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Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Our Chickens AND MORE!

Since I've had several inquiries about what kind of chickens we got in the mail and how we are housing them, I thought I would go ahead and bore every last one of you with those details.

You're welcome.

We ordered our chicks from eFowl after my mom emailed me a link which very nearly got deleted in my spam folder because she put "Get chicks online!" in the subject line. I don't know about you, but I think I was justified in thinking "HUH?! Why in the world is Grammy sending me spam about picking up girls online?!"

And then I realized she REALLY did mean chicks. As in chickens. Not girls.

So, then My Madison carefully researched which breeds are the most abundant layers, which have gentle dispositions, and which lay colorful eggs, because 

  1. We want lots of eggs to eat and to sell.
  2. We don't want to  have to wrestle chickens to take their eggs and risk having our eyes pecked out, and honestly who does? Am I right? 
  3. We like pretty colors.

Efowl has a minimum order of 20, so we settled on 5 females each of 4 breeds.

  • Ameraucana ("The Easter egg breed" blue and green eggs)
  • Black Australorp ("Egg laying champion", brown eggs)
  • Welsummer (dark reddish brown eggs)
  • Danish Brown Leghorn (white eggs)

The shipping for our order was $13.25, and the site guarantees our order of only females. Our total for this order was $68.15, which I paid with Paypal, which is funded by the ads on this site. So... THANK YOU for visiting! You just helped to pay for our chickens!

We are keeping them in our storage shed in the cardboard box our swingset came in, with pine shavings in the bottom and a heat lamp on one end. As they get older, they will live in the storage shed which we will convert to a hen house by adding perches and nest boxes.

During the day we hope to let them free range in the large fenced yard around the shed, and they will spend their nights shut up in the safety of the shed so they can supply us with all the eggs we need, plus plenty to sell.

At least that is the way we hope it all plays out.

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  1. thank you for this post! we are getting chicks this weekend so i really enjoyed reading about yours :)

  2. They are so cute! I would love to raise chickens with my kids, but now is not the right time for us. Maybe next year.

  3. They are so cute! And what fun it will be to collect the eggs. When my girls were in New Mexico they were able to collect eggs and they had so much fun. Poor WB was appalled by all the, um…, chicken poop. He asked me 5 times if I washed the eggs really good before using them. Obviously, he’s never been around chickens:)

  4. I would love to keep chickens!! Right now we don’t have a house for them, and I don’t think we’d be able to free-range them; we have too many roaming dogs & even coyotes in our neighborhood.

  5. Rhonda M says:

    Your young’uns are going to have so much fun! We used to have chickens and, strangely enough, we never had trouble with them disappearing until we penned them up. I think if they are free range, it gives them more places to hide from attackers and a better chance of survival.

  6. Thanks for sharing your details. We get ours from a local feed store that gets them from McMurray’s. We have Ameracauna’s too and they are so sweet. The kids always want to eat the green eggs. We also looked at breeds that can handle ranges in weather since in CO we have the extremes. My kids are so excited to have new babies this week! I’m sure you’re family will love keeping chickens, too.

  7. Well, we’ve been talking about getting chickens for quite some time so I shall watch and learn from you.

  8. Thank you so much for this post. I can’t wait to see more about the chicks and how they do for you. I would love to have a few layers since we go through about 5 dozen every 2 weeks. Yikes!
    We live in town & I worry if I got a few they would make too much noise. What do you think? Are they too noisey even without a rooster?

  9. I’m so very glad to hear your mom was not sending inappropriate spams. :)

    Now I’d like to hear your ideas of how to keep my littlest ones (specifically the 1yo and 3yo) from squishing the dickens out of those sweet little chicks. It seems the more excited they are about the chicks, the harder they squeeze…..

  10. Sarah Foster says:

    I am soooo jealous. Right now we live in not so rural Germany, and I would give my left pinkie toe to have some chickens! Good luck with them :)

  11. Mary Mac says:

    Last year when we first got our chicks I caught myself saying something I never thought I would hear myself say. It had been kind of a cool start to summer so when it finally started warming up I told my husband, those chicks are looking really hot today.

  12. We used to have a Black Australorps. Her name was LuLu and she followed us around like a dog. She was very tame. Great choice. Now I want to pick up some “chicks” online too!

  13. For a very short time, my in-laws (who were in their 70s) had email. They would send emails full of random ramblings, and would title them something like “C*ck Robin” which horrified me, but I later found out is some sort of old country saying that means something like shooting the bull, which means random ramblings.

    Obviously, our spam folder got most of them, and they were completely blocked from my husband’s work email.

    Somehow . . . it was all OUR fault that we never got their emails.

  14. Lisa Beth W. says:

    Those chicks are so cute that I think I myself would have a hard time not squeezing them too hard! I hope you have much joy and many eggs from them!

  15. I love the thought of getting my own eggs in my backyard, but my husband does not love the idea of raising chickens. For now I’ll go with him, but we’ll see what the future holds :)

  16. My parents had Ameraucana when we were growing up, and they are so mild mannered, and they lay such beautiful eggs!


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