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How I Make Baby Food

When people find out I am a homeschooling mom of 8 children, I am often asked, "How on earth do you get it all done?!"

I usually respond that I never fold underwear and that gives me TONS of extra time. If the person I am talking to has a wicked, sarcastic sense of humor like I do, we both have a good laugh. The normal people smile blithely and back away.


Actually, the way I get a lot done is to do things quickly. Slow moving people make me nervous because I know that at any given time the baby will want to nurse, the 3 year old will need to be wiped, a squabble will break out, and all the plates I am spinning will come crashing down.

I'm in a hurry, people!

I do things quickly. That's how I get it done.

Here is how I make and serve baby food in 14 seconds.

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  1. Rebecca P says:

    Me too, and I’m only a mother to 2 ;o) Love your humor, by the way, Connie!

  2. *Gasp!* Babies can EAT food like THAT?! *just kidding* :) I’m impressed with your banana cutting skillz. 😉 Aside from a very few jars of fruits and vegetables (oh, and I bought baby cereal for the first couple months until I realized I could grind up oatmeal and make my own) I’ve made 99% of all of our baby food. People look at me weird, but it is SO easy. LOL, the one time we were unexpectedly out all day and I’d only packed lunch, I ran to the store and bought a jar of chicken and veggies – she would barely eat it. I finally took a taste and about gagged, too.

  3. Slow moving people make me nervous too! And crazy! I actually am in awe of just how slow some of the checkers at Walmart can move. I might move that slow if I were half-asleep but with people in line waiting with their groceries and their children? You would think they might feel the pressure and speed up! But no! Slow and steady. ACK!

    Your baby food was fast—but according to your daughter, not fast enough! :)

  4. lol… you mean there are moms who don’t do it that way?

  5. LOL

  6. My husband is VERY slow, and I think he’s passed that gene down to our son. It makes getting out of the house every morning very hard. They have no sense of urgency whatsoever. It irks me!

  7. hahahaha! I feel the same way about slow people too! People fold underwear? lol

  8. I follow a lot of homemaking blogs, and when I saw the title of your post I thought I was in for another guilt trip. So I am so happy that you don’t have some fancy shmancy way of making baby food!! Let’s be real, people! Moms have to make priorities. I feel like I don’t have real time to spend with my kids when I’m trying to follow all the proper “homemaking” rules. Thanks for the smile this morning! :)

  9. LOL! I only have one child, but he didn’t like baby food, so we just fed him real food cut up small, just like that (He also LOVED thawed frozed non-cooked peas – no cutting!). Also, I was nursing and considered that his primary nutrition source, so wasn’t worried if he didn’t eat much. I was really confused by the other moms’ talk of how many jars of baby food their child ate per day and their worry if they didn’t eat much.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing this! You are awesome!!

  11. Made me laugh so hard. Slow people just irritate me. I would much rather people just move out of the way and let me get to work because I can do my job and their job in the time it takes them to do half their job. But, my southern up-bringing forces me to stand and wait… silently throwing daggers at their backs… with a smile on my face. 😉

  12. You always make me laugh, Connie – that’s right, even though I only have 7 :) I’ve learned moving fast and quickly evaluating the highest priority helps a lot.

    I always think I’d make a great triage nurse on the battlefield (as would any mom w/ lots of kids) – okay, that wound looks fatal, there’s really no point in helping you; you only have a broken ankle, so you can wait awhile; and you have a serious injury that I can help so you’re first in line. It works the same way in our house and we jokingly deal with crisis (real or imagined) in a triage fashion – plus my boys who are military history buffs really think it’s hilarious. :)

  13. I’m about to revolutionise your life…….

    If you give her the banana without slicing you’ll save another 9 seconds. 😉

    • LOL! That totally made me laugh. And it just might work for Connie. But not in my house with little boys. It would get me an 10 minutes of floor and high-chair scrubbing. haha

  14. LOL! I think all Moms of little ones move at a faster pace than others – it could break down at any moment! I just want to point out there are times for the “slow” way. My hubs “slow” mowing the lawn is better than ME mowing the lawn. My son’s “slow” changing sheets is better than ME changing sheets. My daughter’s “slow” cleaning the bathroom is better than ME cleaning the bathroom. But don’t come near my dishwasher. My way of loading is right, and my hubs and kids load it wrong. every. single. time. And they load it too slowly :)

    • ROFL! Ann, you are hilarious! My hubby C-A-N-N-O-T load the dishwasher right. I always end up having to fix it when I can’t get everything else I need in there to fit. LOLOLOL

      • I just had to stop and comment… my husband is the same way! LOL! He claims that the plates and bowls need room to “breath” or they won’t get clean! I keep telling him that highly educated engineers designed our dishwasher, I’m sure they calculated how much space the plate needs. Nope, he insists on loading up EVERY OTHER slot! Ah! I just pack ’em in, and what gets clean is what gets clean! haha!

  15. Hilarious!!!

  16. Connie, I love it! I was just expecting a food processor, LOL. AND I love that your little one still did not think it was fast enough! :) Thanks for the laugh!

  17. I’m just curious, is that all the food she eats at a sitting? I have an almost 9 month old who will eat 2 bananas at a sitting and I can’t imagine just feeding any of my children a half of a bananas.

    Great technique though. I’ll have to watch it a few more times… 😀

    • Smockity Frocks says:


      She will eat more than that, but I just do a little at a time so I won’t waste it if she decides not to eat it.

