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Have You Voted Yet?

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Have you voted for your favorite Smockity for the Funniest Homeschool Blogger yet?

Friday, November 18, is the last day of voting, so hurry!

Because if I win, OH MY LANDS, I will do all manner of shrieking and jumping up and down and clapping, much as I do when  I make it to Sonic in time for happy hour and I get a Route 44 vanilla Dr. Pepper for 99 cents.

So, basically I'm easily amused and you will MAKE MY WHOLE YEAR if I win!

Now, to show you what has been happening in Smockityville, here is an illustration of what happens when you send girls to unpack boxes of books they haven't seen in two years.

And here they are after I hollered up the stairs, "I CAN HEAR YOU READING UP THERE! GET BUSY UNPACKING!!!"

Clearly, the books hold some sort of strange power.

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  1. Ahem…I got “fired” from my first volunteer job at the library. I got too distracted while I was suppose to be re-shelving books. I was often caught sitting in the aisle reading instead of rolling the cart along. There are just too many great books out there. Cute picture:) I’m going to go vote now. Have a great day!!

  2. So cute!

  3. I love pictures of children reading! the love of reading is a fabulous thing!

  4. Such sweet pictures of your girls reading. : ) I can relate — We have a house full of bookworms too, and they are looking forward to “Christmas” – aka. when we move to Texas and unpack all their books and toys!! As for me, I’m hoping we find all the puzzle pieces that have gone missing over the past few years…..

  5. So, I found you because you won the funniest Homeschool Blog on Homeschool Village . . . what I think is that you should do a video of your jumping and shrieking and whatnot.
    I’ll keep coming back to read more if you do. Or, if you don’t, I’ll probably come back anyway. Either way, Congrats!