What's the big deal about Young Living

Many Hands Make Light Work

We are loving our new property and the opportunity we have to work together with our children here.

Mr. Smockity showed the newly 14 year old boy how to use a chainsaw to cut up firewood, and the whole family pitched in to haul it from the back of the property to the house.

No one is too small to help out.

Some people work with more flair, more verve, more pizazz than others.  What? You don't haul firewood in your tutu?

A job well done brings satisfaction!

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  1. Smockity, you’re livin’ my dream! Congratulations, and I hope to join you next year!

  2. Such flair your helpers have! I’ve never had one carry wood in a tutu (she’s so cute!) but I have had several pint-sized cowpokes and a few Jedi warriors! :)

  3. SO cute!!

  4. This is what I hope for one day very soon. I grew up in the country and have fond memories of working hard outdoors on the weekend, with a cool drink waiting inside, or exploring the bush in the late afternoons. There is something city people really do miss out on when it comes to nature. The beauty in nature isn’t just a couple of man-made flower beds and the rain you hear on the roof occasionally, its so much bigger.

    But, right now we live in an industrial estate, in a concrete unit, with absolutely no yard. Next year we will move but unless God chooses to bless us greatly and unexpectedly we won’t be out of suburbia for a few more years yet. So glad you guys are enjoying it. Some people get sick of the hard work, but I never got bored of it. I’m even slowly helping my husband see the fun and wonder of it again.

  5. Oh my goodness! Your children are darling!

  6. I love the tutu helper:-) you have a adorable family!

  7. Only in Texas would you haul firewood in a tutu. (And not fffffreeze!)

  8. That is one sooper dooper camera you have got yourself there, fabulously gorgeous pictures, they look just the part, very professional!

    That looks like such a wonderful place to live, hope you are enjoying it x

  9. Our 18 month old loves to help daddy bring in wood (she gets the sticks for starting up) for the stove. Thanks for sharing your little people’s joyful hearts.

  10. Cutting, carrying, and stacking wood is one of our family’s favorite memories! Love it. :)

  11. So cute! I LOVE the tutu! We dream of one day having land, our boys (8, 7, and 5) need some outdoor work to do. It wouldn’t hurt the girls any either. 😉