  18. I hear ya. Thing is, I can not get my peeps to move quickly. They kinda just STAND IN MY WAY!!!! And I can not accomplish anything when people stand in my way. :)

    And yes…that’s how I do baby food too! :)

  19. Do you ever have to set timers for your children? Just asking….’cuz I’m thinking I need to do so….

    How do you keep your kids moving along with you? I know you use modified MOTH….but do they stay on task?

    • Smockity Frocks says:


      Yes! I have used a timer plenty of times!

      It seems to be a constant struggle to keep everyone on task. I guess it’s expected that not everyone sees the same things as urgent that I see as urgent.

      (And am I the only one who turns around and TRIPS on people who are just standing there???)

      • Yes. I do that all of the time! Sometimes when I trip on someone who is standing in the way, I have a toddler literally clinging to my leg. :)

        I know my replies could seem heartless or cruel – I mean, how mean is it that a mother runs into her children! She’s so “busy” that she trips on them. Well, it’s not really like that – I just do have to move fast to get things done. There’s plenty of loving and hugging and “spending” time, too – there’s just a lot to get done in a busy household where people are home all day long.

        It cracks me up when I’m fixing a meal, and the kids come to talk to me, and I end up with several of them just standing in my path from stove to sink to counter. I’m like….”let’s talk, but can you please MOVE out of my path?” Or, during clean up – they’ll stop washing dishes to talk. I say, “Oh, keep talking! But keep working, too!” :)

        • Ohlookaduck says:

          We have a kitchen that has a different colored floor–green vinyl instead of the wood flooring that surrounds it. When we are cooking the saying is “Off the green!” (unless they are helping, of course).
          And in my mind I think of Proverbs 10:26 that says “like vinegar to the teeth and smoke to the eyes is a sluggard to those who send him…” so either speed up or get out of the way–uhh, but with lots of patience and sweetness, you know. :-)

          My six sweeties are mostly grown and they are known as wonderful workers–diligent, hard working and they don’t waste time. God is amazing in transforming and redeeming! (that’s me I’m talking about, not my kids…)

  20. I always say that my A.D.D. is the reason everything gets done!!! People wonder why I’m not on meds for it and I tell them, “Are you kidding me? Nothings would get done around here!” :) Love your blog!!!

  21. I like to keep things clean and organized, but I rarely bother folding my own laundry before I stuff it in the drawer. Out of sight, out of mind! :) Thanks for the laugh!

  22. Thanks for the laugh! My mother in law was just in visiting and commented at how much more “efficient” I was than her. (Talk about a slow mover, bless her heart). And I only have 1 so far (6 months).
    We just give him food from the table (big enough he can handle). We read “baby led weaning” and “real food for babies” and sounded smart to us.

  23. Ohlookaduck says:

    Rats, I forgot I was on the subject of baby food. I’d put mine in a high chair and drop a nectarine or other large stoned fruit and let ’em at it. The stone is too big to swallow (er, right? We aren’t talking plums or even apricots) (yikes) (Well, none of mine choked in all the years I did it) and they’d entertain themselves for ages, munching that fresh fruit. They did kind of need to be hosed off afterwards though. That’s why you get a big floor drain and tile your entire house. (Just joking on the tile and drain.)

    • Ah, wouldn’t it be nice to have a big floor drain and a tiled home? lol

    • Oh! I thought I’d finally found someone who made my dream a reality…the kitchen/dining room concrete floor slightly slanted to the drain in the middle (squeegie ready & can we also install a garbage disposal while we’re at it?)! Know anyone who REALLY has this..unbelievably good idea? Oh, the grannd ideas we moms of little kids have…someone should really do this (in my house!!!). So glad to know I’m not the only one! (:

  24. Cynthia Pitman says:

    that is how I make baby food too.

  25. Here I am, realizing what a *joy* it is to meet another mother who ADMITS that some people just.move.too.slowly. I once read an article describing this as a “fast twitch” vs. “slow twitch” reflex, but whatever it is…I just want a BODY DOUBLE who thinks and moves as fast as I do. Time’s a’wastin!

  26. Hi there! Wish I would’ve had connections like this years ago when I had littles and we were homeschooling. I am positive this isn’t anyone’s intent … but my life changed overnight a few years ago and I went from being in the fast lane to not being able to keep up in the slow lane, and just wanted to toss out the idea that some of these folks may have medical issues that are unseen.

    Sometimes I can tell people are getting frustrated with me, perhaps if they get “stuck” walking behind me at the store, and I just want to turn around and give them a lecture on what it’s like to hear their huffing and their comments when there isn’t a darn thing I can do to try and move faster!

    I never had time to stop and smell the flowers because I was so busy, busy, busy … I have a new-found appreciation for those who’ve figured out that life is too short to spend your time always rev’ing your engine.

    There’s a lot I see now that I never would have noticed in my “other” life and I sometimes wish I could go back and get a do-over now that I’ve learned how to crawl.

    I love your site and have found some great ideas for even us “slowmo” folk. Thanks for taking the time to share!
    I just ask that the next time you’re dealing with a “slowmo” take the extra few minutes to stop and breathe in deeply, be thankful for the time you’ve been given to kiss your baby an extra few times or to send an email on your smart-phone that you’ve been meaning to do but never have time to do it!
    Look around you and really take a notice of things, appreciate life, and see the pause as a blessing instead of a curse.