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Giveaways Galore!

I have enjoyed working with my friends over the past few months to bring you the "Put Your House in Order" series, and to conclude it, we have some awesome giveaways for you!

The first one is something that makes me happy EVERY DAY! Andrea, of Signs by Andrea, sent me this hand painted sign, after it took me approximately 2 weeks and 74 emails to decide what I wanted.

We placed it at the entrance of our property, where the sun shines on it as it sets each day, and it makes me smile.

If you would like to win a hand painted, made to order sign like this one, visit Andrea's sign gallery, and leave a comment on this post telling me which sign you would pick if you win.

For an extra entry, "like" the Signs by Andrea fan page. You'll see some nifty sign ideas over there.

My next giveaway is also something that makes me smile, and I wear it several times a week.

This clip is super easy to use, so it only takes me a second or two to throw my hair into a pony tail. And doesn't everyone need a little GLAM in her pony tail?

If you would like to win a flexi-clip like this one (valued up to $15) go to the Flexi-clip product page and tell me which one you would choose if you win. Be sure to watch the styling video so you will know what size to order.

For an extra entry, "like" the Lilla Rose fan page. You'll be able to keep up with the specials and giveaways they run over there.

Now, here is a list of all the "Put Your House in Order" posts and FUN GIVEAWAYS.


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  1. Courtney B says:

    I love the sign with the last name on it and then the names of the couple over it in a different color with est.year! So sweet and it would look great in our new apartment!

  2. I would pick a 3 ft personalized sign with our name on it.

  3. Katie D. says:

    One of the signs with our last name on it would look great at our new house :)

  4. crystal roberts says:

    I love the 2ft personalized…..last name with first name overlay and est date! Would be beautiful in the bedroom as a daily reminder of our blessed years together!

  5. Lindseyz says:

    Man, I love those signs!! It would be a hard decision, either a last name or I also like the “count your blessings”.

  6. Lindseyz says:

    I liked Signs by Andrea on FB :)

  7. crystal roberts says:

    I really like the flexiclip…..so simple yet beautiful! I think the medium would work great with my hair.

  8. I LOVE the sign that says “give much gather often greet many.” LOVE IT! :)

  9. I love Signs by Andrea! :) I have purchased a couple of her signs for gifts, but dont have any of my own! I would LOVE to have of her name signs with “Steedly Boys” on it :)

  10. LOVE her on Facebook!

  11. I love the flexiclip, too. I think the medium or large would work well- I’d probably ask her to make sure- my hair is really fine, but really thick.

  12. Well, all the signs are great! I think the one that would work for me would be the 3 ft. with our last name on it.

  13. I “liked” Lilla Rose on facebook

  14. I “like” signs by andrea on fb

  15. I would love to have one of her personalized signs with my and my hubbys name on it.

  16. Wendy Welch says:

    I love the “Life…Celebrated Daily” sign.

  17. Hi – I have long straight hair and would love to win a flexi-clip in size medium.
    I could not find anywhere on the site to choose different colors but I do like the look of the O-rings.

    Thanks for a nice giveaway!

  18. Wendy Welch says:

    I would pick the “flexible figure 8” design hair clip! Love it!!!

  19. I love her signs and would choose a Monogram style for our home.

  20. I “Liked” Signs by Andrea on FB. =D

  21. I love the Flex clip small. Thank you for posting this. I had a small party last week & we were just mentioning how it would be great to have a hair party! This came just in time! checking it out!Thanks!

  22. I would LOVE the 4’x4″ sign with our last name in the middle then our first names on either side smaller letters and the year est. on the bottom!! :)

  23. What a hard decision! I loved the huge sign on the big wheel, but I wouldn’t have room for a big sign like that. All I know is that I’d get one with our last names on it and maybe “est. 2005” so I could take it anywhere. They’re all beautiful!

    amandabroadway at hotmail dot com

  24. Linda from Georgia says:

    I love both “He is Risen” signs. They are outstanding.

  25. I LOVE that flexi-clip! I watched every video on their site. I want one now! :) I like the one you have – the one w/o the danglies. I wear my hair in a pony tail just about every day, so this would be wonderful to dress up my every day look :)

  26. Oh my, they are all so beautiful! We close on our house in 3 weeks (from today!!!) and what a wonderful addition it would be to have it have our name and est date…above the garage door like she shows in one example. I love it!!!

