What's the big deal about Young Living

So… I Was Wondering…

if you weren't too busy, and since you're on the computer right now ANYWAY, and your fingers are right there on the keyboard ANYWAY where it would be easy to click, if you wouldn't mind voting for your ol' pal Smockity to win 2000 smackeroos.

Which just so happens to be about the same amount we owe the local emergency room for x-rays after a back flip gone bad.

Each person can vote ONCE EVERY DAY, so I surely would appreciate it, if it comes to mind, if y'all would knock yourselves out voting for me.

Our local emergency room also thanks you for your participation.

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  1. You betcha! Thanks to She Who Raises Olives for the suggestion to vote for ‘ole Smockity!

  2. Done!

  3. Done!

  4. I voted for you Smockity! 😀 Thanks to Raising Olives for making me aware on Facebook that I needed to vote. :)