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The 4 Moms Head to Church With 35 Kids

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This week, The 4 Moms are sharing our tips for getting our numerous offspring to church on time.

I won't say whether or not I have ever used The Happy Housewife's let kids sleep in their clothes trick, but I WILL say that I do not like to be late, and we are usually on time to church and elsewhere.

Here are a few of the things I will admit to doing to make sure we make it to church on time:

  • Lay out shoes and Bibles the night before. These are the items that are usually being searched for at the last minute if we don't take this step.
  • Limit and rotate "special" hairdos. I don't have time to french braid or curl all seven girls' hair, but I can rotate who gets this done each week. Everyone else gets a simple clip or headband.
  • Just say no to fancy breakfast fare. I don't want the clean up or the preparation time a bacon, pancake, and egg breakfast would require. We have cereal, toast, or something else simple on Sunday mornings.
  • Have a "load up" routine. We have assigned seating in our van and employ the buddy system to make sure each little person has a helper to get them buckled up in a jiffy. It never takes us more than 3-4 minutesĀ from stepping out the door to heading down the driveway.

Be sure to see what the other large family mothers say about getting to church on time.

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  1. This definitely in encouraging. If you can managed to get 8kids off to church on time then I must do better to make it at all. I have a bad habit of on time or never. Last week we never made it because 10 minutes before church was to start I finally realized the youngest was relaxing on the sofa in her pajamas. Hair a mess and teeth unbrushed. I had gotten myself and the other two all ready but missed that one. Must do better with my only three kids.

  2. I love the “rotate and limit ” special hairdos! I always make the kids get dressed before they eat …I figure that they can eat in the car, but not dress in the car!

  3. Emma Brooks says:

    I have always made sure things were set out for us to be ready and on time for church on Sundays and Wednesdays . The problem we have is usually things like the girls stop me to do this or that and seem to piddle on getting ready. Any suggestions for having pokie teenage girls?

  4. I love Baked Oatmeal on Sunday Mornings, it needs an hour in the oven but only takes 3 minutes of prep. Plus it can be made the night before and heated up in the microwave the next morning.


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