  27. I like the sign with the last name, established date and our names over the top of it. Thanks so much!!

  28. I just added her as a friend on FB….this way if I don’t win, I’ll have great reminders of where I can get these awesome signs….but I’d love to win :)

  29. Love the signs. I would pick the personalized. “Brown” is my last name with the beveled edge in black “est. 1991”

    I liked the page on fb too.

    Love your blog.

  30. I love the personalized 3 foot sign with our family name on it.

  31. And I like Signs by Andrea on Facebook!

  32. KAREN MILLER says:

    Thanks for the great give-a-way! I really like the sign you chose.
    I would pick the 3 ft, beveled edge in natural wood with our last name! Love it.
    Happy Easter +

  33. I would love a “R” sign with my family’s last name for the outside of the house.

    The clips are beautiful. I like the silver ones.

  34. KAREN MILLER says:

    Thanks for the Lilla Rose Give-a-way! I thought I might not be able to use their products on my hip length thick hair, but after watching the video I see I CAN !! I would pick this: 3-0412 Silver Plumeria in a large flexi clip!
    Thanks! Happy Easter +

  35. Stacia J says:

    I love the 3ft beveled signs with family name then each members name along the bottom. Really nice!!

  36. Stacia J says:

    I like Signs by Andrea on FB

  37. I think the small flexi would work in my hair….I went on the website, watched the video on a few styles and order one! BUT!!! What girl needs just one! Love to have another! So pick me!

  38. I would love the 2′ sign that says Strouse House and est 1993 under it. In a dark blue wash look.
    What great signs.

  39. Stacia J says:

    I love the Floral Design, Summer Sunflower & the Silver Scroll-work heart!!

  40. I “liked” Signs by Andrea on facebook!

  41. Stacia J says:

    I like the lilla rose fan page on FB

  42. I would love to win the 6-1370 Medallion Center Clear!

  43. I like the Lilla Rose fan page!

  44. Leslie M.P. says:

    I like the monogram sign with overlay. Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. I would pick a 3ft personalized sign with Richards est. 2006 and place it on my mantle, I also “liked” Signs by Andrea on Facebook!

  46. I would get one of the family name signs. Not sure which one exactly….

  47. I would like a medium flexi-clip

  48. Stephanie says:

    I’d love the 3ft personalized sign.

  49. Stephanie says:

    liked on FB!

  50. The He Is Risen Sign would make Beautiful Easter decor – it puts the focus on the real meaning of Easter! :)

  51. The 1 ft monogram with overlay would look nice next to our front door. Thank you for the giveaway!

  52. Lovely signs; they make me smile. I “think” (so hard to choose!) I would choose a 3′ personalized one with a beveled edge. Thanks for the opportunity! Blessings!

  53. The flexi-
    clips are lovely and so feminine. I would need a clip from xsmall to medium depending on what style I chose to wear it with. Thanks for the opportunity to win one! Blessings!

  54. I’d pick a 3 ft. personalized sign with the beveled edges in dark green!

  55. I’d pick the medium princess tiara clip from Lilla Rose!

  56. I would love either of the He is Risen! signs.
    I also like Andrea’s signs on facebook 😉

  57. I like the 2 foot one personalized with the last name and est. date!

  58. I really like the monogram with the name overlay.

  59. I liked Andrea’s signs on facebook.

  60. I would definitely choose a 3ft personalised sign. I love the idea of having my family name hanging at our front door! So quaint! We live near the sea so would definitely go for an earthy colour.

  61. I liked Lilla Rose on FB

  62. Rebecca L. says:

    I recently went for a shorter hairstyle so I think I would pick the clips that are bobby pins with ornamentation on them. That would help keep the hair out of my face and add something feminine to my hair. Thanks for the giveaways!

  63. Rebecca L. says:

    I checked out Andrea’s signs and I would choose a 2 ft family sign, with the “established” and date on it. We have a little construction project going on in our yard and that sign would be too cute as part of it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. I would love the Fascinating and Fun clip. It would go with almost anything, and it’s fun!

