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When Moms Let Kids Make Lunch


This is what happens when moms let little girls make their own lunches.

That's right. Miracle Whip, pickle relish, pepperonis, and mustard. LIBERAL dollups of mustard.

And they ate every bite!

What's the weirdest thing your kids have ever eaten for lunch?

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  1. How funny…my little ones love mustard too! It makes it’s way, in liberal amounts, into almost every sandwich they make themselves.

  2. Ew. That definitely looks like something my kids would do. I don’t usually let my guys pick what to make, though they have been known to add ketchup to ham & cheese sandwiches and frequently make “birthday candles” in their food with whatever they can find (chips, carrots, you name it).

  3. Too funny! My little guy made a “snack” the other day….ham sandwich with mustard AND apple butter! That boy loves him some apple butter!! :)

  4. While reading this my 5 year old daughter looked over my shoulder and said, “MMM! That looks yummy!” Hahahahaha!!

  5. When my son started 1st grade he started bringing his lunch to school. For years I’d been making my daughter hot dogs, putting them into the thermos with the boiling water to keep them warm for lunch. She pulled them out and put them on the bun at lunch time. So I did the same for my son. When he got home from school I asked how his day was. He immediately said “I did NOT like that soup”. I thought hmmm I didn’t think I packed him soup. Then I realized I forgot to tell him to fish out the hot dog and just pour out the water. Ever since we’ve had a joke. “Do you want hot dog soup for lunch today?”

  6. How about peanut butter and cheese or BBQ sauce and pepperoni? They swore it was good….

    • It’s not just for kids. I like peanut butter and cheese sandwiches too, and I’m 30. I only like them with mozza cheese and creamy peanut butter on white bread though, otherwise it would be gross :-).

      I also like it on saltine crackers. This was one of my favorite snacks to eat on hiking/biking trips.

  7. Alright Connie, you’ve inspired me. I am posting yesterday’s weird breakfast. It is time us moms come out of the pantry about what we are really feeding the children.

  8. I have two boys that will make “crouton sandwiches”, which consist of bread, lots of mustard and croutons. They have also made potato chip sandwiches. Same ingredients…just sub chips for the croutons! Oh, and instead of mustard, I think the potato chip ones get A1 steak sauce.
    They’re not as up on haute cuisine as I was at their age though. My favorite sandwich to take to school was Miracle Whip and mustard and ketchup on white bread!! No meat…just the condiments!! Of course, in a bind, just plain Miracle Whip would work too…

  9. Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches were always one of our favorites growing up (the pickles HAVE to be dill!). And, I still love it! I’m trying to pass it down to my littles too! :)

  10. FUNNY!!! We have “free” day once a week, usually. Mostly the boys enjoy a bowl of popcorn with nutritional yeast, and the girls make sandwiches {normal creations} or eggs, or fruit but once in awhile they try out a new recipe. Sometimes we end up weird creations, but it’s on accident!

  11. In my house, it isn’t the children, it’s the HUBBY!

    Not too long ago, he tried to make a health drink in the blender, adding a whole bag of carrots, V-8 fruit/veg juice, mustard relish-YES, relish!, tobasco sauce-YES, tobasco sauce!, Worchestershire sauce-Yep, you read that right too!, and I think that may be it.

    He tried to share with us, which of course, all of us adamantly said no. THEN he admits that after he took a swig saying it was good, that in reality, when the glass went to his lips again, his stomach said, “That ain’t coming down here!” lol

    I really like your cup/placemat idea Connie!

  12. Looks like the lunches my brother made when he was little :-) Love your blog!!!!

  13. When we were small(er) my sister made green yoghurt with Milo. My friend’s brother ate tomato sauce with carrots on white bread!

  14. gooooooooooood

  15. That’s adorable.


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