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Displaying Children’s Artwork

A while back, a friend on Facebook asked me for help in displaying her child's artwork.

Oh, who am I kidding? It was 2009.

What?! I've been busy!

I did answer her at the time with a few links to cute ideas for displaying children's art work and I would like to share those here. (Better late than never, right?)

What do you do with all the artwork your children create?

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  1. I have kept some super-special ones in a file, but mostly they go to the fridge then eventually…the way of all artwork (ssshhhh!!!) I have also framed a few drawings my 9 yr old has done and displayed them throughout the house :)

  2. We save a years worth in a drawer, then scan them in and send them off to a picture place like shutterfly (usually when they are having a sale) and make all that years artwork into a book for daddy for some gift or other. He loves it, and then we can put all the artwork in storage because it is now a book! The kids love looking through the books later too.

  3. My 5 grandchildren and I like to scrapbook. I went to Walmart and bought each of them one of the designed clipboards and will hang one finished scrapbook page in their scrapbooking/playroom until the next time they come over to visit. Then the page gets put into their own scrapbook and a different hangs on the clipboard till next time! It makes for a colorful wall too!

  4. I adore my children’s art work and proudly display it everywhere. Beyond the fridge, I have it some pieces framed, others I’ve added magnets or clips too and on the door leaving to the garage they each have a special place on the door for their best school work. In years past we’ve also had cards made of their work to send to family when we need to drop a thank you or quick note. Displaying their art work is such a simple way to encourage self esteem and add warmth to a home. DeAnn 6jellybeans@blogspot.com

  5. We have a clothesline version that I put up after Christmas. It works rather well. It spans the space of the wall cutout between the livingroom and the hallway. It keeps all of the stuff off the floor or the fridge. I also tend to tape stuff to the back of doors in the bedrooms, etc….

  6. I like to keep my daughter’s drawings , too. I have them in a folder and I keep them so that when she’ll grow up I can show her how promising her painter career was. It’s fun to remember this stuff.

  7. With our older kids we kept all their papers in the bottom drawer of their chest. About once a month we would sit down together. I pull 3 out at a time, 1 for me to keep, one for him to keep, and one to trash. This allowed the boys to learn how to cull things, but allowed me to keep the “good stuff”

    Currently with our 3 yr old, I have to admit most papers that come home go in the trash as soon as he goes to bed that night. The really neat ones go into a keepsake box. He’ll soon be able to choose papers to keep too.

  8. My husband and I tape all current artwork to the wall next to the front door. We call it (with love) the “Crappy Kid Art Wall”. My friend invited me over to her new home and showed me her daughters room and she was explaining how she was going to use wire and clothespins to display her daughters art work. I said “OH! You are going to have a “Crappy Kid Art Wall”!
    Apparently my husband and I are the only ones who call it that and think it is funny. She was VERY offended!

  9. Being an artistic person myself, I hate to throw out the kids art, flat paintings or 3D ‘sculptures’. So I take digital photos or scan them into the computer. I save some/ frame some and the rest go in the recycling bin. It is nice to compare their drawing skills as they get older. I’ve also started this with some schoolwork homework sheets they bring home. I only have 2 kids (6 1/2 and nearly 3) but hope to keep this going.
    We are also just about to start a gallery wall in their bedroom. 3 frames each which we will change around every so often. (Got inexpensive bright coloured frames from IKEA with persex rather than glass).
    I am also a scrapbooker, mainly digital format now. I have got 8 square frames on my dining room wall, which feature fun family days, which again I hope to change every so often.
    Here is a link showing my framed digital scrapbook pages: