in this economy. When I was out of work, I went to an employment agency and worked as a temp at many different companies. The jobs were from 1 day to several weeks. One company loved my work and ended up hiring me full time! Overall, it ended up being a great experience. I wish your family the best.

  8. Waiting is the hardest part, isn’t it? Hang in there!

    We’ve been waiting for 6 months and still going… I never truly understood how it could be so hard for someone to find a job until now. Praying!

  9. Before my husband and I were married and he was looking for a job, an experienced networker suggested that he call everyone he knows. Instead of asking, “Do you have a job for me?” he was supposed to ask, “Do you know anyone that I could contact about a job possibility?” Then you call all those people and ask the same question. Your contact base expands exponentially, it takes some of the awkwardness away, and you’re still letting people know you’re job-hunting. Just a suggestion that worked for us! Praying for you :)

    • Exactly what I was going to say.Network. Go to http://www.meetup.com/ find groups that would possibly connect your husband to people that would be a good fit for his skills. There are a lot of active organizations and it will help stave off the idle depression. What else has he done? volunteer for? My husband was a computer developer. Then farmhand. Then pet food extruder. Now 6 years after the disaster, construction. So it may be something that seems like something out of left field. But it may get you to where you are going.

  10. I have been praying for you. I had friends that were laid off for 18 months. It was hard. I honestly think the hardest thing is the waiting game and humbling yourself and trusting that GOD will put you were you need to be. Praying that GOD will lead your family to the right place.

  11. Y’know…I saw the title for this post, and was all ready to whoop, “HE GOT ONE!”

    Ya had me going there a minute…


    Praying for you guys!

  12. Kathryn says:

    Has he considered subbing? Teacher layoffs should effect subs as much (i.e., the teachers that aren’t laid off will still get sick and have family emergencies and meetings and workshops). Plus, most people looking to hire subs (not sure if in your area they work directly for the school district or for a private company) would jump at the chance to hire someone with an education degree.

  13. Kathryn says:

    …and by “should effect” I meant “shouldN’T AFFECT” of course :)

  14. I’m sorry you’re still waiting for a job. Praying for you and for your family. You mentioned teachers are being laid off in your state, but has your husband considered teaching at a Community College? I believe they require their instructors have Bachelor’s Degrees only (perhaps a teaching certificate as well), and locally, they don’t seem to have been hit as hard as public schools.

    Also, has he considered looking for a degreed position outside of education? My husband has a degree in Ag Development, but he works as a physician recruiter. It’s a fantastic, seemingly recession-proof job and it has nothing to do with the field he was trained in. I know his company takes people with all kinds of degrees provided they have the gusto to do the job.

  15. You all are doing the right things…continue to think outside the box, be available, stay resourceful and continue to speak the truth of the Lord, that He will provide, and we will trust…and that there is growth that will come from this ‘season’! Thank you that you continue to ‘be available’ through this blog and your church and community etc…you are not alone in this. I love all of the ideas that others can toss out from their own experiences and thank you for allowing others to bless you during this time…it grows all of us in Gratitude to God and how He is our provider…thank you for the gratitude that you display in your live ‘layoff updates’! I continue to look forward to what God is doing!

  16. It’s very inspiring to read your posts about this whole subject–when my husband was laid off 18 months ago, we’d been married for 7 months (we’re 25), and I searched desperately, high and low, for the sort of guidance and empathic suggestions found here. There were no resources that were this in depth about supporting a husband/family emotionally (not just financially) during a period of unemployment. He found work, and I pray God will provide for you and yours soon.

    My husband (going for his teaching degree) got this suggestion at an employment center, that I hope may help your husband increase his chances of being offered a job. Apparently, a lot of correctional facilities (especially for youth) employ teachers, and a man would be particularly desirable for such a position. The employment center worker also suggested that a background with religious experience could be an appealing aspect for a recruiter as well. Don’t know if this will help, but I hope so!

  17. Praying for your family. I placed an order through your amazon referral link. Is there any other ways like that we can help through your website? I don’t know how these blogs work in generating a little income.

  18. I am sorry the offers haven’t come in more quickly. I understand the fears and frustrations. My husband has been out of work since January and the offers are not coming. The Smockity family is in our prayers.

  19. We are just now on the other side of this , for us it was 9 months before hubby found another job and that job was 1,200 miles away.

  20. I’m sorry. I am also impressed with your blog posts through this trial.

    tutoring? Online classes in his field of education? Golf lessons for P.E. for a homeschool group?
    Bartering his skills and services for things you need, whether that’s groceries, toothpaste, or a repair job on the mower. Make soap, baskets, whistles, or ? and sell it at the local farmer’s market?

  21. Crystal says:

    Hubby might try substitute teaching until the perfect job comes along….I teach 1st grade and we always need subs. Just a thought.

