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FixYa – Solutions For Every Thing

A few days ago my washing machine decided that it would take a vacation from draining.

Which was a problem for me because I hadn't penciled in any vacation time for it, plus there was a soaking wet load of towels in there at the time who were late for work and their boss was going to be MUY UPSET if they didn't show up for their contracted labor.

So, I asked my Facebook fans what to do and someone suggested I go to FixYa.com because, as their tagline suggests, they have "solutions for every thing".

Boy, was I glad I found that site!

They really do apparently have solutions for every thing  as evidenced by the fact that there is a "calculator" category.  Really? You don't just replace the batteries or chunk it out when it quits working?

So, I typed in my washer brand and model and a short description of the problem, and the exact solution I needed, in step by step format, came right up!

I was a little nervous at first, because I had to remove the entire back panel from the washer and unhook a drain hose, but I found what was causing the problem and after I put everything back together, the washer immediately suspended its vacation plans and continued with our labor agreement.

The towels reported for duty a little later in the day and I wasn't out any money for a service call, so it was a win/win!

If you need tech support or solutions to everyday product problems, go to Fixya.com!

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  1. Whoa! I’m so impressed! I think we need to bookmark that site as my appliances all seem to enjoy taking unplanned vacations! :)

  2. wow Good job, now I’ll need to remember this site if I’m in need :-)

  3. that’s awesome, I need to do that next time- we just spent a hefty amount for a repairman to come remove a washcloth from our washer pump and it only took a few min

  4. That’s awesome!! Now….you have to tell us! What exactly was blocking the drain hose?

  5. OH I have to remember this site! Our dryer just decided that it was really done doing anything more strenuous than holding the detergent bottles. If I had known about this site I might not have had to buy a new (used) one and saved myself $150!!

  6. how very cool! thanks for sharing :)

  7. Thanks for writing about FixYa, Connie! I’m so glad that the site was able to help you, and hope you’ll come back if you need us in the future.