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How To Do Bible Memory Work With Young Children

Someone recently asked me how I do bible memory work with my preschool children, so I got out my handy dandy Flip camera to document the process of going over our ABC Memory Book.

While I was getting ready to set it up to video myself doing our daily memory work, though, my 9 year old began without me! Here she is doing what I normally do. (Except I usually turn the book toward the children and we say the letter and the verse together.)

When I am first introducing these, I will read the same 3 each day for a week. The next week, I read those 3 plus 3 more, and so on until I am reading the entire book.

You will be amazed how quickly even young preschool children will be able to memorize these verses when they hear them day after day!

Do you do bible memory work with your children? What do you use?

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  1. We use Charlotte Mason’s scripture memory box system and LOVE it. It is found in detail at SimplyCharlotteMason.com.

  2. Stephanie says:

    We use Truth and Grace Memory Book #1 – it has it seperated in to ages , which I like and don’t like – The first section has ages 2-3 but my barely 3 year old has already worked through it all (I think it has like 8 verses) – and she started about 3 months ago. – So we are working on the age 4 verses – we just got over it and over it until she has it down – and can repeat it perfectly – then we move on to the next verse

  3. For my reader, I write the verse on the whiteboard and we read through it several times each day, erasing words as we go along. I also have some Bible memory activity sheets I’ve begun putting on my website (homeschoolroundup.com) to help with memory work!
    I totally agree about the little ones too. My 2 year old loves to learn verses!

  4. Thanks, this was encouraging to me as I’ve started with scripture memory with my boys with cards from Desiring God.

  5. I love your video. The little girl on the floor reminds me of one of mine.

  6. Janna Williams says:

    I love when they practice being mom. You can never practice too much for that job. Janna

  7. We have our children have “Bible study” time each day. During that time (about 30 minutes) they listen to selected Bible verses that we (Mom & Dad) have recorded (we have about 4 CD’s full of verses). Not only do they learn a huge amount of verses, but they get to hear their parents reading God’s Word to them. We say the reference, Bible verses, then reference again. We did this 3 times for each verse. This also works great for little ones who can’t read but can memorize. Later, we have the older ones listen to the whole Bible as part of their “lessons”. It gives them a chance to take a break from reading, but still have a great learning time of God’s Word and it helps them get the “big picture” of the story of the Bible. It usually takes them a little over a year to listen through the whole Bible. We also do the Catechisms out of the Grace and Truth Memory Books (put those on CD too!).

  8. I love the way homeschool kids can roll on the floor and still learn stuff. They are adorable.

  9. It’s pretty neat – my parents used this book with me when I was young, now I do the same with my children. There is also a coloring book to accompany it, and my little ones like coloring while they practice saying the verse that matches it.

    MOST of our Bible memory work is with me making a very simple visual – sometimes with the words and sometimes just pictures. I hold it up and we say it together. Repetition is key! Even our 3yo learns to associate a picture with the matching verse. All of our kids (okay, not the 1yo yet) memorize large portions of Scripture – twenty-plus verses in this way.

    My older 3 (13,11, 9) recently memorized Proverbs 3:1-15 but this time I had them work on it on their own w/o any assistance from me. They did very well.

    The residents at the retirement home (for retired missionaries here at our Wycliffe Center) love it when the kids come and say verses for them. Always brings a smile to their faces. It’s good to have the kids not just memorize the verses but to use them in ministry!

  10. Sarah Rose says:

    We use Susan Hunt’s “My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts.” (http://www.amazon.com/My-ABC-Bible-Verses-Hiding/dp/1581340052/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1302573746&sr=1-1)

    We particularly like it because there is also a little story that goes along with the verses, so that the children can also learn what the verses mean. The stories also show the characters remembering the other verses that they have memorized to help them in various situations.

    We also have taken these verses and put them on decorated notecards and slip one a week into a plastic/magnetic picture frame on the fridge as a constant reminder.

    Thanks for this topic! I love hearing what other families do…

  11. Print verses, laminate them, and tape them to the bathroom walls! My little ones spend so much time in there, and it’s nice to have something to read, ya know…

  12. Jennifer says:

    Seeds! My entire family enjoys listening to these scripture songs while we are driving to and from activities. You can listen online here: http://www.seedsfamilyworship.net/listen-online/ It’s absolutely amazing what you can learn when it is set to music.

  13. Sarah Rose says:

    Yes!! I was just thinking about this post and remembered that we also listen to Steve Green’s “Hide ’em in your heart” (http://www.stevegreenministries.org/music/hidem_in_your_heart_vol1.php) CDs, all of the time. Music is a great way to help, everyone, memorize!

  14. We use Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC’s to Help You Grow
    By Kenneth N. Taylor and LOVE it.

    Great topic!!

  15. can you please send me the title and author of the abc bible verse that your daughter is reading? i memorized these as a child and can not find the book she is reading from for my kids. thx! luv ur blog.