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Face Painting Fun

Our sweet friend, Abby, told us about a fun time in our town, where we could get our faces painted, enjoy bounce houses, sit inside a real helicopter, and have free hot dogs.

Did you find any free fun this weekend?

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  1. Absolutely love the painted faces!

  2. The lady who did the face painting is an amazing artist! The free fun that we found this weekend includes the library on Saturday and church on Sunday. After weeks of ripping and running, I must say that I enjoyed not doing much at all.

  3. That’s amazing painting! And for free!! Wow!
    We had a busy, busy, busy day on Saturday – especially because we had some of our wee fella’s friends over – they went 10-pin bowling – a long-awaited, belated birthday present; and we had all our usual Saturday goings on.
    Praise God for a day of rest :)

  4. Those face painting are amazing.. How fun…
    We had our daughters dance recital. It was so nice to finally see all of her hard work paid off. I love watching all of the girls dance. Especially all the little ones out there dancing. SO CUTE.
    We then spent the GLORIOUS day yesterday out in the yard doing garden much needed yard work planting the garden. AHH..More still to do but at least it is a start.

  5. Brad and I took the kids out in the double stroller to the newly-improved “Trolley Trail” through the middle of town. The Lion’s Club had organized an “Art Revealed Along The Trail” Festival, ending at the Memorial Park. It was nice to walk and talk with the vendors, and Brad and Naomi threw rocks in the stream with other children. It was great to be out in the sunshine!

  6. Cool face painting designs! The kids really had a great time by looking at these photos. Thanks for sharing!


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