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Donkey Talk

I love my life.

Every day, I walk over to this here fence,

and sure as shootin' a buncha squealin' little girls come runnin' over to scratch my ears and feed me bits of apples or carrots.

Once one of the little ones even came out here with her mama's hairbrush, but that never happened again.

Where's muh carrot?

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  1. Oh Connie, you really know how to get inside a donkey’s head.

    (LOVED the hairbrush thing.)

  2. No fair, I wanna donkey too :( So cute! Perhaps there should be a donkey-only hairbrush. I think I need to put “brush a donkey” on my bucket list now…

  3. LOL Nooooooooooooo they didn’t!!!!

  4. Ok, I’m a city girl, so I’m going to need some help on this one: Why a donkey?

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Ginger, It belongs to our neighbors, who have angora goats. The donkeys bray to alert everyone when a predator (coyote in our case) is around, and they’ll even chase them away.

  5. Her mama’s hair brush, huh? Oops!

  6. Jill Turner says:

    We’ve got donkeys too, and cows right next door. I passed a prize-winning sheep, a couple of goats and a couple of pigs on my walk this morning. I like the country!

  7. It could have been worse – it could have been your toothbrush :)