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How to Make a Simple, Outdoor Fire Pit

My husband and I have talked and dreamed of one of those fancy outdoor fireplaces ever since we started vacationing every year at our favorite getaway and realizing how fun it is to sit around a fire under the stars.

Since those cost a little more than, you know, NOTHING, which is exactly how much disposable income we have to spend on a thing like that, my super smart husband came up with this dandy alternative.

He and The Boy dug a shallow hole and lined it with bricks leftover from the previous owner. Then he brought home 10 tree stumps (one for each of us) that were being discarded from a landscaping project and arranged them around the pit.

Now, we can enjoy a fire under the stars, roasting marshmallows, singing, and watching aluminum cans melt.

We're easily entertained.

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  1. Fire pits are so much fun! We are waiting for our’s to be uncovered from winter still. Love the boots and bathing suit 😉 I’ve got a couple girls that think boots go with EVERYTHING!

  2. This looks like a good evening activity. we love fire pits when we go camping. Where we live now there are no fires pits allowed:(

  3. I love that most of your children are in pants and jackets and your little one is in a leotard ;o)

    And now a comment relating to the topic…we love building fires in the summer and fall…it’s a great, relaxing activity!

  4. This picture cracked me up. One kid in a coat and another in a leotard! Looks exactly like my house!


  5. I love how one daughter is in pants and a heavy coat and one is in a leotard. My daughter would be in a swimsuit. She wears them year-round. :)

  6. I was going to say something clever about the clothing choices of the children, but I see several others beat me to it. : )

  7. We made our own fire pit too with left over bricks. Great idea! I love how the pictures of the kids has one girl in a coat, long pants and shoes, and the little one is in a leotard. I love kids! :)

  8. I want to move to your new house. OK?

  9. That looks great!

  10. ditto Nicki. I enjoyed me a chuckle at the leotard as well!

  11. Great idea! Oh, and I LOVE your little one’s clothing choices!

  12. We have a very similar fire pit in our back yard – only the logs have lost their bark over the years! We enjoy a good fire as well – one caution though – if your bricks are not meant for high heat, you may have a problem. At summer camp one year someone kindly built a brick firepit for families to enjoy – and we did until the bricks started ‘exploding’ and shards went everywhere. We replaced them with rocks from the river and never had a problem after that.

  13. We have similar set-up except we’re too redneck for bricks. We used concrete blocks, which we had just sitting around. Stack ’em 2 high, and you have resting place for your cold tootsies to get warm!
    If you’re super cold, take the top one down and the nice heat will warm your legs!!
    Love country life…