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Look! I’m Still Smiling!

I had the opportunity to take the kids to a Golden Dragon Chinese Acrobat exhibition this week. It was amazing to watch what the human body is capable of!

I can't imagine the number of hours that goes into training for such a show, especially the portions where the acrobats are working in unison with one another. One would hold another up, balancing in a contorted back bend, while another would climb on top to do some fantastic trick.

The most amazing part to me was to see the grace and composure with which they carried off each trick. Each acrobat looked absolutely calm. Serene. A beautiful smile never left each face, no matter what was happening.

I wish I could incorporate that attitude into my life!

I'm bending over backwards while someone steps on my neck to stand on my torso? No problem! Look! I'm still smiling!

My face is millimeters from another's armpit while I hold up three twirling ladies and balance on a silver ball? I'm still smiling!

I'm driving a bicycle with 10 other people stacked on top so that I can't see a thing? I'm still smiling!

I wonder what it would do for my attitude and my productivity if I kept on smiling no matter how difficult the task?

I think I'll give it a try.

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  1. This post has inspired me to have a huge smile when my 2 toddlers and my 5 months old are all on my at the same time all wanting my attention at the same time SMILE :-)

  2. Our second daughter has always been really flexible- freakishly so. One of my friends introduced me to a young lady from China who had originally come over here as a Chinese Acrobat. She took one look at my daughter with her legs behind head and exclaimed that she had a gift. I was thinking… GIFT? So that’s how I’ve tried to view it since then. She’s not a circus freak, she’s just very gifted. Maybe she can be an acrobat. I can see it years from now. There’s my son the lawyer, my daughter the teacher, my son who’s a pastor like his dad, and then there’s our daughter the acrobat. I was hoping for dermatologist, but I can definitely see her as an acrobat. Maybe they smile so much because it’s fun. Strange, but it beats shuffling paper for a living.


  3. When I was a teenager I worked in the entertainment department at Six Flags Over MidAmerica. The Chinese Acrobats spent an entire summer performing in our Palace Theater, and I got to spend some time with them. I can tell you that, by & large, they are pretty serene people. I think that much discipline and routine probably has that effect on a person. They do practice every day, and it is rare to see one who is not smiling through whatever they are doing (unless a forgetful stage hand leaves a power cord strung across the stage where any of the performers could trip & break a neck – then you’d better watch out!)

    But one of the most important things to remember is that most of those performers have been training for this job for most of their lives. Many of them begin their training when they are only 4 or 5 years old, so by the time you see them performing, that calm, smiling serenity is a long-cultivated habit. I wasn’t raised with this habit, but your post got me to thinking: What a wonderful “habit” I could try to instill in my children by example. I might have to work hard at cracking that smile & staying calm, but if I do that now, maybe my kids won’t have to work so hard at it when they are grown up (and have someone standing on their spleen while they spin plates and do backflips on top of a ladder)!

    • @Kelly, I love this attitude, I need to adopt this as well:)

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Kelly, SO cool that you got to spend time with them!

      And yes, I AGREE with you! What a wonderful habit to cultivate. It’s putting in the hard work in the beginning of forming a habit that makes it come “naturally” later on.