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How to Get Free Furniture

I have recently posted on my Facebook fan page about the free ugly dresser I scored.

Did you know that you, too, can score free ugly furniture? It's easy!

  • Sign up at Freecycle.
  • Choose the city nearest.
  • Choose the email option so you will get email alerts when something in your area is offered.

People are always getting rid of all kinds of furniture, pets, clothes, appliances, and tons of other stuff. You can also donate items if you have things you don't need and would like to be able to give away.

Anyway, my free ugly dresser is now in the midst of a transformation that I can't wait to show you! It involves drybrushing and Mod Podge and ripping pages out of a book!

I'll be posting a tutorial just as soon as I find my camera's battery charger. I may be forced to clean my bedroom to get that accomplished, so you know this is serious.

Am I the only one who shuffles all the baskets of clean unfolded laundry, unfinished projects, and other stuff into the master bedroom when company is coming?

And then shuts the door and desperately hopes that there is no hostage situation where a crazed gunman breaks in and herds everyone into my bedroom and holds us there until a SWAT team breaks down the wall and the whole thing is filmed on the six o'clock news so that the whole world knows how messy my bedroom is?

No? Huh. Must just be me.

Maybe I ought to go on in there and clean it up. You never know what I'll find.

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  1. LOL! Yes, all the junk goes into the master BR! And small stuff gets jammed into cabinets and closets…or any room with a door that locks 😉

    This is a great tip about Freecycle. Will have to check it out!

  2. Sounds like my bedroom! I totally get the hostage thing!

  3. TeeHee. Yes, me too. And if there are piles on the countertop they all get shoved into a laundry basket and shoved in there too. So happy to hear I am not the only one!

  4. No, you are not the only one who does that….

  5. At our house, we even have a name for it!
    The Fine Art of Dash and Stash!

  6. Phew! You’ve made my day. I thought it was only me! Soooo good to know I’m not alone x

  7. I thought that was the whole purpose of a master bedroom! :)

  8. I agree with Phoebe. LOL

    And thank you for reminding me about Freecycle!

  9. I am truly disgusted that you women do not keep your master bedrooms spotless like mine! Ha! So I did have to break down and clean it all up because I couldn’t find my phone! So it looks pretty good right now but don’t be fooled I’ve already got the laundry basket in there. When I go to someones house and their master bedroom door is open I always want to go open their closet & look under the bed. I don’t because I have to be a good example for the kids, but I’m wondering!

    We love freecycle! Another great pleace to get free furniture is the homeschool information loop if you have one. We have a loop called the -Heartloop and folks are always putting free stuff on it!As I look around my living room I am surrounded by free stuff or used stuff!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Totally not just you. Everything gets tossed into my room, so the bathroom looks clean, the living room looks picked up and neat, but my bedroom is a hazardous area!

  11. Lol! I thought I was the only one. Our house has been partially furnished by Freecycle. My son’s cherry wood dresser, daughter’s heavy as all get out dresser and her equally heavy mirror. Our entertainment center, 2 TVs, homeschool books and countless arts and crafts supplies. Yes, we love freecycle. Also a great way to donate when you are too lazy to go to Salvation Army. Not that I’m lazy. I’m just saying. Ooh how could I forget about our maple dining table! Seats 10 and belonged to the owner’s grandma. It looked as if it was just purchased! That’s all, carry on.

  12. Oh, you are definitely no the only one! I must admit to not only the hiding-it-all-in-the-master-bedroom, but even hiding my dirty dishes in the dishwasher and oven once. I had just finished making a bunch of freezer meals when I got a phone call saying that my dinner company was coming a couple hours early – aahhhh!!!!

  13. If the hostage situation occurs, you can recruit your fellow hostages to help clean up the mess!
    Can’t wait to see the dresser.

  14. freecycle is fun.

    And oh yes I throw everything in the master bedroom. Hee hee.


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