  65. I liked Signs By Andrea on FB

  66. I would like a sign with our last name and a verse written over it. The signs are so cool!!

  67. I love the monogrammed sign with the name overlay!

  68. I really liked the “Danglie Drop” in a size small. :-)

  69. I’d choose the hair sticks – have always loved that look! Thanks!

  70. I would love a wood sign with our last name on it for our first house! Thanks.

  71. I also like the Flexi-Clip. It would be nice to wear to work. Thanks!

  72. I like the 1 letter monogram with name overlay sign.

  73. I would love to have one of the flexclips. I think I would use it a lot.

  74. I agree with courtney – the Last name with my daughter’s & son’s inlaw names over top with the established date at the bottom is one of my faves – also love the “Use it up, wear it out…’ sign (our family motto)

  75. Flexi clips are great! – I’d pick out the Hawaiian Flower in small – beautiful

  76. The Flexi-clip hairclips look so nice. I would probably get a
    (1-0728) Princess Tiara in size small. They look so easy to use.

  77. I would pick the sign that says” may all who enter as guests, leave as friends” that is the spirit of hospitality we strive for in our home! :)

  78. Candy Wright says:

    Love the flexiclip 2-1208 Freestyle Princess Tiara
    [2-1208] Beautiful

  79. I would really love to try the flexiclip as I get tired of my very boring pony tails, but need something practical to keep my hair pulled back. The silver “tree of life” one is so pretty! I think I’d probably need a medium

  80. I want a sign to give to my parents for their log cabin – these would be PERFECT!!

  81. I love the 3 ft personalized signs with the last name on it and the first name overlay in cursive. It would look great in our entryway.

  82. I am already a Fan of Lila Rose on FB, and I was LOVE to get one of her Flexie Clips for my 17 year old daughter. She has long, thick hair, so I believe, after viewing the video, I would need the Large. Love you guys!

  83. Princess Tiara!!

  84. Would love to win a flexi clip – Simple Danglie Jet. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  85. I’m a fan of Lilla Rose on FB!

  86. Kimberly says:

    I like the signs with the last name and then the couples name written over it, with the year est. under it.

  87. Kimberly says:

    I like Andreas Signs on FB

  88. I would love to enter for the flexi clip. My favorite is either the Majestic Cross or the Silver celtic cross.


  89. I already “like” the Lilla Rose fan page… that’s how I found your giveaway. :)


  90. I’d love to try a medium Simple Danglie flexiclip!

  91. I already “like” Lilla Rose on FB

  92. Kimberly says:

    I have always wanted a sign for the front of the house with the Fosters on it. We say every year we are going to do that. I love the sign that was made for you, only with the Fosters on it!

  93. I like all of the signs, but I’d probably pick the monogram with name overlay

  94. Thanks for the great giveaways! For a sign, I think I’d like our last name Beach House sign, with beveled edges in a dark blue. We live in a beach town, so I think it would be super cute! =)

  95. Also “liked” Signs by Andrea on fb!

  96. Hey – I love the Flexi Hair Clips. I would need a large if I win. Thanks.

  97. Hi – I also “liked” the Lilla Rose Facebook page.

  98. I’d probably get something to do with our last name.

  99. Sign by Andrea fb fan.

  100. Lilla Rose fb fan.

  101. I like the flexi clip.

  102. From Andrea’s sign gallery I like the one on FB with “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without”

    stillfun2freecycle at gmail dot com

  103. I like the Signs by Andrea fan page on FB.

    stillfun2freecycle at gmail dot com

  104. I would choose the medium flexi clip from Lilla Rose.

    stillfun2freecycle at gmail dot com

  105. I like Lilla Rose on FB.

    stillfun2freecycle at gmail dot com

  106. Michelle says:

    I really like the small Princess Tiara flexi clip from Lilla Rose. Very pretty!

  107. I love that Merry Christmas sign!

  108. Michelle says:

    If I were to get a sign from Andrea, I would get one that had “C’s (insert last name) Cabin” on it and Est date. Very nice!

  109. I’d love to get the Princess Tiara, Mini so that my daughter can wear it.

  110. Your ‘Hughes’ sign is great – perfect choice! I would order a personalized 3 ft. last name sign with our ‘established’ date for over our door! Very attractive!

  111. I like the idea of the flexi-clip and I think the Danglie Drop is so very pretty – in fact they are all pretty – except for the skull! This would be perfect for my daughter – we are always flying out the door to ballet and needing a quick updo!

  112. I can see why it was hard to decide!

    I would love to choose a sign to give as a gift to some friends who have recently (Easter weekend) come out on the lucky end of an F4 tornado. They were extremely lucky in that their house is still standing but they will need a lot of love, support, hard work & patience to get them back to normal.
    I’m thinking a terrific ‘welcome back to your house’ gift would be a custom one that said “Blessed” in the large caps with “we are” in the smaller print.

  113. I ‘liked’ Signs by Andrea on fb.


  114. While I don’t mind my reliable pony tail, I’ve had (well meaning) friends/family mention that I should try something a little “more”.
    lol I think this would work.

    I would need an extra small & I love the Simple Band Sunflower Beads. Sunflowers are one of my favorites & I like that it is silver so it will go with just about anything.


  115. I now “Like” Lilla Rose on fb!


  116. I love the Life. Celebrated Daily. Sign! Very nice!!

  117. I ‘like’ Andrea’s Signs on facebook

  118. I love the flexiclip!!!

  119. I ‘like’ the Lilla Rose Facebook page

  120. I would love a big sign with our family name on it.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  121. how do you chose within 5 mins. i changed my mind 3 times. i do love the name signs though

  122. i like the
    5ft x 6in outdoor property marker sign
    — we call our homestead “hill country home”

  123. i like the 2-0755 Silver celtic cross

  124. I’d choose a 3 foot sign with our last name on it.

  125. I love the Etched Lily with Amethyst hair clip!

  126. I love the Open Flower XL Flex Clip! Hair accessories are one of the few ways I’m able to “splurge” on myself now-a-days. These are beautiful!

  127. I love the signs!!! I would choose the one that says “Count Your Blessings”.

  128. I would love a sign with our Last name and Est. 2008 on it! Wonderful signs! And I liked her on facebook!!

  129. I love the majestic cross flexi clip!

  130. I love the monogram with name overlay sign!

  131. I would choose the kid-themed sign.

  132. I would choose the the beautiful bobby pins.

  133. All the flexiclips are gorgeous! It’s too hard to choose! I’d need a small or extra small.

  134. I also liked the Lilla Rose facebook page!

  135. Jessica Abel says:

    First, I love your sign. And if I were to win one of Andrea’s signs I would like the 2foot personalized size that says ABEL POTTERY with the red background or the reddish color that she has on display with Merry Christmas. Thank you for this opportunity to win something. It is always fun trying to win a prize. Jessica

  136. I really like the monogram signs and the silver small flexi clip is so cute!! i love the hair bands too.

  137. I love the signs with the last names..but they are all pretty! The hair clips are awesome, I love the brown Celtic knot. Thank you. So sorry about the job situation..you are correct, Mighty God is in control.

  138. I would choose “gorgeous stoneset flower” in extra small, and I think I would let my four daughters borrow it once in a while. They are beautiful!

  139. I love love love love the “Give Much. Gather often. Greet many.”


  140. I also love the Mighty Celtic Knot clip. :)


  141. Elizabeth says:

    If I had to pick just one it would probably be the petite dragon fly booby pins. However, everything on that sight is pretty!

  142. I would love a sign with our last name and the est. date. We just bought a new home and that would look great.

  143. I love the hair clips the simple design with out dangles would be best.

  144. I like the Monogram w/ Name Overlay.

  145. I like Signs By Andrea on Facebook.

  146. Abiga/Karen says:

    I would get an outdoor sign in red for my daughter’s hobby farm called Hilltop Heritage Farm.

  147. I “like”d the Lilla Rose FB page.

  148. I like the brown celtic knot medium clip. I ordered a few of these recently, but I thought I would need a small for my ponytail. I was wrong. It would be great to have one in the right size.

  149. I really like the Floral Design Flexi Clip!

  150. I would love to have a custom sign with a Bible verse/phrase, but if it would take me as long to decide on what exactly I wanted as I think it would…I’d probably just go with a 3 ft. personalized “Goforth” :)

  151. I like the simple band w/ sunflower beads flexiclip. Probably an xs.

  152. I absolutely love the 2ft PERSONALIZED sign :) I’d love one like the Leslie sign.

    I’d love an Extra Small Flexiclip.

  153. I loved the letter signs with the last name or the 2 ft last name sign…boy, is it hard to decide!

  154. I want a 3′ personalized sign! And I ALREADY “like” her site!

  155. Definitely the “flexi-clip” and I LIKED the page! Pick me! Pick me!

    Your #1 fan! Ellen

  156. I really like the Flexiclip. My girls and I ordered one each at their last sale. I really need a medium for just the pony tail or half up so I think I would pick 2-0755 Silver celtic cross if I won. Thanks so much and we are praying for your family. You have been such a blessing to me. Many times I read your blog and just laugh because finally someone is like us..we are expecting our eighth this summer.
    In Christ,


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