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2 Mega Moms Write Ebook

You may remember my friend, Karla, the one with 11 children, who comes to visit me periodically.


Here is a picture of the visit we have last spring, before my sweet Peyton was born.

Well, we had a lovely visit again just last week, and we even gathered the children together to snap a few pictures, but that was just before I accidentally deleted them from my camera, so I'll thank you to pretend that this photo is a recent picture and doesn't leave out any freshly born babies and is seasonally accurate.

So, it turns out that Karla asked me what I thought about the two of us putting our noggins together and writing ourselves up a little ebook with 50 or so dinner recipes that would feed a large family of ravenous and rowdy children.

We talked about including dinner time tips interspersed in with the recipes, like "Seat small children in between older siblings, so passing food is simpler," and "Never leave a two year old unattended with a stick of butter. Don't ask me how I know."

Before we begin on this in depth task, I would like to know what you think.  

Would any of you be interested in paying American cash dollars for such an ebook? What would you suggest as a fair price for an ebook of 50 kid tested and approved recipes? What else would you like to see in a book from two mega moms?

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  1. I’d pay $5 or something for it. It would *be* worth more than that, but $5 is my personal limit, on account of I’m broke. :0)

  2. I’d likely pay for it but I’d like to know more about what kind of things are in it. I’d also be interested in tips and tricks that make your life with all those little ones easier. I don’t have a big family but any advice that helps you manage yours can surely but used by me.

  3. I think this would be a great book and a wonderful opportunity to share :-)

  4. I think it’s a great idea! It seems like most ebooks I’ve been interested in in the past have been somewhere around 9 dollars. But with this economy it might sell better if it was somewhere between 5-7 dollars. I hope you guys go for it, because I would love to read it! :)

  5. yes…I’d be interested in it. I would like to see breakfast, lunch, & supper foods vs. snacks and desserts. Of course, the healthier recipes the better ( not weird foods though)

  6. I’d buy it, but it would need lots of pictures..

  7. i would love love love this!! i too have a limit of $5 tho.

  8. Kristi Germo says:

    I think it’s a great idea, I think $10. would be my limit, but maybe more if there were photo’s which would be a great addition. I also would like to see healthful recipes – without boxed or pre-prepared stuff! It would be nice to have a good selection of non-meat meals. Hope you do it!!

  9. I LOVE your blog and the large family information and ideas! I don’t have a family of my own but it is so encouraging because we want quite a few kiddos! I’d pay $10 for it. I like the idea of little balloons of random information throughout.

  10. I have a large family so I would buy it if it included recipes with a serving size of 8 or more or easily doubled recipes.

  11. Personally, I don’t like reading ebooks. But for a real book, I’d be happy to pay $15-20. 😀

  12. I would pay $5 also. HOWEVER, I would like to have some rough idea of what all is included because several books I’ve read in the past have claimed to have kid-tested, kid-approved recipes and it would be nothing my kids would eat. I personally do not have a large family (although I pray daily for one:) but I would like this e-book to have recipes for feeding large crowds.

  13. I would buy it. I love your blog so I’m sure I would love your ebook too! I would pay 5-7 dollars for it. My family size fluctuates because we are foster parents. And finding something all the kids like is a challenge to say the least! And the tips would be great too!

  14. That sounds like a wonderful idea! I also vote for the healthy, but easy meals:) And the tips, I could always use tips.

  15. I think it’s a great idea, but I wouldn’t buy it now because I only have 2 little ones. I will remember it though as my family grows. It would be great if you could include tips on including children in the cooking and cleaning up.

  16. I think it’s a great idea, and I know you would make it practical and hilarious! I’m glad to see that other people are saying 5-7, because that’s about my limit too for e-books, but I feel cheap saying it.

  17. I would love this for large family gatherings. But, I am cheap and probably wouldn’t pay more than $3-5 for it. Please write it!

  18. i wouldn’t spend more than $5 on an ebook, if that.

    however, a printed book i would spend up to $15-20, depending on content. i personally don’t like ebooks and have never paid for one.

    with that being said, i would be very interested in what your book would be about and might consider my first ebook purchase. i am fascinated by large families, their lifestyles, their beliefs, etc, so if that was incorporated into the recipes, i would love that. i have always wanted a lot of kids, even before i was a christian.

    i enjoy your blog. thanks for putting it out there. i just bought the mary pride book you mentioned on one of your “why so many kids” posts. i am enjoying it.

  19. I would love a book like this. We have 4 and are pregnant with #5 so I am always looking for new tips. I’d pay between $10-15. Please let me know when you finish this as I don’t want to miss out.