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Making a Compost Pile

We have all been working diligently on our compost pile around here.

Since we have lots of hay and wood shavings from the ducks' and chicks' and rabbits' bedding and plenty of their great-for-the-garden manure we figured we should put it to good use and make a compost pile.

The first order of business was to transport the bedding and droppings from the animals' homes to where we wanted our garden.

Then we spread the bedding in a line along a wall so we could chop it into smaller pieces by running over it with the lawn mower. We made sure to run the mower in a direction so the pieces would be lined up against the wall when they blew out.

After that, we piled it all up and added some soil, dead leaves, and kitchen scraps, including coffee filters, egg shells, and paper towels.

Using a pitchfork, we turn the pile every few days by starting at the top and moving it bit by bit into a pile right beside the one we started with.

We always give it a good dousing with the water hose after we turn it.

We plan to continue this routine until the compost is ready to use, hopefully by the time we are ready to do our fall planting.

You don't need a fancy, expensive compost bin to turn your trash into treasure! Just make a compost pile!

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  1. Green acres is the place TO BE! Farm living is the life FOR ME!…..sorry that song is now stuck in my head! :-)

  2. Great use for all of your animal bedding! I’m sure your garden will flourish. Have you tried ‘Lasagna Gardening’? It’s a great book and a terrific system for us impatient gardeners who don’t have the ‘labor force’ to turn and water compost, or the desire to wait until it’s black gold! It has worked well for us – but we also have two compost bins to produce good organic soil to dig into established garden beds like the herbs, raspberries, rhubarb and perennials. Also, if your neighbors are close enough to care about your compost pile you can always beg, borrow or buy 4 wooden pallets and make a nice tidy cube for compost collection.


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