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Grocery University SALE!

Grocery University couponing course

Would you like to save money on your grocery bill? I know I can improve in this area and I am learning how right now with Grocery University

(I mean you just can't get bags and bags of groceries for under $5 every day, so you have to save where you can!)

It is an awesome audio series by my friend Carrie, who goes over budgeting, e-coupons, sales, stocking up,mail in rebates and MORE in almost 2.5 hours of audio, a 40-page e-workbook, and the popular Rock Bottom Price List, which has been updated to reflect rising grocery prices.

Carrie is just as cute as she can be, and I know this because I have ridden a bus AND eaten dinner with her. I wanted to hate her right off because she is one of those skinny pregnant people, and it is my general policy to hate those types, but I COULDN'T help myself! She is so stinkin' sweet that I HAD to like her!

But that is neither here nor there.

The good news for you is Grocery University is on sale NOW through Wednesday for only $8.95, which is 65% off the regular price! I bet you will save that much the first time you go shopping after listening to the series!

Hurry and snag this fabulous program if you are like me and feel like you could shave quite a bit off your grocery bill if only someone would tell you how. WAIT no longer! Carrie is here to tell you how!

*I am an affiliate for Grocery U, but Carrie only pays me for every one I sell, so GO ON and buy it!

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  1. We recently took a huge paycut and w/ our 7 kids I am continually looking for ways to save. (We’re serving with a ministry and it’s a good thing – God provides!) It really is a matter of simplifying and being content with less.

    So this looks like an excellent resource and is a very timely recommendation for our family!

  2. Courtney says:

    I just purchased this, but it was at full price. Did I miss the sale?

    I’ve been wanting to get this for a while and was so excited to find out that the price was reduced.

    • Hi, Courtney! Unfortunately, the sale was only for one day. :( You’re welcome to request your money back if you no longer want it, but we only do sales 2-3 times per year so it will be quite awhile before it’s discounted again.

      • Courtney says:

        Man…I hate I missed it. But no I don’t want my money back. I started listening to it last night and I’ve learned so much! I’ve been trying to get the hang of all this couponing stuff and I think I am finally understanding it. Thanks for such an awesome teaching! I can’t wait to get through it all and go try all my new knowledge out. :)