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Because I’m Crazy, That’s Why

There once lived a woman with many children in a pleasant land full of trees and merriment.

The woman's female offspring did join together and plot to entreaty their mother to acquire furry rodents for the enjoyment of the daughters. The mother rebuffed the pleadings on the grounds that the rodents have pink eyes and that doth creepeth her out.

But, alas, the offspring did entreaty the woman exceedingly,  upon the sun rising and upon the sun setting each day, until verily, the woman did consider plucking out her hair by the roots.

At length, the woman did relent and acquire the varmints. During the acquisition, the woman, being weary from the entreaties of the daughters, allowed herself to be convinced to make a home for SIX of the rodents, and the children did rejoice and commence to much merry making.

And now the woman's daughter's do spend many hours in the company of the rodents, and they are of a mind to convince their mother that they have read learned scientific writings that indicate they can toilet train the rodents.


And the woman heaved a great sigh, but even so, she did marvel at the tenacity of the daughters and her mind wondered if it would be so.

...to be continued.

See the results of the 4-H stock show these rabbits competed in and how much money they brought in at the auction!

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  1. How wonderful, bunnies are so cute! And I can vouch for the toilet training part, rabbits are smart so its quite easy. Have fun!

  2. I do hope all the pink-eyed “rodents” are of the same gender, otherwise, there will be MORE rodents to potty train in a relatively short amount of time. They are cute…as far as rodents go! :)

  3. awww. It really is VERY easy to potty train a rabbit. I don’t think it took us more than a day or two with our bunny. And they are pretty low maintenance. :)

  4. They are very easy to litter box train. Make sure to get them fixed or else you’ll have 300 rabbits or more in one year! And Timothy hay is a must!

  5. It’s true, my cousins had a house trained bunny. It used the cat’s litter box.

  6. Here is an interesting fact to discuss in your school time: Rabbits aren’t actually rodents, they are classified as lagomorphs. One difference is that although their teeth grow continually like rodents, rabbits have what is called a double cutting edge on their upper front teeth. If you carefully open their mouth you can see it, looks like teeth behind teeth. Yes, that is normal and no, they don’t need an orthodontist! :) Enjoy your new pets! They make a great 4-H project. In case you didn’t know, it looks like you have young Californian meat rabbits. They mature at around 10 lbs. Google “arba” to find the American Rabbit Breeders Association to find out more about the breed.

  7. Awww. We had that same kind of rabbit when I still lived at home with my parents. We kept them outside in a hutch though. Got to have babies because my dad likes raising rabbits. They are so cute.

  8. We had two. And then we had a zillion. And then my husband became known as the “rabbit guy” because we managed to pawn all of them off on his co-workers. And then, sadly, we had none (for reasons really unknown.)

    And then, my son entreatied me much as you were entreatied and we now have one.

    And he, when set outside his cage, will indeed go in the litter box.

    Or pretty much anywhere else he sits for more than half a second.

    But they are cuuuuuuuuuuute! (ours is a dwarf bunny, which I prefer and they seem pretty easy to manage.)

    Loved your post!

  9. You are nuts my friend! :-)

  10. Oh my! I lost my mind in April and said yes to a two year old dog with bad habits! We’ve worked hard to remedy those bad habits, but it’s hard. Recently she took a liking to classic literature and devoured a very old leather bound copy of ‘The Complete Works of Shakespeare’ resulting in some interesting digestive discomfort! Crazy can get expensive!

  11. those are cute rodent but I’m not sure I’ll have any of them in my house ever soon LOL 2 cats and 2 dogs is plenty for now!

  12. I’ve had house rabbits before and yes they do toilet train! But they nibble on everything including power cords so we only brought ours in the house when we could sit there WITH the rabbits to keep them critters out of trouble.

    Now we have a potty trained tortoise that roams our house. At least he doesn’t eat the cords…he’s a veg. head.

  13. You have no sense of timing. Don’t you know Christmas is just a couple weeks away?! You could have wiped out all the Christmas gifting in one fail swoop!
    I recently read The Little Boy Down the Road and was utterly convinced (by the creative verbosity of Doug Phillips) that my kids had to have a pet. I further convinced myself that our very sweet, very low-maintenance (but in her old age, very unsocial) cat didn’t count. So we ran out and got our first dog. Dogs are 10x more work than kitties. I don’t know what came over me.
    Nevertheless, my kids are very happy. Therefore, so am I.

  14. That woman doth verily cracketh me up. Just in case she wondered. 😉

  15. Jean Anderson says:

    Haha! just make sure they are all girls – we got 2 girls earlier this year and found out our mistake when one started chasing the other round and round and round the cage… then the other had 5 babies! and a month later, 3 more! and a month after that, 4 more! ( The gestation period of a rabbit is a month – I’m glad I’m not a rabbit.) By the time the last lot arrived we’d taken the boy-in-girl’s-clothing to the vet so there will be NO MORE BABIES.
    Good little earner for the kids, though, when they sold the babies at $15 each.

  16. Oh that’s funny. We, too, have been through the rabbit phase…twice. It’s fun for a while. They are cute.

  17. Love rabbits! Last week, we went into Petco to pick up a new leash. My oldest daughter spyed the guinne pigs, and asked for one. I thought I was cleaver…while we are here lets price what you will need to purchase and care for one, thinking she’ll save and then forget and move on. We are pricing, when the sales lady asks if we need any help. Nope we are just pricing to see how much T needs to save to buy a guinne pig. Then the bomb, she brings us out 2 cute little guinne pigs that had been dropped off for adoption. 2 guinne pigs, cage, bowls all for $50. My daughter had that in her purse, Sold! They have been very cute, and a lot of fun!! Good childhood memories.

  18. Cindy Jones says:

    My kids would love you right now. They have been asking for a rabbit for awhile. We had one years ago but she died of old age.

  19. You are hilarious. The red-eyed rodents “creepeth” me out, too, and were ruled out here (although red-eyed RATS were in question, ick). My oldest daughter got a rabbit instead — just one, w/out red eyes– and daughter #2 got a gerbil. They are more than enough in the rodent department for me. The rabbit is indeed litter trained (was when we got her so I can’t tell you how it’s done, sorry), but still manages to make quite a mess of her cage and surrounding areas, flinging hay, etc. I advise keeping them outdoors or in a room you don’t mind smelling and looking like a barn. On a more positive note, they have brought much joy (and learning experiences) to the children.

  20. Well at least they’re not rats or mice, but I don’t think I could handle rabbits either – although if they are able to be toilet trained…..
    Enjoy your pets

  21. Our two very fluffy “female”sister rabbits turned out to be brother and sister. We figured that out when we discovered bunnies in the cage.

  22. Oh…I’ve done that. Several times. I don’t know, something will come over me and I will say, “SURE, YOU CAN HAVE SIX HAMSTERS!!!” and then a day later, I’m saying…WHAT WAS I THINKING and HOW CAN I GET RID OF THESE THINGS! :)

    Bunnies are so cute, though – I hope it goes very well for your children!!!


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