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Dresser Makeover

I am so pleased with the dresser makeover I was able to accomplish with the free dresser my husband picked up for me! Let me know what you think. What would you have done with this dresser?

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  1. I have to say, Connie, you did a great job!
    Love it!

  2. Awesome job! That is such a cute idea! I think you have inspired me;).

  3. What a difference, Connie! Very cool.

  4. Very cool and super unique! I like that you were not afraid to try totally new things :) I think it’s adorable.

  5. You did a beautiful job! The whole dresser is unique and creative, and your girls are probably thrilled with something other than the “norm”. I was wondering where you were going to put it, and think your idea is a great one! Funny how hampers are often in bedrooms, yet they seem to be invisible! =)
    Glad you are all feeling better ( I think you are?)!

  6. Agnieszka says:

    It’s lovely. You created beautifull thing.

  7. LOOOVE. It’s beautiful…great job!

  8. This is amazing. I am so jealous of people who can do things like this. Wow!

  9. Love the dresser, and watching your kiddo’s shadow as they danced around in the sunshine {;0)

  10. I love free stuff and its amazing how far elbow grease and hard work can do.

  11. That is one beautiful dresser – great job!


  12. I love that the pages you used are something that’s special to your family. At first I thought, “hmm…just random pages from a random book?” And then I watched your video, and it totally answered my question. Love it! Looks great!!

  13. Coupon Clipping Claire says:

    WOW! I am inspired just looking at it. You and your children did a perfect job! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  14. Stephanie says:

    I like it as is :)

  15. Heather R says:

    That is adorable! I love the way you incorporated literature into the piece. As a teacher, I love to see the love of good books celebrated! I have a dear friend who decorated her classroom creating a banner made from one of her favorite books. I love to see stories like this, thanks for sharing.

  16. After seeing this tutorial I knew I could do it, too!! We needed a dresser for my in-laws who visit frequently but couldn’t afford a new one. After seeing that you scored one for free, we looked around and found one in great condition for $10 at Goodwill- with a big mirror even! We sanded, primed and painted both the mirror and dresser and spray painted the hardware and now it looks WONDERFUL!! You would never know that it used to be a very ugly brown color with brass hardware. My in-laws come tomorrow and we can’t wait to surprise them with it! Thank you SO much for your tutorial and showing me that we can do it, too!! (Our costs were a little higher than the $10 because we didn’t have any paint or supplies so we did have to buy those, but now we have some for our next project- much to my husband’s chagrin ;))