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Where in the World is Smockity???

Happy here again, filling in for Smockity. I'm sure you are all wondering why she has been absent the past few days. Well, the good news is she is finally moved into her house in the country!

The bad news....

  • no water
  • no internet

I know what you are thinking, we could all go without water for a few days... but NO INTERNET?!?!?!

Apparently a pipe burst the day they moved in, and now they are without water. I have no idea why they have no internet, because Smockity is unable to email me. :)

I do know a little something about moving, since I moved last weekend. The bottom line is this, moving is no fun. Moving with a bunch of kids is even less fun. Moving without water and internet.... downright horrible.

Our move is going a little better than Smockity's. So far nothing is broken and only one box is MIA. We have water and internet. So what is my excuse for a garage that still looks like this?

Hmmm, I don't really have an excuse. Except that we took a break from moving and visited Sea World last week. You can visit my site and find out how I was a cool mom for about 15 minutes until I blew almost every blood vessel in my face.

But I digress, Smockity will be back soon and until she returns check out this post from 2007 where she shares her Christmas tree skirt. I love this idea and think it would make a great gift for grandparents or great grandparents. It is pretty easy to make so you have time to get it done before Christmas!

Thanks for letting me fill in today!

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  1. Oh dear. No internet. This is dreadful. Dreadful.

    Oh yes, and water. Minor detail.

    Come back, Smockity!

  2. So sorry Connie! I hope you get water and internet soon!

  3. Reminds of the Christmas and we moved into our country house, pipe burst and froze, no water and I was not a very happy pregnant lady! Hope all gets fixed and settled soon, it will all be worth it:)