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4 Moms Teach Reading

This week, each of The 4 Moms is discussing the details of how we teach reading.

As for me, I have used the very same book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, now missing its cover, with six children to date.

(You can see a short video of a reading lesson where I am using this book with my then five year old.)

I was introduced to this book by a friend who told me that she was teaching her four year old to read. I was skeptical until she showed me that he really could  read. He was not just repeating familiar, memorized stories, but he was actually sounding out words he had not seen before.

I immediately went to the nearest book store and began teaching my very own four year old, our oldest child, to read. She sailed right along, catching on quickly, and I thought, "Why, of course, she is picking it up easily! Obviously, superior parenting along with an excellent teaching tool are the keys to success!"

And I continued thinking that whole superior parenting bit until I bumped into trying to teach a couple of children who live at my house who seemed to wake up every morning completely phonics free.

At that point I abandoned the "superior parenting" stance, but I still stand by the "excellent teaching tool".

This book will NOT magically make reading easy for every child. What it will  do is lay down a very strong ground work of phonics that will give your child a boost into the world of books.

And there will be no stopping them after that!

Now, see how the other moms teach reading:

Also, see how the 4 Moms

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  1. I just started that book with my 4yo; I think today will be lesson 5. So far I’m impressed with how simple it is, how quickly she’s grasping the concepts, and how much she looks forward to our reading lessons!

    After lesson 3 (I think), I saw her “teaching” her cousin to read. She had her notebook out and had written several of the sounds like they do in the book – with the dots and arrows. I thought it was pretty cute!

  2. I used this book with my oldest, and was pleased with how he did with it. But he had a hard time switching to reading normal printed words. The book has those little symbols, like letters that go together being attached. I didn’t really notice them until we switched over to normal books and he got very frustrated that the words didn’t look like they did when he learned them. Have you had any problems with, or solutions for this?

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Nony, In about lesson 70 or so the book makes the transition to traditional book print. Some of my kids stumbled a bit with this at first, but with practice they got it.

  3. they wake up completely phonics free!!!!!

    I nearly spit my ice out!!! Hilarious!!!!

  4. 100 Easy Lessons is my absolute favorite too! I’ve used it with our first 5 kids and plan to use it with the others as well. The funny stories are always what they look forward to – the anticipation of reading the story and then I let them uncover the picture. Silly, but they love it.

    I feel like an absolutely vital part of teaching reading is continuing to read aloud to them on a regular basis. This really helps if they are struggling w/ reading – then they continue to associate the printed word with positive things (one on one snuggling time w/ Mom) rather than all hard work! Works for us and we have a house full of avid book worms!!

  5. So, are you saying that some of your children had a more difficult time learning to read? I’m interested to hear more about how you helped your struggling readers (if that’s what you meant by that) really grasp reading?

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Alisha, Yes, I have had 2 children who have struggled with reading. I don’t have a special remedy. We just kept on plugging, methodically along. There were tears at times and lots of exhortation to keep on trying.

      My older of the two is now an avid reader of lenthy novels. I never believed he would get there! The younger is still struggling. She can read on grade level (3rd), but it is not easy and she does not enjoy it. I’ll keep on working with her, having her practice reading aloud, going over phonics rules when necessary, and I have a feeling it will click with her like it did with her brother.

  6. Just wanted to pop in to tell you I LOVE your blog and ask a quick question! What do you use after you finish with 100 Easy Lessons? Do you still do phonics lessons, use other curriculum or just review the rules when your children read aloud?


    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Thank you, Kimberly! I use easy readers when they finish the book and have them read aloud. We go over new sounds or difficult words together.

  7. Jessica Abel says:

    You answered most of my questions with Kimberly but, I would like to know something else. My son is 7 and he can read some books like “A Fly Went by” with some help with words that we have not covered and can easily read the little readers. He says that he doesn’t like to read because it’s just too hard. Should I just get him to continue reading the readers? How many in a day. And read one or two pages of the harder ones in a day? I have a sil that did homeschool for a little while but hasn’t in 2 years tells me that my son is behind in his reading. My husband seems to be concerned also. I want to create a love for reading but I feel pressured to push and I don’t know if my husband realizes that he is still stuck in keeping up with the public school. I don’t want to be lagging either. I would like to start a Charlotte Mason curr(Queen) in September. I also have the book that came from the one you have called “Reading Made easy” and have done some of these lessons with my son – should I finish this with him -he is not interested. Some days it is welcomed and some not. And I love you your Smockity’s real life. You are such an encourager. thank you


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