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Host Your Own Mini Summer Camp

One of my girls was saying the other day that she wished her sweet friend, Joely could come over for a few days to visit like she did a few months ago, and that's when I got the brainy idea that we should invite Joely and her whole family over and have a full on summer camp, complete with races, and beaded craft projects with dangly feathers, and plaster of paris hand prints, and Pop Rocks. (You had Pop Rocks at summer camp, right?)

So I asked Joely's mom about it and she said "wonderful!" and "fun!" and some other adjectives and "What dates are good for you?" and "I'll bring the supplies for the crafts" and "Can I camp out on your couch?" and we worked all that out and then I was like, "Oh, honey... guess what? The funniest thing happened today. I invited a whole family over here for a few days to attend Camp Conniewannahavefun, so they'll be here this summer. Mkay?"

So we are planning to do all manner of leaf rubbings and sack races, and I'm going to be pouring through this Summer Survival Guide before "opening day".

My friend, Jessica has written over 200 pages packed with activities, crafts, book and movie recommendations, games, and snacks that are all organized around thematic units. She has even included printable scavenger hunts, checklists, planning pages, scrapbook pages and calendars.

I'd like to thank Jessica for doing all the brain work for me! I will have plenty of ideas in this ebook to keep 11 kids busy and happy for the duration of our mini summer camp.

What activities do you think would be fun at a mini summer camp?

I am an affiliate for the Summer Survival Guide.

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  1. Fun! I wish I had had that e-book when I was starting out our “cousin camp” several summers ago!

  2. Connie, I am so excited for you! I had the privilege of being home full time for 2 1/2 years with our girls and I loved it! One summer we decided to visit all of the different city parks. We would pack a picnic lunch and go to the park to play. We walked to the ones close by and would drive to the ones farther away. We also “spray” painted brown paper bags that we used for our Christmas wrapping paper that year. My girls who are 17 & 22 still talk about that summer.

  3. When we were kids, my cousins came and stayed with us (two of them, six of us) for a week of fun. One of our favorite activities was painting t-shirts. You can get them cheap, slide a piece of cardboard up the inside, and then wear them for your week of camp! They also make for fun photos!

  4. I did kinda the same thing one year except mine was a Bible School. My sisters and their families could only agree on 1 day per week but we did it all summer. We did everything from songs, Bible lessons, crafts, and even coordinated our lunch around each lesson. For example, one lesson was about how God created us, etc. The kids (and adults) “created” their own mini pizzas by themselves and loved it! We also had fun games like a slip and slide that we constructed ourselves by laying a large piece of plastic on a slight hill with the water hose trickling at the top. Of course, that is pretty messy! We had a great summer and the kids still talk about it. Thanks for bringing back all those memories!

  5. Oh boy, now you have the wheels turning in my head! I can just imagine all the possibilities. I looked at her description on her site. Looks like SO much fun!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I think

    I think it would be fun to make homemade ice cream or homemade popsicles. Also, if you could find a large, sturdy tarp set that up with a sprinkler or hose and a squirt of dishsoap to make your own water slide. Our church does that for VBS every year.

  7. Meg Nunez says:

    Every summer I’ve tried to do at least one week of “camp”, but now the kids are growing up and going off to work at real summer camps. But I have one left at home still, she’s 11 and here’s what I have planned so far:
    hieroglyphics – looked it up on line and printed out the alphabet and she’ll figure out how to do her name. Then we’ll make some concoctions:
    Cloud paint, sidewalk paint, homemade bubbles, fizzle stones, washable window paint, homemade self-hardening clay, flubber, & slime – all of which you can find recipes for on the internet. Fun stuff!

  8. We don’t get to go every summer but when we do I try to line up some crafty things to do with my kids and the cousins. Key chains with braided plastic thread and beads, painted picture frames, bird houses, wood cars,sewing felt change purses(the leather ones where out of my price range, painting rock pets. beaded bracelets and necklaces.


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