  22. Well if he’s not turned 42 yet, and in pretty good shape, he could always join the military :) come on over and join the dark side!!! It’s a fun-filled adventure complete with travel and free health care! Plus, we need more homeschoolers on our bases! There’s hardly any! My hubby is Navy so don’t worry, no sand-box trips for him. Most he’ll see is from a ship, looking through a pair of binoculars at the coast, waaaay off in the distance.

  23. I’m sorry- my husband is job-hunting too having just finished culinary school.
    If he has an education degree he could tutor- there are private tutoring companies that hire people as independent contractors for 1:1 sessions. Someone who can tutor high school subjects (esp. math and science) is especially good.

  24. education- could he tutor for the summer? Advertise for some one-0n-one tutoring… might be surprised the interest!

  25. My husband has been coping with unemployment as well. He’s managed to make some money over the last several months working as a substitute teacher. While our local schools have been laying off teachers as well, few of their subs are willing to work with special ed students. Moreover, the district administration made the not-so-brilliant decision to lay off their detention hall teacher in the high school, so they frequently need a sub for that. It’s irregular work, but it might be something to look into.

    If nothing else, special ed classrooms often need 1-to-1 aides for their students, and a background in education would make that kind of job much easier to swing.

    You are all in my prayers.

  26. Connie I know this is of no comfort now. But, God will allow you to comfort others. He will show Himself to you and others through this difficulty. And really I think He is trying to get us all to a deeper level of knowing Him. Our society is so shallow and self focused. When you get through this you will about want to sell all you have to help those in great need. Kind of a pay back for all those who will help you in this time.

    P.s. It’s o.k to get mad at God when He doesn’t seem to be pulling through. He’ll understand. If He doesn’t I’m in big trouble.

  27. Several of the thoughts that I had have already been mentioned.
    When my husband was made redundant (as we say in the UK) two years ago now, there was no salaried post available, in his field, and in fact, there have been very few advertised over that time. He has become self employed -really as the only option. It has been hard work and particularly at first, not well paid but we have always had enough.
    Just wondered about tuition, on-line tuition, home school/school curriculum writing/selling. It is worth working on contacts even keeping in contact with people at his previous place of employment.


  28. We live in Maryland and my husband makes about $100 substitute-teaching each day (without a teaching license). He also has his life-guarding, CPR certification, and WSI (Water Safety Instructor) certification so he can make about the same money life-guarding and teaching swimming lessons during the summer months.

    If your husband has teaching certification, maybe he could substitute or take the life-guarding classes (which are fairly common and fit all different schedules) to work at a pool until he can find a job? This is what we are doing until my husband can find a full-time job in youth work, hopefully for this upcoming fall. :)

  29. My sister just graduated from college, and she advertised her abilities on Craigslist (lawn work, babysitting, teaching, life-guarding, etc). A few days ago she was paid $100 to lifeguard at a fundraiser pool party for 3 hours. So maybe he could advertise his skills on Craigslist? (It needn’t be repeated, but of course you need to be discerning in what jobs you accept and stay away from shady deals.)

  30. You are in our thoughts and prayers even though I don’t know you!! When I was teaching youth about careers, I always asked them to list 20 things they love to do or would love to do if they knew how. Then take these ideas and think of jobs that correspond to them. This might be a way for your husband to think of ways he can use the skills he so obviously has in unique ways. Example: Maybe he can use his driving/farming skills with a landscaper? And I agree with the networking suggestions. MOST jobs come from word of mouth (even before the downturn in the economy) so it really does help to just tell everyone you know. Just last week a girl in my knitting group was asking about jobs and I offhandedly said there was a sign on the door of a local business store for a part-time cashier. She went in and when she filled out her application for that job, they discovered her technical skills and now she has been hired to head up a whole department!! So go for it… you never know what God has planned and who he plans to use to get you there.

  31. That’s great that he’s looking in so many areas. When he does get called into an interview, he should make sure to mention all of the work he’s been doing during this period. Even volunteer work can be phrased so that the interviewer knows that he’s a hard worker. My husband is a hiring manager, and while being unemployed does have a stigma, he’ll pass over someone who’s been unemployed for 6 months and just living off unemployment (and probably running up credit card debt) in favor of someone who’s been unemployed for 18 months and painting houses, repairing computers, and delivering newspapers.

  32. i’m so glad your friend stated that it’s not about getting a job, but being offered one. i’ve been out of work about 3 years and have become a SAHD during this time. i really enjoy serving my family, but people have made negative opinions about my current situation in life. it has been implied that i don’t want a job, that’s why i’m not getting the positions i apply for. i just listen polietly and walk away. i remain strong thanks to my faith in the LORD! i know HE hasn’t abandened me, HE has a plan for me and it will be fullfilled. i wish you and your husband the best in his job search.