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Spending Individual Time With Children – 4 Moms

Do you ever wonder how large family mothers manage to spend individual time with each of their children?

The 4 Moms are sharing our strategies for doing just that. Here are a few of the ways I get individual time with each child.

  • Take a child along with you.

I rarely go anywhere alone. Whether I'm making a quick trip to the bank or attending a cooking class, I try to take a child with me to enjoy some individual time.

My husband attended an out of town funeral recently and took one child along. Whenever he plays in out of town golf tournaments, he takes one of the children with him, too.

  • Plan special outings.

My oldest suggested once a month special outings for each child that we have been keeping for the past 2 years. My children LOVE these special times and look always forward to their  month.

Whether kids are cooking dinner or cleaning up afterwards, and whether they act like it is a treat or a torment, you will get some good talking time in while everyone else is otherwise occupied.

For more tips on spending individual time with children, be sure to see visit the rest of The 4 Moms team.

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  1. Those times alone in the kitchen afford many opportunities for memory-making and conversations that would never take place otherwise. Though I have 7 daughters, my boys LOVE to help me make brownies!

  2. Two of the highest priorities in our family – specifically when Daddy is at work – is mom spending one-on-one time with kids and mom reading to kids.

    Thankfully these two priorities are easily combined.

    We have seven kids ages 1-13 and I do read-alouds with nearly every child every day. Even the older four that are very good readers, I always have a chapter book that I read to them. Not only is this a great way of learning together, but it also brings a certain bond when you’re experiencing a book together.

    Currently I’m reading a Cam Townsend biography with my 13yo boy (yes, we’re with Wycliffe, but we love missionary bios anyway); Three Go Searching with my 10yo girl; Farmer Boy with my 9yo boy; and Jungle Doctor (Paul White) with my 7yo girl. The younger three we just read a variety of picture books on a daily basis.

    It takes PURPOSEFUL effort to get this done daily, but it’s worth every minute.

    Btw, great ideas, Connie – kitchen time especially is a great way to kill several birds with one stone. :)

  3. I too, tend to try and weave individual time with each child into the fabric of each day. I make it a habit to take a child with me on errands, play or do activities that interest them daily. In between times, I love to leave little notes of appreciation and love for them to find.

    My oldest daughter has a hard time sharing mom with her adopted sisters. Taking into account her individual needs, we have a simple “date” night 2 x’s a month . I appreciate all the ideas, DeAnn http://www.6jellybeans@blogspot.com