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4 Moms Share Book Recommendations For Preschoolers

The 4 Moms are sharing book recommendations for preschoolers this week.

It is very important to read aloud to young children.

Not only are you encouraging a love of reading, imparting information, and developing a rich vocabulary, but the child is learning the habit of sitting quietly to listen attentively. That skill will come in very handy in years to come, and you will be glad to see it if you ever plan on instructing them in anything at all.

Short periods of reading aloud are best to begin with.

Eventually, after they have become accustomed to your practice of reading aloud, most preschoolers will be able to sit and listen for 20 minutes or so each day to an ongoing story, such as

Don't worry that the vocabulary is too advanced for preschoolers.

They will understand and even pick up more than you think! I allow my preschoolers to draw or play with a quiet toy while I am reading, as long as they stay quiet and still.

Be sure you are reading great literature to your preschooler.

He is developing his taste for the reading that he will prefer throughout his life. Just as you would not feed your baby a diet of  junk food, do not feed your preschooler a diet of  junk books!

Of course, short picture books are a favorite, too, and my children have loved all of these:

A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson is one of my all time FAVORITE books to read aloud to all my children, but specifically to my preschoolers. We all love the poems in this book and have a large number of them memorized.

We even have a cd of these poems set to music. (A Child's Garden of Songs: The Poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson in Song) Do you know how happy that makes me? Well, it makes all of us very happy, and we have played it so much in the van during our comings and goings that it is the only thing that will calm down the baby when she gets it into her head to shriek her lungs out to protest her car seat imprisonment.

There are so many more! These are just a few of our favorites. And be sure to check out what the other moms have to say.

What are your favorite books for preschoolers?

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  1. I don’t have preschoolers any more, but I can relate with what you are saying. My youngest sat through a lot of “harder” books that I read to my older ones. Once I picked up a book geared toward his age and he said, “This is silly.” He thought it was too babyish. We underestimate them when we try to dumb them down don’t we?

  2. I try to read aloud from a chapter book at least once a day, besides all of the picture books & family Bible reading that we do. I’m currently reading Little House in the Big Woods to my 4yo, and she really likes it!

  3. I didn’t know this was the topic for 4 Moms this week, but it is perfect for me! I have a 2yo and 1yo, and am reading The Read-Aloud Handbook. I appreciate you reiterating what I’m learning: that I can read longer and more difficult books to my 2yo than I might expect.

  4. Anytime we’re talking children’s books I HAVE to point out ‘I Love You, Stinky Face’, by Lisa McCourt ( http://www.amazon.com/I-Love-You-Stinky-Face/dp/0439634695 ) My boys range in age from 2 to almost 10 and all of them will drop everything to hear me read this book. I’ve replaced our copy several times after first buying it when my oldest was very young.

  5. I remember our preschoolers enjoying when we read books from the Veritas Press catalog-The Emperor’s New Clothes, Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie(true story), The Ox-Cart Man,etc.-all listed in the first grade section.

  6. We’ve loved Robert McCloskey for many years. James Herriot’s Book for Children is perfect in that it doesn’t talk down to them with monosyllabic words. Books published in more recent years – Jane Yolen’s, Uri Shulevitz has some good ones as well.

    We’re book nuts at this house – from the oldest to the youngest! It’s a good thing, and we pray their love for reading turns into a love for reading God’s Word as they grow!

  7. I am always reading to my 4 yr old. I read more childrens books at bed time when we are lying in his bed so he can help me sound out words and read some lines to me.
    I read classics to him while he is playing in the bathtub. I also have a few classics on CD so they will play while he is building his legos.
    It is never to early for children to hear the classics.

  8. Nifty. I’m in the middle of looking for good literature for my 4 year old to expose him to while we did a Charlotte Mason approach to preschool ie. spend lots of time outdoors and read good books!


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