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How to Easily Cut Homemade Bread

The 4 Moms are sharing bread making posts and we are inviting YOU to do the same!

I have made a video of a handy dandy SUPER easy way to cut homemade bread without crushing it to death or hacking it into a pile of bread crumbs.

(Please, excuse my circa 1974 electric knife.)

I love my Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book! (Be sure to read how I make homemade bread the easy way.)

Would you like to purchase the items in this video? (I am an Amazon affiliate, so I get a small percentage of sales through these links.)

Be sure to visit each of The 4 Moms on my team to read all about their bread making experiences.

Now it is YOUR turn! Link up directly to your bread making post (not your home page) and be sure to include a link back here in your post so all of your readers can share in the fun.

This post is linked at Kitchen Tip Tuesday.

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  1. Er….. that looks just like my electric knife đŸ˜‰

  2. I left a link to my Gluten free sourdough bread at Cultured Mama!

  3. Sorry Smockity! I put the wrong recipe in at #18. That’s what I get for multi tasking! Don’t know how to delete it, so I will leave that to you!
    But, I will be adding the fastest easiest French Bread ever!

  4. Oops, I slid down to #20! I’m getting off of my computer now before I do any more damage! Ha

  5. Thanks for hosting a Link Up! I’ve added my Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread.

  6. Thanks for hosting the link up!

  7. Yay for linkies! I love your 5 minute artisan bread, going to have to get a hold of that book.

  8. Bread baking is one of my favorite cooking tasks. Can’t wait to check out all the new recipes. Thanks for hosting.

  9. I’m looking forward to reading other people’s recipes. I put up my Very Quick Whole Wheat Bread.

  10. If you left whole wheat flour in the fridge for two weeks like this, would it go off? I keep my whole wheat flour in the freezer because I’d learned that it went off really fast.

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Do you mean spoil? The dough will keep for about 2 weeks in the fridge, and it becomes more “sourdough” tasting as time goes on.

      If you mean “go off like a rocket”, THAT is something I would love to see! KEWL!

      • Sorry, yes. “Go off” is a New Zealand way of saying it would spoil. Some things do explode eventually – that’s why you leave the lid loose on the bowl, right?
        I know the recipe says it keeps for two weeks in the fridge, but does anyone know about the properties of wholemeal flour in this situation?

        • I find this amusing, as a Brit we would also say that something was “going off”, incidentally we also say a battery has gone flat!

          I heard Ken Ham tell how he went to a garage (in the US) with his ‘flat battery –
          Ken Ham: my battery is flat
          Garage man: How’d that happen? Someone run over it?
          Ken Ham: Err.. no, it’s flat – run out
          GM: ooooh you mean it’s dead?!
          KH it’s not dead, it wasn’t alive so how can it be dead……

  11. Ha! My electric knife is ancient, too but ~ if it works, don’t get a new one, right!!?? =) I can’t imagine trying to cut homemade bread without it!
    Love the guide, though ~ genius!! (My mom’s electric knife is from the 60s when they first came out! and only gets it out for “special” cutting projects (like a spiral-sliced ham, etc.)) ~ not me … I used mine for everything!


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