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Neighbors and Baby Animals

I never wrote much about it, but our former neighbors didn't, er, take to  children very well.

They didn't like children walking on their lawn. They didn't like to hear children laughing on our trampoline. They didn't like to see the bicycles children left in our driveway.

They simply didn't like children at all. 

We knew these things, not merely from heavy sighs, but from security officers coming to our door reporting complaints and from direct, red faced confrontations.

Our new neighbors, however and praise the Lord, LOVE our children!

They were never able to have children of their own, they told us, so they have lived a long life loving animals and other people's children.

Recently, our girls found that one of their goats had given birth to twins in the woods on a bitter, cold, snowy day. One of the babies had frozen to death and the other was alive, but frozen to the ground, unable to move.

The girls and their brother worked together to distract the nervous mother goat and the Great Pyrenees standing guard, pry the baby from the frozen ground, wrap him in a towel and run him to the neighbor's house.

They were so thankful for all the children did, since they love their animals as if they were children, that they said they were "pleased beyond measure" with what was done and they couldn't have been prouder of any children than if they were their own!

WE are pleased beyond measure to be blessed with such wonderful neighbors!

They have given the girls two baby goats to bottle feed, since some of the mothers have had quadruplets that are not getting adequate milk.

Our children are absolutely thrilled!

We just couldn't be more pleased with our new neighbors. They have allowed our children to see a baby goat actually being born, to care for the baby goats, AND be the first to see a brand new baby donkey!

I thank God for knowing our neighbors needed us and we needed them!

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  1. Oh what a wonderful blessing to have been given neighbours like that. And what a wonderful experience for the kids to be part of that whole birthing-raising-feeding-the-goat-thing! (Even to have been part of the baby goat that died experience is valuable. Thankfully there is another kid to take their minds off the one that didn’t make it.)
    This post cheered me….. and today, I needed that…. sigh x

  2. Oh, what a blessing, Connie! I’m so happy for all
    of you! And baby goats are SO fun for kids to bottle feed. :-)

  3. Oh, I’m so glad that the girls found the little goat and were able to save it :) I’m sad about the other baby goat. It’s wonderful that you have great neighbors that love your kids. I struggled with infertility and I know it must be such a blessing to your neighbors to be able to “adopt” your children into their family. And how great that your kids get to experience so much with their animals! It sounds like an awesome fit all around and God certainly had His hand in it :)

  4. It’s amazing what a difference neighbors make on our experience…A home is a huge purchase, yet something you can’t control or can’t really check out first makes such a HUGE difference. I’m so glad your new neighbors love children. Your children are so great, I can’t imagine not loving them.

  5. Yeah! Can’t wait to come see your new place!

  6. What a wonderful blessing! Good neighbors make such a difference! Praise God for blessing both of your families!

  7. What a wonderful story!

  8. What a great blessing! Makes for wonderful homeschool lessons, too! :)

  9. Im so glad you have new neighbors. It is a blessing that they got to be a part of such an event. We have a small farm with goats and chickens. My kids have seen alot and seen me cry alot over lost animals. My oldest one usually gets to dig the holes of a deceased one and it doesnt get any easier. They have seen God bring life and take life. They have been there through all births even when Ive had to assist in birth of twins. They will get to enjoy it again come spring as though all my goats are expecting. It is a wonderful experience that animals can teach children. Glad they are enjoying.

  10. What a blessing! I’ll never forget the great experiences I had as child watching/helping when horses, pigs, sheep and dogs were having their babies. It gave me such a great respect for life.

  11. Oh how wonderful!

  12. Okay, that almost made me cry. And, that baby goat is adorable…and don’t even get me started on the baby donkey. It’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  13. What a blessing! (for both your family and the new neighbors!)

  14. How sweet that is. Isn’t God good?

  15. God is so good!

  16. Yay for blessings of good neighbors. That donkey? Oh. My. Goodness. Just precious.

  17. Tammy Ferren says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. It just reminded me once again of how Great God is, and that he even cares about such things as your family needing children friendly neighbors and your neighbors needing a family with children. There is nothing like bottle feeding those brand new babies. Praises and Thank you for such an up lifting story and blog.


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